Enjoying Your New Minimalist Running Shoes Tip #2 – Stretching

We've been talking about all the benefits that new runners have been experiencing with their new minimalist running shoes. First, we talked about how important it was as a new runner with minimalist running shoes that you take things slow at first. One of the fastest ways to end your exciting venture with these new minimalist running shoes is to overdo yourself at first and either burn out or end up injuring yourself along the way.  So it's important that you take things slow at first. Stretching is important with new minimalist running shoes The next tip that we'd like to share about your new minimalist running shoes is to make sure you stretch adequately before each run.  This might seem obvious, I know.  And it's something that you should really be doing before each and every run regardless of what kind of running shoes you are wearing.  But with minimalist running shoes it's critically important that you make [...]

Enjoying Your New Minimalist Running Shoes Tip #1 – Taking It Slow

So you decided to make the leap forward into the future of running by purchasing your very first pair of minimalist running shoes.  This is a very exciting time for you because you've been the type of runner who's just always stuck to what you know and what's worked for you in the past, and you've probably never been much of a person to take on dramatic change - especially when it comes to your running. But when it comes to your running shoes, the traditional running shoe has recently started to feel heavy, almost like it's slowing you down a bit.  And you haven't really noticed too much change lately in the increase of your running times, or improvement in your overall strength and endurance.  These are some of the reasons you've probably made the leap into your new minimalist running shoes, and I can assure you that you aren't going to be disappointed. As a new runner [...]

How Your Posture Improves With Minimalist Running Shoes

You should know that like every other part of your body, your feet benefit from exercise.  Remember that many exercises rely on an elastic yet steady hold from your feet and legs. That’s the reason the sole designs of minimalist shoes can help you do different kinds of exercises and give you more comfort. Your feet can move surprisingly well and bend easily in minimalist shoes.  But did you know that if you use minimalist shoes that your posture will get better as well? We all know that any regular exercise will help you with your postures. A good posture will help you with many health problems in your life, especially with later in life diseases like osteoporosis.   When you wear supportive and comfortable shoes, it will help to reduce back and neck pain. One reason that people claim to have poor posture is that their back or neck hurt.  Also, minimalist shoes, with their low or zero drop heal, make sure that you [...]

Why Minimalist Shoes Are Not Just Another Fad

I overheard a couple days ago a shoe sales associate telling a customer that minimalist shoes, or toes shoes as he called them, were just a fashion fad. I really wanted to go over there and inform the misguided man that these shoes were not about fashion. But this is not the first time I have heard these accusations. Some people think that the shoes are just a fashion craze. While others believe, what I believe is actually more insidious, is that these shoes are a health fad. These people compare minimalist shoes to fad diets like Atkins that turn out to be bad for your health in the long run. But minimalist shoes, while some people may only be wearing them for fashion reasons, are really here to stay.  Discovering that traditional running shoes are hard on your feet is more like discovering that trans fats are bad for you. Making minimalist shoes is more kin to making antibiotics for viral infections. There was a problem [...]

Traditional Shoes From Around The World

I've been writing about minimalist shoes for a while now and telling you why they are better than the athletic shoes that have been on the market since the '60's. I keep calling them traditional shoes, but I think that is a misnomer. I asked my VA, who's from the Philippines, about traditional shoes in her country. Perhaps it was just a regular language issue, but her response got me to thinking about what shoes used to be like before the '60's and are still like is some countries around the world.  So I went looking for 'traditional' shoes from around the world. And what I found was that many of them have many things in common with minimalist shoes. The traditional footwear of Pakistan is khussa. People have been wearing them for centuries.  The fashion of wearing khussas remains stable all the year round. People mostly like to wear them with traditional dressings for example Kurta Shalwar and Dhoti. In Japan, geta, zori and [...]

Minimalist Running Shoes Don’t Have To Separate Your Toes!

For a long time I have been avoiding the gym and hitting the roads instead. I found that gyms were to stifling for me, so I have just made an effort to keep active in my everyday life and get out into nature. However, now that weather has started affecting my workout routine, I've returned to the gym. Before I left the gym, I rarely saw anyone wearing minimalist shoes. I guess that may have been part of the reason that I left in the first place. I got tired of people asking me about my “toe shoes.” Yesterday when I returned to the gym, I found that there were many people in the gym that were also wearing minimalist shoes. Even one of the trainers was wearing them. I got on the bike and started peddling. My neighbor, who was wearing a beautiful pair of minimalist mesh running shoes, strikes up a conversation. “You know,” she pointed to my shoes, “Those [...]

