Two Factors Behind Explosive Mobile Video Growth, And How To Leverage Them For Your Business

There's very few elements of the web today, if any at all, that are experiencing a more explosive growth curve than video - especially when you isolate mobile video.  Just in the past two years alone, U.S. mobile video viewers increased a whopping 77% to 36 million viewers.  This has a profound effect on every business of ever size and market.  From the smallest mom and pop store to the global corporate giants, mobile video is quickly becoming the medium to connect with new customers, increase brand awareness, and drive more traffic to websites. First, let's look at two key elements that are driving this mobile video explosion and then we'll look at how you, the business owner, can leverage this to drive more traffic to your websites and build your brand. The two main factors that have contributed to the mobile video revolution more than any other factor are 4G LTE and mobile hardware.  The 4G LTE adoption [...]

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Why You Need To Launch Mobile Adwords Campaigns RIGHT NOW!

Mobile web use is exploding, in some cases more people spend more time on mobile phones than on computers.  BUT very few of your competitors realize this... and guess what that means for you?  That's right - OPPORTUNITY! For those of you who've been using Google Adwords for awhile, and are running both regular computer campaigns (targeting computers, laptops, etc...) and mobile campaigns (targeting iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry), this might not be anything new to you.  But then again, it's only something you'd notice if you have a separate campaign for your regular computers and one for mobile, and I'm probably a bit too liberal in assuming that advertisers are splitting their campaigns as such.  But I've noticed a particular anomaly, one that's showing an advantage toward mobile devices, in one of my client's Adwords campaigns. Let me lay the ground work by first explaining the campaign setup.  This client is targeting the metro Atlanta market only.  I've setup [...]

3 Key Features Every Mobile Website Needs

As if you haven't noticed yet, mobile phones and tablets are becoming quite popular.  In fact, by 2015 there will be more mobile devices in use than personal computers. Each time a new iPhone is released, 10's of millions of more devices are released into the market place.  In Q4 alone, Apple sold over 15 million iPads and Amazon sold an estimated 6 million Kindle Fire tablets. Basically, mobile devices are huge - and growing faster than anyone can keep up with. All of this is great news for the local and small business owners as more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for local business, products, and services.  And with millions of people using their mobile device to search for businesses, it only makes sense that a business would want to have a mobile website. When it comes to a mobile website for a local and small business, there three key features that absolutely [...]

Why You Need A Mobile Website If You Use Google Places

Most of you know about Google Places, right?  This is a free service provided by Google that allows any business with a local address to create a business listing.  Basically, with a Google Places page, your business is able to present contact information to someone searching for your type of business, product, or service. The powerful thing about Google Places is that for most local search queries (i.e. "pizza in atlanta ga"), the Google Places section loads at the top of the search results even above the natural search results. Here's a screen shot so you can see what I'm talking about: As you can see, the entire top of the search results is Google Places listings.  These are all local businesses in Altanta that sell pizza. You'll get the same thing on a mobile phone like an iPhone for example: As you can see, with Google Places pages, people on mobile devices will see the map icons showing them places [...]