How News Article Marketing Grew Website Traffic by 226.5% from Social Media

news article marketing

One of our clients is a personal injury law firm that specializes in brain injury cases.  I mention this particular client because they operate in a very niche market, and it helps to illustrate the news article marketing strategy discussed below.

We just completed another full month of news article marketing for this client, and I continue to be amazed at the amount of social media traffic this strategy is producing.

In fact, traffic to their website from social media grew 226.5% over the past 30 days.

And this is on top of the triple digit gains we’ve been seeing month over month.

What is news article marketing?

It might help if I first explain what news article marketing is.

News article marketing is the strategy of leveraging news from a particular geographic or demographic market in order to drive increased traffic and exposure to your business website.

It’s content marketing, news reporting, SEO, and inbound marketing all rolled up into one comprehensive strategy.

How to implement news article marketing

First, we add a blog to your business website – if you don’t already have one – as this becomes the platform upon which we publish all of your news articles.

Then, we identify the type of visitors you are wanting to attract to your website.  We call this “identifying your customer persona”, which then drives the type of news and information we publish on your blog.

An example of a customer persona might be people interested in researching injuries and accidents from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Finally, with your customer persona identified, our writers begin to research the news and information that we believe will resonate best with your audience, and we start publishing articles to your website in the form of news articles.

The Data & Analytics Strategy Behind Effective News Article Marketing

Most importantly, effective news article marketing is a data driven strategy.

As time goes on and traffic data accumulates to your website, we analyze what type of content is resonating most with your audience and driving the most traffic and exposure for your business through your website.

And based on the analysis of your traffic data, we optimize your news content strategy to capitalize on the topics that have the most momentum.

Over time, this results in an exponential growth rate of traffic to your website from visitors that match your highest quality customer persona.

How news article marketing drives increased traffic from social media

The way news article marketing increased social media traffic to our client’s website by 226.5% is by sharing each article across all of their social media profiles.

Every time a new article gets published on their blog, that article gets shared across every social media profile associated with the business.

In the case of our personal injury law firm client, that constitutes eight social media profiles.

The law firm has two office locations, which results in two Facebook pages, two Twitter profiles, two Google plus business pages, and two LinkedIn profiles.

So every time we publish a new article, that article gets shared across all eight of their social media profiles.

And since we are publishing 30 news articles per month (1 per day), this results in 240 social media posts per month (30 articles times 8 social media posts per month).

Social Media Marketing Automation

Although we use marketing automation to distribute the news article across social media profiles, the posts include the title of the article, a shortened link back to the article, and a high quality image – all of which results in a high quality social media post.

With each social media post including a link back to the news article, we are creating a large amount of doorways to lead visitors back to the client’s website.

And instead of the client having to rely on online newspapers for their advertising, since the news articles are published on the client’s own business website, their business and their brand gain 100% of the brand equity from the traffic.

More so, because of the consistency of the social media posts (eight per day / 240 per month), this results in large increases in traffic back to the client’s website.

In the example I’m sharing here from one of our clients, this resulted in a 226.5% increase in traffic from social media in the past 30 days.

Building Brand Awareness From News Article Marketing & Social Media

Beyond the traffic gains, the increased exposure in social media is also helping to build the brand awareness for this law firm in their targeted market.

Again, since the news articles are targeted to their ideal client persona (interests and geographic location).

And the more content we share across social media on a consistent basis, the more we are contributing to building the law firm’s brand in their desired market.

Compare this to running ads in a newspaper, as an example.

If you run an ad in a newspaper, or their online equivalent, you are paying for diluted equity exposure to your potential customers.

Reason being, if you run an ad in the newspaper or their online equivalent, you are sharing your ad exposure with at least one or two other advertisers.

Not to mention that all of traffic is coming to the newspaper’s publication vs. coming back to your business website.

When you implement a news article marketing campaign from your own website, your business and brand achieves 100% equity of the exposure to your audience.

Every visitor comes to your business website to read the news article, and your business is obviously the brand being exposed on each article.

So someone who visits your website to read a news article can also be compelled to learn more about your business, and the products and services you offer.

Converting customers from your news article marketing campaign

Finally, leveraging news article marketing is more than just driving increased traffic to your website from social media (although that’s a great benefit).

In order to convert visitors into customers your website needs to leverage data driven conversion strategies.

For example, on the sidebar of each news article, you can feature a free PDF download such as:

  • The Ultimate Checklist For
[your product or service]
  • 5 Ways To Maximize [your product or service]
  • Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation
  • Schedule An Appoint
  • Learn More About [your product or service]
  • As just a few examples to consider…

    Data driven conversion strategies

    Over time, as you test out different offers in the sidebar of your news articles, you’ll be accumulating valuable data that will show you which offers resonate best with your visitors.

    As you analyze and act on your conversion data, you are then empowering your business to convert more website visitors into paying customers.

    The most effective news article marketing campaigns are under-written by data analysis.

    Data analytics tell you what news topics are driving the most traffic to your website.

    Data analytics are also telling you what conversion strategies are producing the highest quality leads for your business.

    And finally, conversion metrics tell you what methods work best at converting leads into sales.

    All of this begins with the first step of figuring out how to increase high quality traffic to your website.

    And from our experience, news article marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools to achieving this goal.

    Bobby Holland
    Bobby Holland
    Founder and contributor at Bipper Media.


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