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10 Best Savannah Criminal Defense Attorneys

Being charged with a crime or arrested is an overwhelming experience, as you do not know what comes next. Your family, career, reputation, and future are at stake because of the criminal charges against you. It is reasonable to feel anxious and terrified during that time.

However, you need to take steps that ensure your safety and freedom. The most important thing to do in this regard is to hire a qualified & reputable criminal defense lawyer who can defend your position vigorously and knows the workings of the criminal justice system from the inside. Hence, we are presenting you a list of the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia:

Jarrett Maillet J.D., P.C 


Being criminally charged in Savannah required hiring the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, provided by Jarret Maillet J.D., P.C. They handle your case just like they’d take the case of a friend or a loved one. They explore every available resource and explore all strategies that can help you win the case.

They defend their clients passionately and are upright about their service. With a lot of experience in this business, they know clients trust them and are thoroughly prepared to honor it. You can contact them today if you’re facing criminal charges in Savannah and book an appointment.

Location for Jarret Maillet J.D., P.C. 

Jarret Maillet J.D., P.C.
210 E 31st StSavannah, GA 31401
(912) 713 3426
Website: https://www.mailletcriminallaw.com/

Review for Jarret Maillet J.D., P.C. 

“I have to say that “Jarrett Griffin Mailett” is hands down the best criminal defense Attorney in the state of Georgia. You get what you pay for. He took a case that felt like the book was thrown at me and turned it into a matter of simple probation until drug and alcohol classes were finalized and a really cheap fine. a $2,000 fine was knocked down to $1,000. He also got it expunged after I completed the program. Can’t beat that. And he makes you feel confident in his work, making you not stress so much if it’s your first time. Even if it’s not your first time, I know he will be able to help reduce the punishment. When in trouble with the Law in Georgia, definitely save money and hire the best!!” – Josh De Jesus 

Balbo & Gregg 


Balbo & Gregg have an experienced team of the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, dedicated to providing strong representation and sound advice to clients facing criminal charges of different sorts. They have handled several challenging cases and used their knowledge and skill to achieve favorable client results.

Their team has former prosecutors who bring insider views into the cases. Their first goal is to get the charges dismissed altogether. However, they seek a reduction in charges if they cannot be rejected entirely. If the case goes to trial, you can be sure that Balbo & Gregg will defend you aggressively. 

Location for Balbo & Gregg 

Balbo & Gregg
11258 Ford Ave Suite 11
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(866) 580-3089
Website: https://www.balbogregg.com/

Review for Balbo & Gregg 

“Please bear with me while I explain why Mr. Chester Gregg is the finest jewel in Chatham and Bryan county. Attorney Gregg’s integrity, commitment, and his profession personalized service is almost indescribable. It’s safe to say all of his efforts paid off due to his excellent track record. During the process he was patient with answering questions, thoroughly giving information about the case in a way that we could understand. He aggressively pursued witnesses and gathered relevant information in order to create an excellent plan of action that ultimately concluded in a clear not guilty outcome. Additionally Mr. Gregg critical and fundamental thinking was very impressive and down right appreciate. As I see it he has helped bless my family, I would recommend his services, he’s a ten out of ten.” – Cherry Cat

Dozier Law 


For 25 years, Dozier Law has provided criminal defense services through the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia. If you are facing criminal charges in Georgia, having a capable defense firm like Dozier Law on your side is necessary to protect your rights & freedom.

They understand your charges and how the criminal justice system tackles them. With a deep understanding of everything, they defend you vigorously and strive for the best legal outcome. You can speak to their attorney today to schedule an appointment. They have the legal expertise to guide you through your legal situation.

Location for Dozier Law 

Dozier Law
401 Mall Blvd Ste. 103-E
Savannah, GA 31406
(912) 826-5253
Website: https://www.dozierlawpc.com/

Review for Dozier Law 

“The BEST situation that ever happened to me was finding Mr. Dorer. My car accident was a tragedy and I didn’t know what I was going to do until I hired Dozier Law-firm. They always answered my questions and calls and helped me get through this process the smoothest way possible! They helped turn an ugly situation way better! Don’t know where I’d be without them! Thanks to Mariah for giving me updates on my case no matter how many times I asked and assuring me everything was gonna work out. Can’t thank David Dorer and his whole team enough!” – Malcolm B 

Pate, Johnson & Church 


Fighting the legal battle of criminal charges alone is impossible; therefore, you need the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, from Pate, Johnson & Church. For the last 25 years, clients have shown immense trust in them to help them overcome severe legal challenges. 

