Best Plumber in Athens – Newest Client for Bipper Media

We are excited to announce the newest client to Bipper Media - A Akins Plumbing in Athens. If you are looking for the best plumber in Athens, Ga., then look no further than here.

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For the #1 Dog Fence in Athens, Georgia

When you need the absolute best invisible dog fence in Athens, Ga., then it's time to call Terry at  No other pet containment system comes with this level of high quality service and customer satisfaction. Visit today.

Introducing – Atlanta’s #1 Carpet Cleaner

We are excited to announce the launch of the new website, Atlanta's premier carpet cleaning business serving all of metro Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia. When only the best carpet cleaning services will do, it's time to call Chandler at!  

Peronsal Injury Lawyer Binghamton | When To Call A Personal Injury Attorney in Binghamton, NY

YOUR BUSINESS HERE Ad space available  Call 706-363-0335  When to call a personal injury lawyer in Binghamton One of of the most common questions asked to a personal injury lawyer in Binghamton is this:  "so... when is is a good time to call a personal injury attorney in Binghamton?"  Fair enough question right?  I mean, after all it's not something that average citizen in Binghamton sits around and ponders all day everyday.  But it's a question that, when asked, is typically a situation that requires some serious legal intervention and the stakes could be dramatically high.  Let's look at a few situations where someone in Binghamton, New York might find themselves needing to contact a Binghamton personal injury lawyer.  Personal injury law in the State of New York is complex and requires a lawyer who is steeped in experience with personal injury cases, especially if you are in the Binghamton, NY area.  If you find yourself suddenly in a [...]

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Custom Engraving in South Dakota – Serving The World With Amazing Custom Engraving Services Custom Engraving South Dakota Custom engraving is a magical art because it captures a memory of ideas and words along with a tangible item such as stone, a plaque, or even a brick in some cases. Our custom engraving in South Dakota services are entirely focused on our customers' complete satisfaction and happiness with the product produced. So we take the time to understand the importance of the engraving and the event it is for. We also do our utmost best to always meet the customer's dates and deadlines for delivery. As a result our mission is to fulfill every order perfectly or as close to it as possible. Who We Are (Custom Engraving South Dakota) Our custom engraving company in South Dakota involves a full-service engraving production. Whether it be logos or custom artwork, we can provide the service as desired. Not only does our shop include the equipment to perform custom stone engraving, we [...]

How Your Posture Improves With Minimalist Running Shoes

You should know that like every other part of your body, your feet benefit from exercise.  Remember that many exercises rely on an elastic yet steady hold from your feet and legs. That’s the reason the sole designs of minimalist shoes can help you do different kinds of exercises and give you more comfort. Your feet can move surprisingly well and bend easily in minimalist shoes.  But did you know that if you use minimalist shoes that your posture will get better as well? We all know that any regular exercise will help you with your postures. A good posture will help you with many health problems in your life, especially with later in life diseases like osteoporosis.   When you wear supportive and comfortable shoes, it will help to reduce back and neck pain. One reason that people claim to have poor posture is that their back or neck hurt.  Also, minimalist shoes, with their low or zero drop heal, make sure that you [...]

Why Minimalist Shoes Are Not Just Another Fad

I overheard a couple days ago a shoe sales associate telling a customer that minimalist shoes, or toes shoes as he called them, were just a fashion fad. I really wanted to go over there and inform the misguided man that these shoes were not about fashion. But this is not the first time I have heard these accusations. Some people think that the shoes are just a fashion craze. While others believe, what I believe is actually more insidious, is that these shoes are a health fad. These people compare minimalist shoes to fad diets like Atkins that turn out to be bad for your health in the long run. But minimalist shoes, while some people may only be wearing them for fashion reasons, are really here to stay.  Discovering that traditional running shoes are hard on your feet is more like discovering that trans fats are bad for you. Making minimalist shoes is more kin to making antibiotics for viral infections. There was a problem [...]

Trails That Have Never Been Hiked in Minimalist Boots

So, you've really broken in your minimalist boots. Your feet are used to the new gait and you've even tried a few strenuous, multi-day trails. But now you really want to do something that has never been tried before. You want to go somewhere that no man has ever gone before. And since the moon has been taken, there are still a few places on earth where no man has ever hiked. Seriously! Mount Kailash - This is a holy mountain in Tibet. The reason that this path hasn’t been touched is not because it is impossible, but because it is considered consecrated ground and unfit for humans to travel. Probably not a great place to go if you value international relations, but the 32 mile path that goes around it may be an option for you. The Ring of Fire - If you’re a geography buff or remember your high school class, you may know about this area of the earth. The ring of fire is a [...]

