5 Tips to Help Safe Teen Drivers Save on Teen Car Insurance

Teen car insurance isn’t cheap. In nearly every state, you’ll pay more for auto insurance simply because your child is under the age of 25. While it might not seem fair, there’s a reason. New drivers are far more likely to be involved [...]

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The #1 Way to Get Your Teen Driver’s Attention About Safety

Most teen parents will tell you that it can be difficult to get a point across to a teenager—particularly if that point concerns his or her safety or well-being. When it comes to safe teen driving, you can present every teen driving fact [...]

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5 Teen Driving Tips to Help Your Child Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

As your child approaches that magic age when he or she takes a leap toward independence with the aid of an automobile, chances are that you as a parent start to become concerned. While you understand that time pauses for no one, it’s [...]

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