Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm

Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm

Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm

Woodstock, GA 30189


Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm

We are driven by one goal: To protect the futures of our younger generation from their mistakes so that they can achieve their full potential.

We don’t have a one size fits all solution for your problems. We recognize that the impacts of being accused of a crime is different for every person, depending on their situation and their goals. We spend the time to learn how your legal issue is affecting you and your family.

We tailor our solutions to your problem to minimize the impacts your criminal case has on your life, and the lives of your families, in the way you believe is important.

In doing this, we recognize that many of our younger clients also have parents or other family involved in the process. Sometimes the family that is involved and the client have different priorities. In these situations we work to tailor our plan to address everyone’s goals.

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Ghanouni Teen & Young Adult Defense Firm
3227 S Cherokee Ln Suite 1360
Woodstock, GA 30188
(770) 720-6336

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