3 Basic Keys To Healthy Teeth & Gums

Let's take a moment and get back to the basics of dental health. In today's day and age of complicated procedures, teeth whitening technology, and cosmetics, we can tend to forget about the core fundamentals of healthy teeth and gums. But at the end of the day, all the technology in the world doesn't replace the healthy habits of taking care of your teeth. The same habits you have learned since you were a kid that your parents and teacher instilled in you. So today we are going to cover 3 basic steps you can take to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums. These steps are fundamental, and should be practiced by kids and adults to ensure overall healthy teeth and gums. 1) Brush Regularly This is a function of consistency, not "let me brush right now for 3 hours straight to make up for years of neglect"! The key to getting the most out of regularly brushing [...]

4 Dieting Tips For Healthy Teeth

This is part of our dental health and news series that is sponsored by Rochelle Family Dentistry located in Rochelle, Georgia. Looking for ways to get healthier teeth?  Did you realize that the types of food you eat will have a direct impact on your overall dental health?  It might seem obvious to some people, but for others, they have no idea what kind of damage you can cause to your teeth simply from the types of food you eat. The obvious dangers are found in foods with high amounts of sugar.  But there are less obvious food choices that you can make that can have a big impact - for the positive or the negative - on your overall dental health. Here are 4 dieting tips you can implement to start improving the health of your teeth: #1:  Vegetables, whole grains, & fruits The first food group to focus on for improving the health of your teeth is [...]

3 Types Of Sedation Dentistry

This post is sponsored by Rochelle Family Dentistry - visit Dr. Michael Kristopher Frazier and his staff in Rochelle, Ga. and find out why clients come from miles away just to bring themselves and their family members to Dr. Frazier! Are you the people who would rather endure a painful tooth ache rather than go and visit the dentist?  Does the thought of sitting down in a dentists' chair make you cringe with fear, to the point where you'd rather just live with that cavity? If this sounds like you, then don't feel like you are alone.  There are literally millions of people in the world who are just like you - people who would rather endure the worst tooth ache than go visit the dentist. If what I just described sounds like you, then you may be the perfect candidate for what's called sedation dentistry - a process where the dentist is able to give you some medication to [...]

3 Types Of Sedation Used By Dentists, And What They Mean To Patients

Are you someone who is afraid to visit the dentist?  Is the thought of getting in that dentist chair and having your mouth examined a thought that incites fear?  If so, then you might be a candidate for one of the many types of sedation dentistry techniques that are available today. Let me first say that if you live in Rochelle, Georgia or anywhere in the south Atlanta area, the very best dental care can be found at Rochelle Family Dentistry with Dr. Michael Frazier and his staff.  Dr. Frazier specializes in making everyone, from children to the elderly, happy, comfortable, and at ease for all of their dental treatments.  Dr. Frazier is a well know and well respected dentist that has clients drive from all over the State of Georgia to come for treatment.  Check out Dr. Frazier on Facebook today. So let's get back to this issue of having some hesitation while visiting the dentist.  This is [...]

3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist – Rochelle Family Dentistry

Being Afraid of the Dentist is Common If you are afraid of visiting the dentist then don't feel like you are alone.  Studies show that over 50% of those who visit the dentist are in fact afraid of making the visit, even if they've been to the dentist on a regular basis.  Being afraid of going to the dentist is normal. It can sometimes be a scary thought to visit the dentist and get your teeth poked and prodded, and perhaps even drilled.  But there are some things you can do that will make the prospect of visiting a dentist a whole lot easier to handle. In fact, the steps below will help you not only overcome your fear of the dentist, but they will help you be comfortable and confident each and every time you visit your favorite dentist. #1:  Visit a dentist who understands One of the coolest catch phrases I've heard from a dental office is [...]

3 Best Options To Replace Missing Teeth

This is a sponsored post by Rochelle Family Dentistry, a leading family dental practice in Rochelle, Georgia and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. Patients that have missing teeth are usually always in some sort of quest to trying to learn about what their best options are for replacing those teeth.  Whether someone is missing a lot of teeth, or if somehow only one tooth has gone missing, exploring the best options to replacing those missing teeth doesn't need to be a difficult task. We wanted to spell out what we believe are the 3 best options to replacing missing teeth.  After reading our suggestions, hopefully you'll be more educated as you explore your options.  And hopefully these tips will help you make the best decision for replacing your missing teeth. After all, for someone who's missing teeth and looking to get them replaced, they want to ensure that the investment they are making will last a long time [...]

Best Dentist & Dental Services In Rochelle, Ga. – Serving Tifton, Cordele, & Warner Robbins

When it comes to dental hygiene, you want to ensure you are getting the absolute best dental services possible for your teeth - which is why Rochelle Family Dentistry should be your first choice for a dentist in the Rochelle, Cordele, Tifton, & Warner Robbins areas. I remember when I was a kid being petrified having to go to the dentist.  I used to kick and scream, fighting my parents every step of the way, whenever my mom told me I had a dentist appointment coming up. And didn't matter what I was being told about the dentist - for some reason I couldn't get over that feeling of fear. That is, until I actually showed up to our dentist office! The waiting room was always so nice, neat, and clean.  I remember their being an area where toys were gathered.  And I always remembered the people in the office were smiling and welcoming to me.  The scene would [...]