Client: Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire (PDWLawFirm.com)

Strategy: To produce locally targeted news articles.

Results: 42% increase in traffic YTD (Year To Date)

Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire is one of our law firm clients here in metro Atlanta that has three partners covering a wide range of practice areas. One of the partners specializes in DUI and criminal defense law, and a year ago we launched a new initiative to increase website traffic for this attorney through the use of locally targeted news articles.

We set out to achieve two core objectives:

  1. Increase website traffic from visitors who live in and around the law firm’s target geographic area, and…
  2. Increase brand recognition and exposure for the law firm.


We already knew that a lot of people in the local area follow news centered around crimes, arrests, and other related content. As such, we wanted to see what would happen if we started producing locally relevant news and information around this topic.

We started out producing locally targeted news content on a pace of around 1 article per week. And as we saw traffic increase, we started ramping up our content production.


Over the past year, traffic to the law firm’s website has grown by 42%.

An equally impressive number is that 66.67% of this traffic is coming directly from organic search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Granted, this law firm occupies the top search results in Google – both local and organic – for a wide range of targeted keyword phrases. But during the past year, 23% of their overall traffic has come directly from the news articles.

Also, of their total traffic during the past 12 months, over 33% has come directly from the local geographic market where the law firm does the majority of their business.

Mobile growth

Along with the law firm‘s growth in traffic, we’ve seen a substantial amount of growth in production from their mobile website.

The law firm‘s mobile site was customized in a way to feature a “Tap To Call” button located at the top of the site. This way, when the mobile site loaded on a user’s mobile phone, they would be looking directly at the tap to call button.

Also, the mobile site was built to load automatically anytime someone accessed the site from a mobile phone. So if you are searching in Google from your iPhone and tap on their search result, their mobile site loads automatically instead of the full HTML version of their site. Likewise, if you tapped to open one of their news articles, the mobile version of their site loads automatically.

Over the past year, the law firm‘s mobile site traffic has grown by 30% along with an equal amount of increase in “taps to call” and “taps for directions” from the mobile site.

In the month of October, 2014, the law firm received 17 inbound calls from their mobile site and 24 “taps for directions”.

In summary:

Not only is the regular production of locally targeted news content driving increased traffic and exposure for the law firm, but the implementation of a mobile site continues to have a strong impact on the number of leads, calls, and “taps for direction” for the law firm.

If you looking for ways to increase inbound traffic, leads, and sales for your local / metro area targeted law firm – or any other local / metro targeted business – consistent, high quality news content published on your website’s blog is a proven way to achieve this objective.

Not only does the regular production of content increase the authority of your website, but the increased authority can translate into higher rankings in Google for a wide range of locally targeted keyword phrases.

And for locally targeted businesses such as law firms, we are finding a lot of success through the use of news content to drive increased traffic and leads within that market.


Ready to increase targeted traffic to your business website?