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Traditional Shoes From Around The World

I've been writing about minimalist shoes for a while now and telling you why they are better than the athletic shoes that have been on the market since the '60's. I keep calling them traditional shoes, but I think that is a misnomer. I asked my VA, who's from the Philippines, about traditional shoes in her country. Perhaps it was just a regular language issue, but her response got me to thinking about what shoes used to be like before the '60's and are still like is some countries around the world.  So I went looking for 'traditional' shoes from around the world. And what I found was that many of them have many things in common with minimalist shoes. The traditional footwear of Pakistan is khussa. People have been wearing them for centuries.  The fashion of wearing khussas remains stable all the year round. People mostly like to wear them with traditional dressings for example Kurta Shalwar and Dhoti. In Japan, geta, zori and [...]

Minimalist Running Shoes Don’t Have To Separate Your Toes!

For a long time I have been avoiding the gym and hitting the roads instead. I found that gyms were to stifling for me, so I have just made an effort to keep active in my everyday life and get out into nature. However, now that weather has started affecting my workout routine, I've returned to the gym. Before I left the gym, I rarely saw anyone wearing minimalist shoes. I guess that may have been part of the reason that I left in the first place. I got tired of people asking me about my “toe shoes.” Yesterday when I returned to the gym, I found that there were many people in the gym that were also wearing minimalist shoes. Even one of the trainers was wearing them. I got on the bike and started peddling. My neighbor, who was wearing a beautiful pair of minimalist mesh running shoes, strikes up a conversation. “You know,” she pointed to my shoes, “Those [...]

Minimalist Shoes Popping Up Everywhere

It seems that everywhere I have been going lately, I have been seeing minimalist shoes. Some places seemed to catch on a little late, but seemed perfectly normal place for them to appear, like the gym. One would expect a place that caters to fitness to eventually realize that minimalist shoes are better for your health all the way around. And then occasionally you will see them on someone that you wouldn't expect, like the old lady in the grocery store wearing a pair of VFFs. And you are starting to see them on all of the nation’s sidewalks. But today, I saw them a whole section of them in a local discount clothing store. I guess with the shoe style becoming so popular, everyone wants to get in on the action. Most shoe companies nowadays have some sort of minimalist shoe. But you really need to be careful about the minimalist shoes that you buy from mainstream traditional shoe companies. While many of these shoes [...]

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Minimalist Shoes In Developing Countries

After my foray into 'traditional' shoes around the world, I wondered how well minimalist shoes were doing in countries where true barefoot or minimalist-like traditional shoe lifestyles were being used. I looked around, but was not very surprised at my findings for the most part. But I was surprised to learn that developing countries who have a higher percentage of barefoot runners, have a lower rate of injuries. In countries were many people already go barefoot, the adoption rate of minimalist shoes is a little lower. There may be several reasons behind this trend. 1. People already run barefoot. While they know the benefit of running barefoot or minimalist, their feet are tougher from consistent barefoot use. 2. Minimalist shoes are often more expensive than running shoes and are much more expensive than going barefoot. 3. There is not as much marketing going towards these markets, so there is less awareness. But one thing seems for certain, developing countries seem [...]

How To Spot The Imposter Minimalist Shoe

With all the minimalist shoes flooding the market, how do you know what is the right one for you? Also, how can you even be sure if that shoe on the shelves is actually a true minimalist shoe? It’s easy to tell a real one from a fake when you’ve done your homework. Just because a shoe has one or two of these elements doesn’t make them minimalist either. I recently saw shoes that advertised itself as minimalist. It said that it could help improve your gait by placing the emphasis on the front and middle of your foot, which is what minimalist shoes do. However this shoe claimed to do it by placing a lot of padding underneath the arch. Minimalist shoes place the emphasis on your foot in the middle and front instead of heel by nixing the padding altogether. Your foot does this naturally. A minimalist shoe should just protect your feet from the elements, not [...]

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How Do You Find The Best Hiking Boots?

There are different brands of minimalist boots available in the market. So how do you tell what is the best brand? How do you know if you are paying for a name and not for the best shoe? What companies to the experts consider the best? It can be dizzying just thinking about finding the right minimalist show, but boots are even harder. It difficult to find a hiking boot with all of the qualifications for hiking. Goo support, water resistant, able to be warm. Feelmax is one of the most popular brands that make the most supportive and comfortable minimalist boots on the market today. There products have answered the call to all the necessities that a hiker needs in their boots. One of the products Feelmax marketing currently is the Kuuva. The Kuuva is supportive, comfortable, and even stylish. The best thing about Kuuva is it gives the hikers the perfect barefoot feeling with its 2.5 mm rubber soles. Feelmax boots are usable in [...]