Minimalist Shoes Popping Up Everywhere

It seems that everywhere I have been going lately, I have been seeing minimalist shoes. Some places seemed to catch on a little late, but seemed perfectly normal place for them to appear, like the gym. One would expect a place that caters to fitness to eventually realize that minimalist shoes are better for your health all the way around. And then occasionally you will see them on someone that you wouldn't expect, like the old lady in the grocery store wearing a pair of VFFs. And you are starting to see them on all of the nation’s sidewalks. But today, I saw them a whole section of them in a local discount clothing store. I guess with the shoe style becoming so popular, everyone wants to get in on the action. Most shoe companies nowadays have some sort of minimalist shoe. But you really need to be careful about the minimalist shoes that you buy from mainstream traditional shoe companies. While many of these shoes [...]

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Minimalist Shoes In Developing Countries

After my foray into 'traditional' shoes around the world, I wondered how well minimalist shoes were doing in countries where true barefoot or minimalist-like traditional shoe lifestyles were being used. I looked around, but was not very surprised at my findings for the most part. But I was surprised to learn that developing countries who have a higher percentage of barefoot runners, have a lower rate of injuries. In countries were many people already go barefoot, the adoption rate of minimalist shoes is a little lower. There may be several reasons behind this trend. 1. People already run barefoot. While they know the benefit of running barefoot or minimalist, their feet are tougher from consistent barefoot use. 2. Minimalist shoes are often more expensive than running shoes and are much more expensive than going barefoot. 3. There is not as much marketing going towards these markets, so there is less awareness. But one thing seems for certain, developing countries seem [...]

How To Spot The Imposter Minimalist Shoe

With all the minimalist shoes flooding the market, how do you know what is the right one for you? Also, how can you even be sure if that shoe on the shelves is actually a true minimalist shoe? It’s easy to tell a real one from a fake when you’ve done your homework. Just because a shoe has one or two of these elements doesn’t make them minimalist either. I recently saw shoes that advertised itself as minimalist. It said that it could help improve your gait by placing the emphasis on the front and middle of your foot, which is what minimalist shoes do. However this shoe claimed to do it by placing a lot of padding underneath the arch. Minimalist shoes place the emphasis on your foot in the middle and front instead of heel by nixing the padding altogether. Your foot does this naturally. A minimalist shoe should just protect your feet from the elements, not [...]

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3 Advantages of Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist shoes are basically used for comfortable, long distance running, but you can really use them for anything. But if you are a runner, they are almost a necessity.  They are like gloves for your feet. Here are some benefits of wearing minimalist shoes: (This list is by no way exhaustive)They offer the right of protection from the elements while still allowing you the use of your feet.  This, of course, make running easier and less tiring.   These are the best shoes for running as they do not put any pressure on your heal.  Wearing minimalist shoes is equivalent to be barefoot. That is why they are more comforting for people who regularly go running.  The muscles of the body get stronger if you wear less bulk on the bottom of your feet.  The body adopts to the situation easily and gains strength. One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to have a strong muscle base. Minimalist shoes can help you [...]

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4 Exercises Where Barefoot Shoes Come In Handy

When we hear the term barefoot or minimalist running shoes we automatically think of running, right? However, minimalist running shoes aren’t just for running. They can be used in almost any exercise where you will be using your feet. Just because you aren’t a runner doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from barefoot shoes. Check out these everyday exercises that can benefit from minimalist footwear. Mall Walking: When you visit the mall, I am sure that you have seen people walking around in a hurry with athletic shoes avoiding looking at all the goodies on display in the store windows. During winter moths this activity is especially popular and free. Actually any kind of walking, whether it be on the street, beach, or in a mall can benefit from the corrective action of minimalist footwear. Dancing: Dancing is one of the most fun forms of exercise on the market today. And with the advent of popular exercise dance classes like [...]

2 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You If You Switch To Minimalist Running Shoes

When our ancestors started walking and running around to hunt and gather, they did it barefoot. As technology progressed, we learned to make footwear to protect our feet from the ground and all sorts of objects that we come across. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1960s that running specific shoes were created by a company then known as Blue Ribbon Sports (which in 1978 became Nike). Nike created a new trend for the running shoe: increase in cushioning, adding pronation control and giving it more stability and weight. The advancement in the running shoe technology led to increasingly high-tech shoes with more and more cushioning and support that may have done more harm than good. Running with full-sized shoes does increase the support and cushion to the foot, but the pain and stress is transferred elsewhere. The elevated heels and extra weight of these shoes cause most runners to heel strike (heel hitting the ground first), which causes additional [...]

