Science Careers Children Will Love to Learn About

Some kids have big dreams about what career they want to have when they grow up while others might not know what they are interested in yet.

That is why it is a good idea to open your child up to a wide variety of jobs they might be interested in!

According to a study done by ResearchGate, 73% of the children interviewed stated that they found the subject of science interesting or very interesting. 

Careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) tend to be very rewarding, both financially and mentally. 

According to the National Inventors Hall of Fame, the benefits of a STEM education include problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and more.

At the same time, it is important not to overwhelm your child by pushing them into a subject they are not initially interested in.

Introducing your child to careers in the field of science can help pique their interest in the subject and help them find their passion early on! 

Though some careers are more interesting than others, certain occupations tend to be more popular with kids. 

Here are 5 Science Careers Children Will Love to Learn About

Marine Biologist 

Did you know that 80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface? And who doesn’t love sea animals? 

Marine biologists have a wide variety of responsibilities related to animals, plants and microscopic life in the ocean.

They also focus on various issues related to the environment, such as plastic pollution entering the ocean, oil spills and global warming. 

If your child enjoys going to the beach and swimming in the ocean, this career is bound to grab their attention and keep them interested in learning more about this large part of our planet.

To begin your child’s exploration in this industry, consider bringing them snorkeling. 

For a fun challenge, have them try to identify different species of fish! 


A classic answer you receive from children when you ask what they want to be when they grow up is an astronaut. 

From the day they understand what the moon is when looking at the sky, many kids find space extremely interesting! 

Most astronauts travel in a spacecraft to conduct scientific experiments on the International Space Station.

A mind-blowing fact for kids to learn about is that International Space Station is 420 kilometers above the earth!

There are many space museums that you can bring your child to so they can learn more about this career as well, such as the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. 

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center is the largest space museum in the world! 

There are rockets and space memorabilia on display along with flight simulators, underwater astronaut trainer adventures, multi-axis trainers, 8K daytime shows and Apollo 11 virtual reality experiences.

Any of those activities will grab your child’s attention and increase their interest in being a future astronaut.

This career is bound to get your child interested in science, no matter the age! 

Storm Chaser 

From tornados to hurricanes to intense thunderstorms, the weather is constantly changing and will never be boring.

Storm chasers are extremely important since they provide in-depth research that helps in weather forecasting and warning accuracy. 

Not only do they research extreme weather patterns, but they also get to capture severe weather in photos and videos.

This means they get to see natural events that most people don’t ever get to see in their life! 

Storm chasers can choose what type of work they do too! 

If they aren’t interested in the research aspect of the weather, they can also take the journalist route by working in weather media. 

There is only one museum in the country dedicated to the technology, education and mathematics focused on weather is the National Weather Museum and Science Center! 

From the original doppler radar to the T28 storm penetrating aircraft, there is a lot to get your child interested in the weather at this museum. 

If your child is interested in becoming a storm chaser one day, visit this museum in Norman, Oklahoma! 


Just like marine biologists, becoming a zoologist is great for those who love animals! 

They get to work outdoors with various animals and study their anatomy, ecology, cellular biology and wildlife management. 

Kids tend to love zoo animals, including giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, pandas and much more! 

You can also specialize in the type of animals you work with, from mammals to reptiles. 

Zoologists study the impact that humans have on wildlife behavior and habitats as well. 

It is easy for your child to explore this occupation since there are over 10,000 zoos worldwide that you can bring them to! 

If you want to bring your child to the biggest zoo the United States has to offer, visit the Bronx Zoo in New York City! 

Not only is it the biggest metropolitan zoo in the country, there are also 4,000 animals for your child to explore and learn about. 


Volcanoes are endlessly fascinating for most children and adults! 

There are different types of volcanologists depending on what you study too.

Physical volcanologists study the processes of a volcanic eruption while geochemists study the products of a volcano, such as rocks, gas or lava.

You can even specialize in geodesy which is the study of changes in the shape of the earth due to volcanic activity! 

The Jaggar Museum is the first park museum in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and is a great place to bring your child if they are interested in learning more about the field of volcanoes! 

Though some might think volcanoes are rare, there are actually 169 volcanoes in the United States that are considered active by scientists. 

That is 169 different options for you to bring your child to if Hawaii is too far from home!

If you are trying to avoid traveling, you can always find educational books about volcanoes for your child! 

Regardless of what your child does in the future, it is never too early to introduce them to a wide variety of careers in the science field! For more science-related fun, visit the Learning Experience’s Bubbles and Friends YouTube channel.

Bubbles And Friends
Bubbles And Friends
Bubbles and Friends provides educational entertainment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and children of all ages. Join Bubbles the Elephant, and his best friend, Braden, for new and exciting adventures your kids will love.


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