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We understand how difficult it can be to find the best insurance companies in Marietta, Ga.  With so many insurance companies in the metro Atlanta area, a lot of the best business comes through referrals.  And for the metro area insurance company, strong customer recommendations – especially for preferred insurance companies – are a major factor in the success or failure of our business.

At Waggoner Insurance Agency in Marietta, Georgia, we’ve been taking care of our customers – and in return have built our business off strong referrals – since 1974.  Our customers prefer to work with a local insurance agency where they can actually come into, sit down and meet, and be known by their first name.  That’s the advantage of building a strong insurance company locally here in Marietta, Georgia.

Any one of insurance professionals can help you with the following:

  • risk assessment:  identifying events, situations, and other life scenarios that pose a financial risk to you or your family
  • risk management:  we’ll identify and determine your current methods of risk management
  • filling the gaps:  finally, we’ll be able to recommend the best insurance products you need to fill in the gaps in your currently insurance plan

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