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Partial Dentures in Atlanta, Ga

For those who have missing teeth, you can get a permanent or fixed set of partial dentures in Atlanta, Ga.. Those who have a large amount of missing teeth will need to look into partial dentures to help fill in the missing spaces.

Some individuals will need to replace their entire set of teeth with a full set of partial dentures  in Atlanta, Ga.  If you do not fall into one of the aforementioned categories, you may be a candidate for partial dentures  in Atlanta, Ga.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Unlike a full set of  partial dentures in Atlanta or a bridge, a partial set of dentures actually holds onto the plastic took, which is set into a plastic base covering the gums. Connected to the base is a retainer that clasps onto your teeth along the sides of your missing tooth.

When it comes to social acceptance, missing teeth definitely make it a little harder than most. Those who are missing teeth will feel self-conscious about the way they look and speaking to others in a public location. Not only will partials improve your confidence levels, but they will also improve your self-esteem. Missing teeth can make you look a lot older than what they truly are in really life. A partial will help to improve upon your youthful appearance and reignite that spark.

Fixed vs. Removable Partial Dentures in Atlanta, Ga.

Fixed bridges and removable partial dentures in Atlanta, Ga. fall under the same classification. Both work to replace your teeth that are missing. Unlike bridges that are fixed, partials can be removed when necessary. When you are not wearing the partial, it allows your gums to rest. If you happen to lose additional teeth, you can always add additional teeth the partial that you already have for your other teeth.

Whenever you have multiple teeth missing, it will cause problems beyond just your appearance. Your teeth that remain will end up shifting and moving into other positions. Teeth can wind up erupting and exiting their sockets, which in turn, will cause more teeth to be lost. If you have partial dentures in Atlanta put into place, it will help keep the remainder of your teeth in the appropriate places.

Missing teeth and Partial Dentures in Atlanta, Ga.

For those who have missing teeth, you can wind up with occlusion issues. Your ability to close your mouth completely can disappear. Pronunciation can become quite difficult, so people are not able to understand what it is that you are saying. Partials provide you with the ability to chew and talk without any discomfort. Your ability to eat is restored without having to worry about eating softened foods. When you have partial dentures in Atlanta in your mouth, it allows you to eat all of the foods you love without any pain or discomfort.

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