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Why You Need To Launch Mobile Adwords Campaigns RIGHT NOW!

Mobile web use is exploding, in some cases more people spend more time on mobile phones than on computers.  BUT very few of your competitors realize this… and guess what that means for you?  That’s right – OPPORTUNITY!

For those of you who’ve been using Google Adwords for awhile, and are running both regular computer campaigns (targeting computers, laptops, etc…) and mobile campaigns (targeting iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry), this might not be anything new to you.  But then again, it’s only something you’d notice if you have a separate campaign for your regular computers and one for mobile, and I’m probably a bit too liberal in assuming that advertisers are splitting their campaigns as such.  But I’ve noticed a particular anomaly, one that’s showing an advantage toward mobile devices, in one of my client’s Adwords campaigns.

Let me lay the ground work by first explaining the campaign setup.  This client is targeting the metro Atlanta market only.  I’ve setup two separate campaigns:  one for regular computer devices, and one for mobile devices only.  Each campaign has a $200 budget allocated ($400 total).  And the max CPC throughout both campaigns is $7.  And oh… the exact same keyword phrases – and phrase match variations – are being used in both campaigns.  So pretty much, all things are equal throughout.

The interesting thing I’m finding is that with the mobile campaign, the average position

[Avg. Pos.] is 3.9 – but with the regular desktop campaign, the average position [Avg. Pos.] is 7.9.

Now, when I noticed this anomaly the other day, I just sort of wrote it off and didn’t give it much thought – I just looked at it and said, “hmm, that’s interesting!”

But now here I am about a week later, and with nearly an entire month of data behind the campaigns, and the trend is staying true – the campaign targeting the mobile devices is delivering substantially higher average positions than the campaigns targeting regular desktop and laptop computers.

Why do you think that is?

Here’s my theory…. I believe there’s a lot less competition on mobile devices for any given keyword phrase right now compared to the competition on regular computers.  Think about it.  When most advertisers launch an Adwords campaign, they are not separating their campaigns into a regular desktop campaign and mobile campaign.  So as it were, these advertisers would never be able to notice the different in average position for equivalently priced keyword phrases.  But for me, it’s only taken one campaign where the targeted devices are measured separately to see the substantial advantage an advertiser can gain right now in the mobile space.

Right now there is a substantial opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the lack of competition in the mobile space!

But just how big is the mobile search and content network space and is it even worth the time and effort to target?

Consider this – a great post on The Next Web has a couple of charts showing regular web traffic vs. mobile traffic.  And according to their charts (which I’ve pasted below), I see the mobile web as being bigger than the regular web at this point (mobile 23%, regular web 22%).

Here’s a chart showing the comparative amount of advertising revenue spend vs. consumer time spent:

Bipper Media

As you can see, people are spending more time on the mobile web than they are on regular computers.  And only the TV has more time spent viewing than the mobile web – pretty freakin’ amazing!

But then notice the amount of advertising spend per medium.  And looking at this chart, I believe I have all the explanation I need for why I’m seeing the anomaly on my own client’s campaigns where average positions in search results are substantially higher on mobile devices than on regular computers.

And now look at the next graph and you can see what where the future of the mobile advertising spend is going to come from – women aged 24-34:

Bipper Media

Although this chart isn’t necessarily relevant to my point in this post, it is interesting to see where the growth is coming from in mobile.  Women are embedded on their mobile phones, and are substantially more likely to purchase through their mobile device, than men.

You MUST consider mobile advertising

The point I’m ultimately trying to make here is that RIGHT NOW there is a huge opportunity for your business to take advantage of mobile advertising.  The majority of your competitors don’t even realize the relevance of mobile advertising and so they aren’t spending their money on it – they continue to dump money into the traditional computer and laptop campaigns on Adwords.

If you’d like to talk more about how you can leverage the power of mobile advertising, then give me a call at 706-363-0335 or email me at “bobby@bippermedia.com” (without quotes).

So what do you think about mobile advertising?  Have you or your business considered what you can do with mobile advertising, or how you might leverage mobile for your business?




Bobby Holland
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