A new report out by Zillow shows that economists may actually be coming to an agreement in regards to the real estate market.  According to the June 2012 Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, participating economists have agreed that home prices will decline only slightly in 2012.  And get this, home prices may actually hit bottom by 2013.  I’m not quite sure what’s more amazing though, the news about home prices hitting bottom finally, or that a group of economists can agree on something!

What this means is that now, more than ever, is the time to buy your dream home, and Lawrenceville, Georgia is the place to find that dream home.  With the booming suburban growth of metro Atlanta, Lawrenceville and the greater Gwinnett County area have seen a tremendous growth in demand for homes.  People simply want to live in the best metro Atlanta neighborhoods, be close to the adjoining interstates, and have the opportunity to purchase the absolute best homes for their family.

With home prices expected to hit bottom by 2013, this means that the best deals out there in the real estate market are available right now.  Come 2013 and beyond, home prices will start to increase and those rock bottom deals will be long gone.  Accoriding Zillow, the survey, compiled from 114 responses by a diverse group of economists, real estate experts, and investment and market strategists, records expectations about the projected path of the S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index over the next five years.  Below is a graphical representation of the study.

So if you currently live in the Lawrenceville area, or you are expecting to move to metro Atlanta soon, then you need to be looking at homes for sale in Lawrenceville, Georgia and take advantage of the amazing deals you’ll find on homes.  Come 2013 and beyond, these deals might be long gone along with your opportunity to buy an amazing home in Lawrenceville at a substantially reduced price.

So what do you think about the economists prediction that the housing market will be bottoming out in 2013?  Do you think their research is substantiated?