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Best Places To Take Your Minimalist Hiking Boots for a Trial

You’ve recently got your minimalist hiking boots and you’ve been wearing them around the  house, a nearby trail, or even your local supermarket. You’ve gotten them broken in mostly. But you’ve read that you really need to get your feet used to using the new minimalist style before you go all out and have a 60 day Appalachian trail outing. Well, luckily for you there are some paths great paths that are in between the well-worn one from your kitchen to the table and the grueling 12 day Scandinavian tundra trail. Check out these one day trails: The Grand Canyon: You can walk around the Grand Canyon in Arizona pretty easily. It’s a good way to break in your shoes and your feet on different, uneven terrain. It’s a pretty easy hike and you can do at pretty much any fitness level any time of the year. You can even bring your kids. Olympic National Park: If you’re in the mood for [...]

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4 Ways Minimalist Boots Are More Comfortable

Minimalist boots were introduced to provide the hikers with the ‘barefoot’ feelings. There were many hikers that still prefer to go barefoot, but many want the experience, but want to protect their feet as well. So why are Minimalist Hiking Boots more comfortable than traditional hiking boots? Thinner sole: One very unique feature that distinguishes minimalist boots from other typical boots is the thinner sole of the boots. The lower part of the shoe is made up in a way that the hikers can feel every substance under their feet. The soft lining: Many would say that it's because of its soft lining and the right placement of its pad.  Usually the inner side of these boots is spacious enough to fit the toes of the hikers. In regular hiking boots sometimes your toes can feet can become claustrophobic in their tight quarters. Light weight design: The lighter the boots are the better they are for the hikers. Less weight means that there is less [...]

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3 Advantages of Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist shoes are basically used for comfortable, long distance running, but you can really use them for anything. But if you are a runner, they are almost a necessity.  They are like gloves for your feet. Here are some benefits of wearing minimalist shoes: (This list is by no way exhaustive)They offer the right of protection from the elements while still allowing you the use of your feet.  This, of course, make running easier and less tiring.   These are the best shoes for running as they do not put any pressure on your heal.  Wearing minimalist shoes is equivalent to be barefoot. That is why they are more comforting for people who regularly go running.  The muscles of the body get stronger if you wear less bulk on the bottom of your feet.  The body adopts to the situation easily and gains strength. One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to have a strong muscle base. Minimalist shoes can help you [...]

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Dentist in Eastman, Ga. | How To Find The Right Dentist in Eastman For You & Your Family

Looking For A Dentist in Eastman, Ga.? There's no question that when it comes to finding the best dentist in Eastman, Ga., you can sometimes get overwhelmed with all the dentists to chose from - after all, Eastman, Ga. and the surrounding areas have their fair share of dentists to chose from.  So when you and your family are looking to settle on a dentist, you can always follow the lead of other's from Eastman, Ga. and come to visit Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry in Rochelle, Ga.  So many patients, from both Eastman, Ga. and from all over central and south Georgia, make the trip to visit Dr. Frazier and his super friendly staff at Rochelle Family Dentistry. At Rochelle Family Dentistry, we put the gentle back in dental! Even though Dr. Frazier is located in Rochelle, Ga., patients from Eastmans, Ga. have no problem - and in fact are excited - to make the 30 minute drive [...]

Dentist in Vidalia, Ga. | How To Find Just The Right Dentist For You And Your Family in Vidalia, Ga.

Looking For A Dentist in Vidalia, Ga.? Finding just the right dentist in Vidalia, Ga. can be a very daunting and intimidating task, we know?  With so many dentist in the Vidalia, Ga. area, and so many dentists to chose from, finding the perfect dentist in Vidalia, Ga. can be challenging.  This may come as a surprise to you (or maybe not...) buy why not considering doing what so many other people in Vidalia, Ga. have already done and drive on over to Rochelle Family Dentist and visit Dr. Frazier and his staff.  You'll see immediately why people who are looking for a dentist in Vidalia, Ga. make the drive... Rochelle Family Dentist is known for putting the gentle back in dental! Don't even think about spending your money on those high priced dentist in Vidalia, Ga.  Find out why so many people in Vidalia, Ga. are making the trip from Vidalia, Ga. down to Rochelle Family Dentistry! Give Dr. [...]

