I probably don’t even need to tell you this, but mobile is hot… super hot in fact!

Statistics show that consumers, especially local consumers, are starting to search for products and services more from their mobile devices than from their traditional computers and laptops.

Let’s face it – smartphones and tablets like the iPad are simply replacing and disrupting traditional computer use models.

But as a small or local business owner, what does all of this mobile jibber-jabber mean to you and your business?

Especially, how can your business leverage the explosive mobile market to increase leads and phone calls into your business?

The mobile lead generation site for your business.

I would like to share one method (or experience) I’ve been having with one of our clients that is working like magic in connecting new leads to my client through the use of mobile lead generation site.

The concept is simple, actually, when you break down into bite sized pieces, so let me try to make it easy for you to see the power and benefit of this strategy:

  1. We optimize their website and exposure in Google for their most profitable keyword phrases.  Nothing fancy here – whether your customers are searching on a computer or mobile device, they are still searching using words and phrases that meet their needs.  For example, a law firm in Atlanta that specializes in brain injury cases would be most interested in targeting the keyword phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta”.  After all, they want to put themselves in front of the prospects who are searching for exactly what they offer as a business.
  2. When someone searches this phrase, or any phrase for that matter, they are going to click thru to the site that’s at the top of the search results.  Again, not much of a diversion from the regular habits people show on a regular computer.  Except on a mobile device, people are even less likely to click thru to the 2nd page of search results – so it’s even more important for mobile traffic that your business be found at the top of Google.
  3. People click on the search result.  Now here’s where the magic happens from a mobile device, and you can see a screen shot of the mobile lead generation site we are using for one of our clients.  When you build a mobile lead generation site, you can actually program into the code of your regular website a script that says, in essence, “whenever someone from a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android device, iPad, Blackberry, tablets, etc… attempts to access any page within my site, then load this mobile lead generation site instead of my regular website.”  (you can see an image of one of my client’s mobile lead generation sites below).

The magic of the mobile lead generation site

Now, once someone searches on Google from their mobile device > sees your search result at the top > then clicks thru to your site, they will see your mobile lead generation site load instead of your traditional website.

And since most local and small business searches are from people who are looking to connect or talk with someone right now, the smartest strategy I’ve seen is to integrate a “Tap To Call” button right at the top of your mobile lead generation site.  This way, when someone clicks on your search result in Google from their mobile device, the first thing they see is a “Tap To Call” button so they can call your business quickly and efficiently.

Here’s a screen shot of what loads whenever someone clicks thru to one of my client’s search results – notice the prominent “TAP TO CALL NOW >>” button:

The “TAP TO CALL NOW >>”  button is critically important for lead generation because, in most cases for local and small business, the most legitimate form of a lead or prospect is from receiving a phone call.  Whether the phone call is to place an order, inquire about a quote, or schedule an appointment – if the phone is ringing, then business is happening!

So to recap – let me break this process down into bullet point format, that way it’s easy to see the structure of what’s happening here (I can help you with all of these steps as well… so don’t hesitate to ask):

1)  Get a mobile lead generation site for your business

2)  Produce content (blog) that answers the questions your customers have about your products and services

3)  As your content drives your website into the top search results, you’ll start connecting to people who are searching in Google and clicking thru to your website

4)  With a mobile lead generation site, you can integrate a script that tells your website to load the mobile lead generation site for anyone who is clicking thru from a mobile device

5)  When the mobile site loads, the visitor needs to be presented with a “TAP TO CALL >>” type of a button.

And if you do that, you’ll be experiencing the power of mobile search and mobile lead generation for local and small business.  It’s a very untapped market and one that your business can capitalize on right now!

So what do you think?

Do you agree that mobile, and mobile search, are growing exponentially?

Do you think a mobile lead generation site would work well for your business?