When it comes to a healthy smile, and bright white teeth, there are a lot of procedures that your dentist can initiate.

These teeth whitening procedures are great for those who want to have white teeth that leaves a favorable first impression.

But in order to take the steps to making your teeth whiter and improving your overall smile, the implication is that you have all of your teeth to work with in the first place.

Tips To Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease and is most prevalent in low income children.

The surgeon general estimates that 51 million hours of school is missed by children due to tooth decay and oral health issues and over 164 million work hours are missed by adults due to tooth decay.

Tooth decay will actually erode the natural structure of your teeth, causing the form and shape of your teeth to be altered.

But there are some steps everyone can take to help prevent tooth decay.

#1: Brushing your teeth regularly

One of the first, and the best, lines of defense at fighting tooth decay is to brush your teeth regularly.

Brushing regularly is one of the best habits that you can form when it comes to having healthy teeth.

Brushing regularly will ensure that you keep the food and debris off your teeth and prevent bacteria buildup, all of which is the beginning steps of tooth decay.

Everyone should spend at least 3 minutes brushing their teeth daily to ensure you remove the biofilm of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

#2: Flossing regularly

Probably one of the most overlooked, yet easiest tasks to perform, to ensure healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay is flossing your teeth.

Flossing your teeth, admittedly, can be an inconvenient process. After all, you have to get out that string and run it between your teeth.

But besides brushing your teeth, flossing gets into the crevices of your teeth that a tooth brush will not reach. This is the area where bacteria builds up between your teeth causing them to become susceptible to decay.

Flossing your teeth regularly will ensure you keep the areas between your teeth clean and free of bacteria.

#3: Proper alignment of teeth

Finally, the last tip that we’ll leave you with to help prevent tooth decay is to take the steps necessary to straighten your teeth.

This is usually taken care of with things like braces or retainers.

These are the typical devices and procedures that your dentist can put in place to help you get your teeth your straighter.

The reason you want to have straighter teeth is because brushing and flossing your teeth will be more effective.

With straighter teeth, the ability to get between your teeth is a lot easier, and this goes for both brushing and flossing.

And the more effective brushing and flossing are, the healthier your teeth will be and less likely you’ll experience tooth decay.

What are some other steps you can think of that will help you prevent tooth decay?