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“I met Bobby from Bipper Media approx. 6 months ago and did not know anything about SEO on my website, but knew I needed to be on the front page of Google on several search words. I was then ranking 15th in the search results.

The team at Bipper Media went to work on just one of our city pages, and I went from 15th to 10th within 30 days… then at day 60, I was at the 6th position… then at day 90 I was at position 2 or 3… then at day 120 I was at position 1 for eight different and highly profitable keyword searches.

I have seen a 20% increase in sales just from the SEO work on this one City Page.

The Bipper Media team is knowledgeable and they know exactly what they are doing in SEO!

Unlike many others out there who do something to your website and then you don’t get any results.

I highly recommend Bipper Media!”

Ray Civitts / Mountain Sweet Honey

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