Dentist in Albany, Ga. | How To Find The Right Dentist For You & Your Family

Looking For A Dentist in Albany, Ga.? We understand how frustrating it can be sometimes to find the best dentist in Albany, Ga.?  With so many dentists available, and so many dentist to chose from out there, finding a dentist in Albany, Ga. can be a daunting task indeed.  So why not do what so many other families and patients do when looking for a dentist in Albany, Ga. and drive on over to Rochelle Family Dentist and visit Dr. Frazier and his staff.  You'll see immediately why people who are looking for a dentist in Albany, Ga. make the drive... After all, Rochelle Family Dentist specializes in putting the gentle back in dental! Forget about paying the higher prices from other dentist in Albany, Ga and do what so many other families and patients are doing from Albany, Ga.... make the trip from Albany, Ga. down to Rochelle and experience high quality family dental care with small town pricing. Give [...]

Dentist in Hawkinsville, Ga. | 7 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Dentist

Looking For A Dentist in Hawkinsville, Ga.? Trying to find the best dentist in Hawkinsville, Ga.?  There is no doubt an abundance of options for a family when it comes to finding a dentist in Hawkinsville, Ga.  However, you'd be surprised (or maybe not...) at just how many families find it worth the drive from Hawkinsville, Ga. to go see Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry. Stop paying the high prices from other dentist in Hawkinsville, Ga and do what so many other families and patients are doing from Hawkinsville, Ga.... make the trip from Hawkinsville, Ga. down to Rochelle and experience high quality family dental care with small town pricing. Give Dr. Frazier a call @ 229-365-0065 or visit us online at Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry. Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | Website | [...]

Dentist in Macon, Ga. – Best Dentist in Macon, Ga.

Best Dentist in Macon, Ga. Trying to find the best dentist in Macon, Ga? With some many dentist to chose from in the Macon area, finding a dentist in Macon can sometimes be challenging. You'd be amazed at how much customers save who are from Macon, Ga. when they the make the trip down to see Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry. Don't pay the high prices that dentist in Macon, Ga. charge - make the trip from Macon down to Rochelle and experience high quality family dental care with small town pricing. Next time you are trying to find the absolute best dentist in Perry, Ga., then do what so many other patients have already done and call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry. Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | Website | Facebook | [...]

Dentist in Perry, Ga – Best Dentist in Perry, GA.

Finding a dentist in Perry, Ga. Why not do what a lot of other clients are doing when trying to find a dentist in Perry, Ga and head on over to Rochelle Family Dentistry. We understand there are a lot of great dentist in Perry, Ga., but if you need high quality dental work for you and your family at the absolute lowest prices anywhere, the Rochelle Family Dentistry is your answer. That's exactly why clients who are searching a dentist in Perry, Ga. find it worth the drive to come on over to Rochelle Family Dentistry. Next time you are trying to find the absolute best dentist in Perry, Ga., then do what so many other patients have already done and call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry. Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | [...]

Dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga – Best Dentist in Fitzgerald, GA.

Choosing a Dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga. When it comes to finding the best dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga. then why not follow the lead of so many other clients and head over to Rochelle Family Dentistry in Rochelle, Ga.  Finding a dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga. is hard enough to begin with.  With dentists seemingly on every corner in Fitzgerald, how do you know who the best dentist is for you?  That's why having recommendations for dentist from families and friends can help dramatically in deciding who the best dentist is for you and your family. Next time you are trying to find the absolute best dentist in Fitzgerald, Ga., then do what so many other patients have already done and call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry. Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | Website | Facebook [...]

Dentist in Tifton, Ga. – Best Tifton, Ga. Dentist

Choosing a Dentist in Tifton, Ga. According to statistics, a lot of older generation dentists (like Dentist in Tifton, Ga.) retire from dental practice in small towns, while young and budding dentists prefer to work in the urban areas or in the cities where they think they can have progressive careers. Although there are still young dentists who have braved against the trend of opening a clinic in the city and opened one in urban areas, choosing one is never an easy task. Choosing a dentist in Tifton, Ga. is no exception! Deciding who to sign up with is important because you will let that person take care of you and your family’s dental needs. That's why so many patients who are looking for a dentist in Tifton, Ga. have made the trip to Rochelle, Ga. to become a patient of Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentistry. Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 [...]

The Difference Between A Home Inspection & Home Appraisal

Sometimes when someone is getting ready to buy or sell a home, they enter into the market with a few common misunderstanding about the process. One of these misunderstandings centers around the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal. It's a misunderstanding that can be very costly for both a buyer and a seller of real estate, and it's a mistake that no one wants to venture into. First let me lay out the difference between an appraisal and a home inspection. An appraisal is something that a mortgage company or a bank would require in order to verify the value of any given piece of real estate. An inspection on the other hand is something that can be optional prior to a real estate transaction. The home inspection process is designed to identify evidence of potential problems with a given piece of property. For a seller, a home inspection would be valuable in helping to determine the [...]

