If you are a local or small business, then you probably need a mobile friendly website! 

As I’m sure you know, more and more people are using their iPhone’s, iPad’s, and Android devices to search and find local businesses quickly.  In fact, by 2016, 51% of Google searches will be conducted on a mobile device.

Google reports that as many as 77% of consumers have contacted a business with their mobile phone, of which 61% called to speak to them in person.

Due to the increasing number of smart phones projected to grow at a steady rate over the next several years, consumers will be using their mobile devices more and more to contact local businesses!

In fact, the mobile phone is going to become the preferred method for finding products and services, as well as comparison price shopping.

And more and more people are simply searching for a business, product, or service and then tapping on the top Google Places page – imagine if your had a super fast mobile friendly website that connects instantly with new customers.

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Not to mention the “WOW” factor that you’ll achieve when someone sees your highly professional, crisp, clean mobile website load!  That alone will get your phone ringing…

Having a mobile friendly website that loads fast, and has amazing features such as tap to call buttons can be the difference between a new lead calling you or not.  Especially if you have a Google Places page, then having your mobile website load can dramatically increase your incoming phone calls and customers.

Check out some of the mobile websites we are building for small and local businesses below, and then contact us today to get one for your business!

Here’s some of our most recent work:

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