A Natural Case For Minimalist Running

Kristen Coppens, columnist for A Healthier Michigan, has published an article that highlights some of the benefits to minimalist running. We talk about this topic quite a bit here, and have covered the pros and cons of minimalist running, but I like how Kristen talks about the natural benefits that unfold as a result of minimalist running. Now, a lot of people refer something called barefoot running. Which is, obviously, running with out any shoes on whatsoever.  But the reality is that the majority of people who are active in what's called barefoot running are actually running with minimalist running shoes. These are the shoes that are ultra light, ultra thin, and give you the sensation of actually running barefoot - without actually being barefoot. Some of the benefits that occur naturally for minimalist runners, as Kristen so eloquently points out, are that nerve endings are at a heightened level which causes you to run with much better posture and sloppily (love that [...]

Consistency Is Key To Minimalist Running Success

As it is with many activities, sports, and other disciplines in life, if you want to get good at it you simply have to invest the time and commitment to achieve your goals. And as anyone who knows what I'm talking about would agree, this commitment is not something that's done in the short term - it's a long term commitment to achieving success. It's no different when it comes to minimalist running, and adapting your running style to your new pair of minimalist running shoes. The debate rages on about whether or not minimalist or barefoot running shoes are a good thing or bad. Yet, statistics continue to show that the minimalist running trend continues to grow. The reason? Simple. Because the people who prove that minimalist running shoes produce better results than traditional running shoes are making their points by being committed to their running schedule, and investing the time and energy into their workouts. If these [...]

Study Shows Minimalist Running Shoes Do More Good Than Traditional Running Shoes

Minimalist Running Shoes have been getting a bad rap from some sources, saying that the traditional running shoe is the safer way to go.  But recent studies are proving otherwise. A 2010 study led by Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University, suggested traditional running shoes may do more harm than good. While more research is needed, preliminary findings theorize running barefoot could significantly reduce one’s risk for injury. Robinson said that damage to the iliotibial band is among the most common running-related injuries. The iliotibial band, more commonly known as the IT band, is the tissue that runs along the outer thigh and knee and offers stability to the knee as it moves. Injury occurs when it is overused due to consistent heel strikes while running. An argument for minimalist running shoes? The question here is, does this mean we have an argument that says minimalist running shoes are in fact more healthy for your body than traditional [...]

Strategy For Breaking In Your Minimalist Running Shoes

So you are now the new, proud owner of your first pair of minimalist running shoes and you're ready to slip em' on, lace em' up tight, and head out for your first 5 mile'r... right? Wrong! We are super excited that you are now one of the few, the proud, the committed runners who are making the switch to the minimalist running lifestyle, but there's a right way and wrong way for going about breaking yourself into your new shoes - and your new lifestyle. Let's first talk about the wrong way to go about breaking in your minimalist running shoes. 1)  Moving too fast What exactly do I mean by moving too fast?  I mean, if you've never ran in a pair of minimalist running shoes then you need to take er' slow.  Running in minimalist running shoes is much different than the traditionally thick soled running shoes that you are used to. You need to move [...]

3 Tips For The New Minimalist Runner

Minimalist running shoes are a great way for any runner to start experiencing a new level of strength, stamina, and endurance with their running.  With the popularity of minimalist running shoes taking on a whole new level, the research and development is showing that runners who use these shoes can experience substantial benefits to their overall health. When it comes to minimalist runners, especially new runners who are just now starting to explore this new world of running, there are a few things to be cautious and aware of.  Most of these would be common sense to someone who's considering purchasing minimalist running shoes, but they are important enough to cover nonetheless. 3 Tips for the New Minimalist Runner #1:  Take things slow at first As it is with nearly anything that's physically new to you as an athlete, you should always break into the "new" slowly.  This is especially true when it comes to making a switch from [...]

The Reasons for Choosing a Minimalist Running Shoe

No doubt that body structure, efficiency and skills of a runner are the most important factors of running. But, beside the above stated issues there are some other factors that affect the form or pattern of running as well. The design of running shoes is a factor that can equally affect the speed and form of running. Passionate runners always looks for shoes that makes them feel comfortable, have good support, and doesn’t have any risk of having injury for running. Minimalist running shoes, in this sense, should be the number one choice for all runners. Minimalist running shoes provides runners with the ultimate barefoot feeling. The features of minimalist shoes fit the best with dedicated runners. A minimalist shoe is always much lighter in weight compared to other typical running shoes. Due to the lighter weight of the shoe, a runner feels more comfortable while running. There is enough space in the inner side of the shoes to [...]