Dentist in Warner Robins, Ga – Best Dentist in Warner Robins, GA.

Trying To decide on a dentist in Warner Robins, GA.? With so many dentists out there, it can sometimes be challenging deciding on which dentist in Warner Robins Ga. to settle on.  After all, who is the best dentist in Warner Robins Ga according to current and past patients?  Which dentist in Warner Robins, Ga. is going to serve your family the most and provide the best dental care everyone in your family needs? Find out why so many people from Warner Robins, Ga. make a trip to Rochelle for all their dental needs! Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | Website | Facebook | Google+ Page Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 All of the these questions are what any family would consider when trying to decide on who the best dentist is for all of their dental needs. What [...]

Top Four Trails to Hike in Minimalist Shoes

So often we think of hiking as something that we just do in the woods. Ours shoes, whether minimalist or traditional, are there to protect our feet from sticks, rocks hidden under a slime of leaves, and the occasional bug. But have you ever thought about hiking an exotic location in your minimalist shoes? I’m not just talking about the Appalachian Trail or the Grand Canyon here. Take a look at some of these extreme trails where minimalist footwear my come in handy. Petra, Jordan: Do you remember Indiana Jones and that beautiful city in the desert carved out of a rock face, hidden from the world? Well, it’s not so hidden anymore. Tour buses bring people by the dozen to view it. Instead opt for the 50 mile, seven day hike through the rocks to a private viewing of the monastery carved out of the rock or many of the other grand features in the area. Bay of [...]

Kuuva: Minimalist Hiking Boots With Style

The trend of minimalist hiking boots is directly linked to the changing requirements of hikers. They want a comfortable feeling along with safety and pleasure associated with hiking. This has led to the introduction of minimalist shoes that are very comfortable, extraordinarily light weight and supporting for longer running and hiking. These are quite different from everyday shoes and are specially designed for the purpose they serve. Minimalist hiking boots have a very thin sole. This gives a feeling of barefoot walking and the wearer is able to feel each and every part of land he moves on. They are usually loose and large sized to support the easy movement and expansion of feet. There are many good brands serving this market and Feelmax is one of them. They have a special minimalist hiking boot that is known as Kuuva. Many of the users find it the best minimalist hiking boot option that is top class in quality and [...]

2 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You If You Switch To Minimalist Running Shoes

When our ancestors started walking and running around to hunt and gather, they did it barefoot. As technology progressed, we learned to make footwear to protect our feet from the ground and all sorts of objects that we come across. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1960s that running specific shoes were created by a company then known as Blue Ribbon Sports (which in 1978 became Nike). Nike created a new trend for the running shoe: increase in cushioning, adding pronation control and giving it more stability and weight. The advancement in the running shoe technology led to increasingly high-tech shoes with more and more cushioning and support that may have done more harm than good. Running with full-sized shoes does increase the support and cushion to the foot, but the pain and stress is transferred elsewhere. The elevated heels and extra weight of these shoes cause most runners to heel strike (heel hitting the ground first), which causes additional [...]

Lamar Odom Needs A Dentist (Video)

Getting someone to go to the dentist is not easy task when that person is afraid of what might happen. However, there's nothing like a solid tooth ache to sway the odds in your favor of getting your loved one into the dentist chair.   The good thing is, with pain medication and anesthesia, visiting the dentist to get your tooth ache resolved, or any other dental treatment you are needing, can make the visit a whole lot more appealing. Check out this clip from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" where Khloe is trying to convince Lamar to go to the dentist to get his tooth ache taken care of.   Who knew Lamar was such a baby when it comes to the dentist?   Finally, I think it's the appeal of conscious sedation dentistry that finally convinces Lamar to agree to go to the dentist.

4 Ways To Deal With The Pain Of A Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you've never experienced this before, then I'm very happy and thankful for you. But sometimes, while eating food or playing around, something can happen where you accidentally chip or break a tooth. Sometimes, when you chip or break a tooth, you may not feel any pain at all since the break did not expose the nerve. However, there are other times where you can break or chip a tooth and it does expose a nerve, and when this happens let me tell you... the pain can be excruciating. So what do you do when you break or chip your tooth and the pain is unbearable? The obvious answer is to get to your dentist as quickly as possible. But what about if it's the weekend, or after hours, and your dentist isn't readily accessible? This can create quite a dilemma, especially if you are experiencing intense pain. If you can't immediately get to dentist, then there are some [...]

