How This Law Firm Mobile App Is Working To Produce Leads

Mobile Marketing Strategy for Law Firms With the a strategically designed mobile app, a law firm (or any small business) can quickly increase leads, calls, and sales for their business. I wanted to share a recent success story with one of our [...]

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3 Key Features Every Mobile Website Needs

As if you haven't noticed yet, mobile phones and tablets are becoming quite popular.  In fact, by 2015 there will be more mobile devices in use than personal computers. Each time a new iPhone is released, 10's of millions of more devices are [...]

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Why You Need A Mobile Website If You Use Google Places

Most of you know about Google Places, right?  This is a free service provided by Google that allows any business with a local address to create a business listing.  Basically, with a Google Places page, your business is able to present contact information [...]

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