National Trial Lawyers have recognized their lawyers as Super Lawyers in the Top 100 Lawyers. They have won tens of severe criminal cases in federal and state courts. More importantly, their goal is to get pretrial dismissals and favorable plea deals. There aren’t many criminal defense firms with a success rate comparable to the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, you’ll find at Pate, Johnson & Church. 

Location for Pate, Johnson & Church 

Pate, Johnson & Church
1715 Reynolds Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
(912) 574-3000
Website: https://www.pagepate.com/

Review for Pate, Johnson & Church 

“We were very fortunate to have hired Page Pate for my husband. Both Page Pate & Tom Church worked tirelessly on our case. Page was extremely calming & patient through the entire process. He never sugar-coated anything and was always direct & honest with us along the way.  We have never dealt with the Federal law before and had no idea what to expect. Page Pate was crucial in securing the best financial outcome with having been in front of one of the toughest judges. We are very thankful that we did not lose our entire life savings. There were several people on the indictment and my husband came out with a very small monetary judgement compared to everyone else losing the majority of what they had. When we had to face the judge in NYC, both Page and Tom were present. We will be forever grateful for their professionalism and dedication.” – Susan Oakes

L. Moody Law 


L. Moody Law prioritizes the success of its clients by knowing them well and working closely with them. Close cooperation ensures that they get the possible results out of a case. They are not equal in size to other firms, but their dedication and commitment are the same.

In fact, their small size helps them focus much better on individual cases and analyze them deeply. They deal with their clients honestly by updating them about proceedings regularly. They have a success rate of 95% and have done 1000+ client consultations till now.

They offer free consultations, too, so contact them today if you have legal troubles in Savannah.

Location for L. Moody Law 

L. Moody Law
2 E Bryan St #434, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 421-8527
Website: https://themoodyfirm.net/

Review for L. Moody Law 

“Case dismissed!! Lindy did such a good job pointing out how the officer didn’t follow proper procedures and negotiating on my behalf that he didn’t even show up to court. The judge even laughed and said “You must have scared him off Lindy!” She even refunded me a lot of the fees because we were looking at a long battle but that was successfully averted. She’s a real class act and I’m just gonna say this haha very easy on the eyes! I highly recommend Lindy and if there were 10 stars she’d get them all!” – Eric Layden

Fleming Law 


If you have been charged with a crime in Savannah, it’s pretty stressful. However, finding a quality criminal defense law firm can be even more daunting. Fleming Law is a firm you can trust because they have the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, who are compassionate and dedicated to protecting their clients.

With decades of experience in criminal defense, their insights help them defend their clients vigorously. They can anticipate how prosecutors will approach the case and build solid arguments. Fleming Law is committed to protecting the future of its clients by doing everything allowed by the Law.

Location for Fleming Law 

Fleming Law
217 W York St
Savannah, GA 31401
(800) 580-6527
Website: https://www.savannahgaattorney.net/

Review for Fleming Law 

“Ryan Langlois represented me, and I do feel it necessary to share how impressed I am with his overall tone and altruism. Now, as far as having to retain him again … no more tickets for me!

I do, however, recommend him to everyone who is in need of legal representation. To my knowledge, he only works with traffic, but you would need to reach out to his office for confirmation.

May he make the money you will have to spend getting speeding. He is a new Dad, and he still emailed me about his time off!!! Now make him a partner… Fleming.” – Nick 

Lerch Law Firm 


Lerch Law Firm has the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, with more than a decade of experience handling different criminal defense cases. Clients often want detailed guidance about their cases during such difficult times, and Lerch Law is always ready to guide them through the proceedings.

Their primary goal is to resolve the case without a trial. However, they are also ready to face the court if the case goes to trial. Every case has unique circumstances, so Lerch Law examines each point individually. They have successfully handled over a thousand cases and rated 9.5 on Avvo.

Location for Lerch Law Firm 

Lerch Law Firm
317 Tattnall St, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 417-5008
Website: https://www.lerchlawfirm.com/

Review for Lerch Law Firm 

“At the height of the pandemic, I was in need of an attorney in a different state than where I reside. I was fortunate to be referred to Lerch Law Firms by another attorney in GA. Lerch Law Firm is a top-notch operation with outstanding professionalism. Courtney Lerch was able to resolve my issue in a timely manner, and Tessa never failed to follow up on any information or outcomes I needed. I could not have asked for a better firm during a difficult time. If you want to make sure that you are getting what you paid for I would suggest Lerch Law Firm without hesitation.” – Tracey O’Connor

The Nye Law Group 


The Nye Law Group believes in three core principles: integrity, confidence, and results. If you’re in legal trouble, you must consult the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, belonging to Nye Law. Their lawyers have served as prosecutors who know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. They know how to handle pressure situations and find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.