3 Easy Tips To Preventing Tooth Decay

When it comes to a healthy smile, and bright white teeth, there are a lot of procedures that your dentist can initiate. These teeth whitening procedures are great for those who want to have white teeth that leaves a favorable first impression. But in order to take the steps to making your teeth whiter and improving your overall smile, the implication is that you have all of your teeth to work with in the first place. Tips To Preventing Tooth Decay Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease and is most prevalent in low income children. The surgeon general estimates that 51 million hours of school is missed by children due to tooth decay and oral health issues and over 164 million work hours are missed by adults due to tooth decay. Tooth decay will actually erode the natural structure of your teeth, causing the form and shape of your teeth to be altered. But there are some [...]

3 Basic Keys To Healthy Teeth & Gums

Let's take a moment and get back to the basics of dental health. In today's day and age of complicated procedures, teeth whitening technology, and cosmetics, we can tend to forget about the core fundamentals of healthy teeth and gums. But at the end of the day, all the technology in the world doesn't replace the healthy habits of taking care of your teeth. The same habits you have learned since you were a kid that your parents and teacher instilled in you. So today we are going to cover 3 basic steps you can take to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums. These steps are fundamental, and should be practiced by kids and adults to ensure overall healthy teeth and gums. 1) Brush Regularly This is a function of consistency, not "let me brush right now for 3 hours straight to make up for years of neglect"! The key to getting the most out of regularly brushing [...]

Minimalist Hiking Boots, Getting Back To Nature

What is it about hiking that exhilarates you and makes you want to get back out onto the hiking trail?  Is it the fresh air that you find only in the mountains or deep in the woods? Is it the refreshing brisk walk that you get from being on the trail?  Or perhaps it's the quiet peace that you find when you are isolated from all the noise in the world. Whatever it is, for the avid hiker, the trail is always beckoning you back. That is becoming a picture that is commonly found among minimalist hikers as well - that beckoning back to a deeper level of experience while hiking, and becoming closer to nature while hiking. It's something that is difficult to attain while wearing the traditional hiking boot, mostly due to their  thick soles and heavy weight. Minimalist hiking boots are a trend that's growing among both hikers and inclement weather runners, i.e. those who run in [...]

A Natural Case For Minimalist Running

Kristen Coppens, columnist for A Healthier Michigan, has published an article that highlights some of the benefits to minimalist running. We talk about this topic quite a bit here, and have covered the pros and cons of minimalist running, but I like how Kristen talks about the natural benefits that unfold as a result of minimalist running. Now, a lot of people refer something called barefoot running. Which is, obviously, running with out any shoes on whatsoever.  But the reality is that the majority of people who are active in what's called barefoot running are actually running with minimalist running shoes. These are the shoes that are ultra light, ultra thin, and give you the sensation of actually running barefoot - without actually being barefoot. Some of the benefits that occur naturally for minimalist runners, as Kristen so eloquently points out, are that nerve endings are at a heightened level which causes you to run with much better posture and sloppily (love that [...]

More Is Less With Minimalist Hiking Boots

You've heard the saying before right... that less is more?  It's a saying that finds it's way into many facets of our lives and tells a tale of how doing less, having less, or producing less ends up netting us more. This same cute little saying can be applied to the new trend of minimalist hiking.  And more specifically, to the experience of hiking in minimalist hiking boots. So to bring it all together in one phrase, less is proving to be more when it comes to minimalist hiking boots! What does mean exactly, and how is "less actually more" when it comes to minimalist hiking boots? Great question. With a great pair of minimalist hiking boots, like the Kuuva from Feelmax, you actually will get a lot more out of your hike than you would with a pair of traditional hiking boots. First, minimalist hiking boots will allow you to experience more of mother-nature while hiking.  Because the [...]

Consistency Is Key To Minimalist Running Success

As it is with many activities, sports, and other disciplines in life, if you want to get good at it you simply have to invest the time and commitment to achieve your goals. And as anyone who knows what I'm talking about would agree, this commitment is not something that's done in the short term - it's a long term commitment to achieving success. It's no different when it comes to minimalist running, and adapting your running style to your new pair of minimalist running shoes. The debate rages on about whether or not minimalist or barefoot running shoes are a good thing or bad. Yet, statistics continue to show that the minimalist running trend continues to grow. The reason? Simple. Because the people who prove that minimalist running shoes produce better results than traditional running shoes are making their points by being committed to their running schedule, and investing the time and energy into their workouts. If these [...]

