Every business nowadays has a website.  Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these business websites are nothing but “bait-less” hooks lingering in open waters.

The problem is, according to most business owners I speak to, they have no idea how to bait that hook in order to catch new customers.  I hate to use a cliche such as fishing here, but the imagery accurately described the state of websites that are owned by businesses.

So what happens to the business website after awhile – after seeing zero increase in traffic, leads, and sales?  The business owner just writes the website off and it sits there, growing ever deeper in the black hole of the web.

But great news my friends!  Your website doesn’t have to fade away into the black hole of the web… your business can actually be dominating your competition and being flooding you with new leads! 

That’s right folks.  With just a little bit of guidance, your business can be on its way to dramatically increased web traffic, more leads pouring in from your website, and of course more sales.

Here’s 10 tips I want to share with you that will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

In the comments below, please let me know if your thoughts and reactions.  Or if you have any questions, go ahead and post them and I’ll get them answered.

Here’s 10 steps to getting more customers from your website:

  1. Your website:  do you have a blog on the site?  or the ability to add additional pages?  You have to evaluate your website and make whatever changes are necessary so that you can start producing new content on your site.
  2. Start producing content:  you need to start producing content from your site, and produce new content on a regular, consistent basis.
  3. What type of content:  you have to start asking questions that your customers are asking – or start compiling questions your customers are already asking, and start answering those questions in the form of blog posts on your website.
  4. Sharing your content:  After you publish content on your website that answers questions your customers are asking, you then need to share that content throughout social media.
  5. Social Media:  The main social media outlets to share your content:  Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  6. Lead Generation:  lead generation is critically important for your business and your website and an opt-in form is the best tool for making that happen.  As you start producing content that answers your customers questions, your website is going to start getting a lot more traffic so you need to have a way that captures names and emails from visitors.
  7. Free give away, offer, access:  the free give away is usually the best method for building your list of prospects.  Find something of value – for example, a white paper or video that answers a few of your customers most frequent questions – and give it away for free from your site in exchange for people’s name and email.
  8. Video give away:  one idea for a give away that resonates well with people is a “FREE 90 second video”.  So basically, when someone visits your website, they see an offer to watch a 90 second video on “Here’s How To Know If A Car Is Overpriced” (for example).  I enter my name and email, confirm my email by clicking a confirmation link email, and I’m then taken to a page on your website where I can now watch the 90 second, highly informative video.  Again, this page is only accessible to those who enter their name and email (all of this I can help you with).
  9. Customer Database:  now that you are building your customer database of high quality leads – people who have actually taken the steps to learn more about buying a car and get some of their questions answered – you now have a high quality leads that you can follow up with on a regular basis  and lead them down the sales funnel to becoming your customer.
  10. Converting new customers:  the system I’ve described above starts with you answer your customers questions in the form of content on your website.  Your website will then be perceived as a high quality resource in Google and will start appearing in the top search results for questions your questions are already asking by turning to Google (which they are… A LOT).  By your thumbnail appearing with your website in Google, you immediately distinguish yourself in Google and capture people’s attention right away.  Then when they click thru to your website, they are now presented with free access to valuable content in exchange for their name and email, which gets added to your customer database.  And the customer reads through your article because, after all, it answers their questions.  And you gain all of that person’s trust because of your transparency  honesty, and for sharing valuable information that actually helps people (again, by answer their questions).  These are the people who are going to instantly think of you when they are ready to buy a car, and recommend you when they know someone who wants to buy a car.