They focus intensely on individual cases and provide thorough guidance, so their clients know what’s happening. They handle a variety of criminal offenses related to firearms, drugs, property, traffic, etc. If you’re also facing legal trouble, reach out to Nye Law today, and they will discuss everything in detail.

Location for The Nye Law Group 

The Nye Law Group
119 Southern Blvd, Savannah, GA 31405
(855) 856-4212
Website: https://www.thenyelawgroup.com/

Review for The Nye Law Group 

“JD Maines is the best lawyer I have ever met in person and his reputation definitely precedes him. I hired him because I was wrongfully accused of DUI and he was recommended by a friend. My case ended up going to trial and I saw him perform an outstanding job in my defense. His experience definitely shows in the way he handles himself with authority in the courtroom. He fought my case so well and was able to expose the mistakes the state was making to were the jury declare me not guilty of the charges against me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know. Very reasonably priced and he works with you on your payments.” – Est Jose

Donaldson & Bell 


Donaldson & Bell is a reputable law firm in Georgia that has defended its clients for years. They have the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, with the necessary tools and experience to face the prosecution and get the best outcome for their clients. They identify potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case so that the charges can be minimized.

Their lawyers have served as former prosecutors, so they know what the other side thinks. They have achieved exceptional results for their clients, thanks to their knowledge & understanding of the criminal justice system. You can also count on them and contact them today if you are facing any legal troubles. 

Location for Donaldson & Bell 

Donaldson & Bell
1903 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 233-8000
Website: https://www.donaldsonandbell.com/

Review for Donald & Bell 

“I unfortunately have been in trouble a few times in my life that required legal counsel. I’ve had some “good” lawyers and bad but Mr Bell and the entire team and Donaldson and Bell is in a completely different league. Upon entering the office you immediately feel welcome and at ease in what can be an embarrassing situation. The way Mr Bell and his assistant listen to and respond to my numerous questions and calls is unheard of. They genuinely care about their clients and have your best interest in mind, not just another dollar sign. I wish i had the words to describe their superior performance to anyone I’ve dealt with and the compassion they have for your family. They are the best hands down.” – Nick Hall

Goad Law


Goad Law is an aggressive and strategic law firm with years of experience and the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia. They focus solely on criminal defense cases, which makes it much easier for them to analyze the instances deeply and follow them to a favorable conclusion.

You can always contact them through phone and email and get a response. No matter your legal question or problem, reach out to Goad Law, and they will discuss everything in detail with you. Having the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, on your side is crucial, as law enforcement has several tactics to convict you.

Location for Goad Law 

Goad Law
1111 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 209-9000
Website: https://notguiltysavannah.com/

Review for Goad Law 

“Excellent! An expert in her field! I was very impressed with Mrs. Goad’s professionalism and winning edge. Her personality is a delight when the severity of the situation was unnerving. She will go above and beyond to make sure she reaches the best outcome for you. I felt like she genuinely cared about me and truly advocated for me in the courtroom.I was very impressed with her and would use her services in the future! THANK YOU!” – Marie S 


Q: Why hire a criminal defense attorney? 

A: Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can minimize the ramifications if you have been accused of a crime or have committed one. They know how to negotiate with prosecutors and sometimes strike a deal that prevents the case from going to trial. 

Q: Should a lawyer defend someone who they know is guilty? 

A: A defense lawyer’s job is to present arguments in their client’s favor and defend them vigorously, no matter what crime they’re accused of. Nobody is guilty until proven, so defending someone when they haven’t been proven guilty is perfectly reasonable.

Q: What are two types of criminal law? 

A: There are two types of criminal laws dealing with misdemeanors and felonies. A misdemeanor is a low-level offense such as a traffic offense. On the other hand, felonies are more serious offenses such as murder. 


This list of the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, Georgia, will help you find a suitable and accessible attorney if you face any legal troubles. These are professional firms with years of experience spanning hundreds of cases, and their success rate speaks for them. You have to contact them and tell them about your problem, and they will take care of the rest.

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