Study Shows Minimalist Running Shoes Do More Good Than Traditional Running Shoes

Minimalist Running Shoes have been getting a bad rap from some sources, saying that the traditional running shoe is the safer way to go.  But recent studies are proving otherwise. A 2010 study led by Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University, suggested traditional running shoes may do more harm than good. While more research is needed, preliminary findings theorize running barefoot could significantly reduce one’s risk for injury. Robinson said that damage to the iliotibial band is among the most common running-related injuries. The iliotibial band, more commonly known as the IT band, is the tissue that runs along the outer thigh and knee and offers stability to the knee as it moves. Injury occurs when it is overused due to consistent heel strikes while running. An argument for minimalist running shoes? The question here is, does this mean we have an argument that says minimalist running shoes are in fact more healthy for your body than traditional [...]

Strategy For Breaking In Your Minimalist Running Shoes

So you are now the new, proud owner of your first pair of minimalist running shoes and you're ready to slip em' on, lace em' up tight, and head out for your first 5 mile'r... right? Wrong! We are super excited that you are now one of the few, the proud, the committed runners who are making the switch to the minimalist running lifestyle, but there's a right way and wrong way for going about breaking yourself into your new shoes - and your new lifestyle. Let's first talk about the wrong way to go about breaking in your minimalist running shoes. 1)  Moving too fast What exactly do I mean by moving too fast?  I mean, if you've never ran in a pair of minimalist running shoes then you need to take er' slow.  Running in minimalist running shoes is much different than the traditionally thick soled running shoes that you are used to. You need to move [...]

Making The Most Of Your Minimalist Hiking Boots

Minimalist hikers are the type of the people who are really looking to get more out of their experience on the trail.  Because the minimalist hiker prefers to be "more in touch" with the earth beneath their feet, and because they are looking to find more enjoyment, satisfaction, and exhilaration from their hiking experience, more than likely they are always trying to find better ways to have a more enjoyable hiking experience. The ultra thin soles of the minimalist hiking boot allows the hiker to experience more of the ground beneath their feet, giving them a sensation they are almost walking barefoot on the trail.  Yet with a high quality minimalist hiking boot like the Kuuva from Feelmax, you'll not only get the sensation of barefoot hiking, but you'll also have more protection and stability. Making the most of your minimalist hiking boots means your hiking boots have to be able to deliver at all levels.  They must have a [...]

What To Expect From A Home Inspection

When buying a house, do not be lulled by the lovely appearance of the property. As a homeowner, you have to be sure that the property you buy is worth every penny. A home inspection should be done to expose you to the intricate details that you cannot see during your initial tours. A professional home inspector may be hired so he can assist you on your next plan of actions. ** SEE ALSO:  Home inspectors in Athens, Ga. Here are the things you can expect to happen when a home inspector visits you. The actual inspection. There is a lot to know about the value of your home and its beauty. A home inspector first examines the exterior appearance of the house from each side and from the tip of the roof to the base. He then looks at the interior. The inspection will take about one to two hours depending on the size and the style of [...]

The Reasons for Choosing a Minimalist Running Shoe

No doubt that body structure, efficiency and skills of a runner are the most important factors of running. But, beside the above stated issues there are some other factors that affect the form or pattern of running as well. The design of running shoes is a factor that can equally affect the speed and form of running. Passionate runners always looks for shoes that makes them feel comfortable, have good support, and doesn’t have any risk of having injury for running. Minimalist running shoes, in this sense, should be the number one choice for all runners. Minimalist running shoes provides runners with the ultimate barefoot feeling. The features of minimalist shoes fit the best with dedicated runners. A minimalist shoe is always much lighter in weight compared to other typical running shoes. Due to the lighter weight of the shoe, a runner feels more comfortable while running. There is enough space in the inner side of the shoes to [...]

The Best Thing About Minimalist Boots

Minimalist boots were introduced to provide the hikers with the ‘barefoot’ feelings. One very unique feature that distinguishes minimalist boots from other typical boots is the thinner sole of the boots. The lower part of the shoe is made up in a way that the hikers can feel every substance under their feet. Minimalist boots are usually soft and light-weight, and as a result, more supportive and comfortable for the hikers. Why are minimalist boots are so comfortable? Many would say that it's because of its soft lining and the right placement of its pad. Usually the inner side of these boots is spacious enough to fit the toes of the hikers. So, there is no risk of feeling discomfort due to not having enough space for your toes to wiggle. Again there is lace in the boots so that you can tie the laces in a way that gives you the most comfort. The weight of the boots [...]

