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“Personal injury cases grew 50% year over year”

Leibel Law – Attorney Steven Leibel – May 2017

“Phone calls from new patients have increased over 300%”

McRae Family Dental – Dr. Matthew McRae, Jr.

“We just had our most profitable quarter in our company’s history.”

Lewis Co. Flooring – Athens, Ga.- June 2017

“It’s fantastic to see our business in the top 3 rankings again!”

iCorrect iPhone Repair – London, England





The word is spreading.


We are proud of our reputation for doing great work for our clients. And many of them are kind enough to share their feedback and experience working with us.

law firm seo

It has been fantastic to see our name back up in the top 3 rankings again!! I’m super super happy to see the progress made in our local rankings on Google.

Ricky Panesar,
iCorrect iPhone / iOS Repair
London, England

law firm seo

The increase in our website traffic, our rankings in Google search, and our overall exposure online has been impressive. It’s clear to me that Bipper Media is at the forefront of all things digital media!

Attorney Michael D. Daniel
Partner at Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire

law firm seo

We grew our personal injury case count by 50% year over year as a result of our increased web presence… we are very excited about the work Bipper Media is doing for our law firm!

Attorney Steven Leibel
Leibel Law Offices
law firm seo

As a result of our dominant presence in Google search, our business grew so much that we were able to acquire a second taxi and car service company in the Jersey Shore market. Thank you Bipper Media for making that happen!

Brian Blanche
Exclusive Taxi Car Service
law firm seo

Bobby and the people at Bipper Media have been very responsive to our needs. They present our office with a detailed monthly accounting which allows us to continually track and analyze our marketing programs. We have found their service to be excellent.

Attorney Randy Rozek
Rozek Law Offices
law firm seo

Bipper Media has taken our online exposure to a whole new level… the traffic increase has been amazing!

Hollis Griggs
Athens Material Handling
law firm seo

Bipper Media helped us close the most profitable quarter in our company’s history with carpet cleaning & flooring jobs, all as the result of our growing presence in Google local search.

Derrick Kessler
Lewis Co Floors, Inc.

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