In order to sell more from your small business blog, you have to learn to lead with valuable content first, and then your sales will come.

teaching small business blogs

This has been one of the toughest lessons for me to learn over the years as a small business owner, and as someone who runs a business blog.  Anytime I write content that tries to “sells something”, I always end up with crickets on the other end.

This is because no one wants to feel like they are being sold to!

On the other hand, anytime I write content that teaches and provides value, even if its to a very small niche group, the return on that content pays off ten fold over time.

Even when I send emails, or InMail messages through LinkedIn (which I use a lot), the only time I ever get any sort of valuabe response is when I give valuable advice on how to do something or fix something.

It seems ironic I know, but the best way to sell more from your small business blog is to actually stop trying to sell from your small business blog.  Your blog should be reserved for content that teaches and advises your audience through the use of tips, tools, and tactics.

Doing anything other than that can result in frustration on your end due to the lack of traffic and exposure.  This frustration will inevitably lead to you no longer having the motivation to produce content, and you’ll end up stopping altogether.

Out Teach Your Competition

I was heard a someone say that if you are having a heard time beating out your competition, then “out teach” your competition.

I love this saying, especially when it comes to building an online audience, because the content that performs the best online, and produces the best return on investment for the business, is the content that teaches.

And the good news for you is that so few of your competitors, if any at all, are taking this approach of “leading by teaching”.  This leaves a wide open opportuntity for you and your business to start capturing some major market share – all from the great content you produce on your small business blog.

And I define “great content” as that which teaches and provides value to your audience through the use of tips, tools, and tactics.

In fact – and I’ve said this a couple times now – every time you go to write a new blog post, you should ask yourself “am I providing my audience with a valuable tip, tool, or tactic that they will find useful?”

If you take this approach, I guarantee you that over time, you’ll start building a stronger online presence than anyone else in your market space.

And this inevitable leads to more sales!