4 Areas Of Coverage You Must Ensure Are Represented In Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

With today’s unpredictable and very unusual natural calamities, our dwellings are constantly vulnerable to be washed away or burnt to ashes. The climate is very eratic and could take away our homes in a blink of an eye. Good thing that we have homeowners assurance. At least we are comforted that we are entitled to certain claims and getting back on our feet cannot be that difficult. But what are the things that we should consider when getting an average homeowner’s insurance? Disaster Coverage Calculate the risks involved for living in your area. Each risk or natural calamity requires individual coverage. Do not assume that since disaster coverage is mentioned in your policy that it automatically covers earthquake, volcanic eruptions, flood, forest or grass fire losses. Umbrella policies are full of gray areas so you should discuss each with your agent to make sure that ambiguity is avoided. Consider all things that might possibly happen. Do not live in [...]

How To Replace A Vacuum Bag, Vacuum Repair in Athens Ga.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most efficient equipment in cleaning. Vacuum cleaners are very convenient and can spare you from that physically demanding house cleaning. But, vacuum cleaners have to be maintained and regularly serviced to sustain its maximum efficiency. One way you can do maintain effeciency is by replacing your bag. Replacing vacuum bags is easy and here’s how to do it: Know your vacuum cleaner. Replacing vacuum bag is just like replacing your garbage bag. All the dirt accumulated during your cleaning is consolidated in this bag. But replacing it does not begin on the actual act of removing the bag then replacing a new one. It begins when you buy your vacuum. You have to consider if the replacement bags are readily available in your local store. SEE ALSO:  Vacuum repair in Athens, Ga Yes, new units may have complementary replacement bags but they will eventually run out and if you do not do your [...]

The Style & Fashion of Minimalist Running Shoes

I've heard many people complain that they are turned off by the style of minimalist footwear. However, I really don't understand what they are talking about. Minimalist shoes offer a broad range of styles, just like traditional shoes. Previously, we already dismissed the myth that all minimalist shoes were toe shoes. So now, we're going to dispel the myth that minimalist running shoes are ugly. First thing to remember is that not all shoes were created for every person. Just because you don't like a particular style, doesn't mean someone else won't like it. With that in mind, many minimalist shoes are designed not only to be comfortable but also appealing. Now you can be adventurous, closer to nature, and stylish. These shoes have the look that literally shouts your love for adventure. The biggest plus of minimalist shoes? You can feel the comfort that these shoes offer and how at ease your foot is when you wear them. [...]

Kuuva: The Modern Minimalist Hiking Boots

Minimalist hiking boots differ from normal or typical boots because the sole of the shoe is thinner. This makes the user more aware of everything under his or her feet. Whether it is a pebble, a twig, or even a small amount of sand, you will feel each grain being pushed under your feet as you move along. Minimalist boots are also designed to be a little loose compared to normal boots. This is because the thinner sole puts more pressure on the foot itself. To provide the user with comfort during this process, the shoe is designed to be a little loose so as not to hinder the expansion process. One of the most popular brand of minimalist hiking boots is Feelmax, so named because the wearer will be able to maximize the feeling of the natural environment (similar to when one is walking barefoot) while maintaining a sense of comfort. Whether you are a professional hiker or [...]

3 Coverage Areas In Every Homeowners Insurance Policy

Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Smyrna, Georgia Homeowners insurance is something that every homeowner is required to carry.  In fact, it's against the law for a mortgage company to close on a mortgage transaction without the property being properly secured with a homeowners insurance policy.  This is just the reality of the housing market here in the United States.  So understanding the basics of a homeowner's insurance policy can help you secure better rates, and better coverage for your home. Below are three main areas that every homeowners insurance policy should have.  There are a lot of elements to a homeowners insurance policy that can be added, or that are otherwise optional, but these are three basic areas that you'll more than likely find in every policy carried on a home. #1:  Structure Coverage The structure coverage of your homeowner's insurance policy is in place to cover any damage that may have occurred to your home.  Damage can include, but [...]

3 Key Areas To Your Auto Insurance Policies

Auto Insurance Coverage in Marietta, Georgia When it comes to your auto insurance coverage, there's a lot of pieces that need to be analyzed and discussed with your local insurance agent in Marietta, Georgia.  Talking with your insurance agent will help you weed through the sometimes intimidating details that accompany an auto insurance policy.  However, even though there are a lot of different types of auto insurance coverage with a lot of different aspects to it, I want to ensure you understand three key components that should be a part of every auto insurance policy. #1:  Bodily Injury Liability The bodily injury liability coverage is the part of your auto insurance policy that's going to cover injuries that may have been incurred during an accident. This coverage applies to injuries to the policy holder and also to someone else who may have been involved.  Along with yourself (the policy holder) and other people involved in an accident, your family members are [...]