The Style & Fashion of Minimalist Running Shoes

I've heard many people complain that they are turned off by the style of minimalist footwear. However, I really don't understand what they are talking about. Minimalist shoes offer a broad range of styles, just like traditional shoes. Previously, we already dismissed the myth that all minimalist shoes were toe shoes. So now, we're going to dispel the myth that minimalist running shoes are ugly. First thing to remember is that not all shoes were created for every person. Just because you don't like a particular style, doesn't mean someone else won't like it. With that in mind, many minimalist shoes are designed not only to be comfortable but also appealing. Now you can be adventurous, closer to nature, and stylish. These shoes have the look that literally shouts your love for adventure. The biggest plus of minimalist shoes? You can feel the comfort that these shoes offer and how at ease your foot is when you wear them. [...]

Considering Barefoot Running Shoes? Make The Transition Slow

Barefoot Running Shoes So are you part of the growing movement of runners that are considering switching to minimalist (or barefoot) running shoes?  If so, then you are definitely in good company because the trend is growing quickly across the United States.  The logic behind making the decision to switch to minimalist running shoes (or barefoot running shoes) is driven, by most anyway, by the hopes that wearing the thin running shoes will strengthen your feet, increase positive posture while running, all while combining to turn you into a stronger, faster runner.  And by most research up to this point, all points to these claims being true. However, when someone is considering making the switch to minimalist running shoes from the traditionally thick soled running shoes that we all know, you need to keep a few things in mind.  First and foremost, you want to ensure that you don't injure yourself while making the switch to minimalist running shoes. [...]

Toe Shoes vs Minimalist Shoes

I know plenty of people that can't stand flipflops because something sitting between their toes is irritating. So the thought of a athletic shoe with separate slots for each toe repulses them. They refuse to try minimalist running shoes because minimalist, in their minds, is synonymous toe shoes. “Why on Earth, even despite all the benefits, would I ever wear a shoe that separates all of my toes when I can't even stand a flipflop?” I even asked this question myself when I discovered barefoot running shoes. I can wear flipflops without cringing, but the thought of individually nestled toes was not appealing. Well, the answer isn't in giving more benefits or telling people that you just get used to it. The answer is in the definition. Minimalist doesn't mean your toes have to be separated. You can have all the benefits of minimalist footwear without having to put something between your toes. Minimalist shoes like the Osma by [...]

Your First Pair of Minimalist Running Shoes

When you get your first pair of minimalist shoes, you may want to just throw them on and go for a 10 mile run. But before you go full swing, follow these few simple steps to ensure that your experience will be the best possible. The first thing to keep in mind is the length of time you wear the shoes initially.  Just like you should do with any new running shoes, your work outs must be established slowly. Before you attempt to use them for a long period, you should initially use the Feelmax minimalist shoes for short periods so the foot can become comfortable with the different level of support. Your feet have been stuck in an unnatural position in modern shoes most of their lives. Change, even good change, can be a hard at first. Don't overtax your feet. Second, when you try on your shoes, try to notice the difference. Take note of the positioning and actions of your feet in [...]

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Minimalist Running Shoes – The New Trend In Barefoot Running

The New Trend in Running Shoes Minimalist running shoes are the new catching trend among avid runners. These specialty shoes help reduce the risk of chronic injuries secondary to the repetitive motion from running in the traditionally thick padded shoes that most of us are used to. The "minimalist running shoe" trend is growing so much that marathon runners are now embracing these barefoot running shoes to decrease the unnecessary stress upon the heals and balls of their feet from prolonged running. Why Make The Switch? There are multiple reasons for switching to minimalist running shoes. For example, these shoes create a more efficient stride that in effect improves a runner's speed, running form, and helps to reduce overall injuries. Wearing these barefoot shoes can help strengthen the muscles of your feet, your ankles, and legs to help support your body when you run. The collective strengthening of these muscles encourages more balance and untapped strength. Also, the efficiency [...]

Naked Foot 5k Sheds More Light on Barefoot & Minimalist Running

One of the more striking features of the demographic that makes up this year's Naked Foot 5k run in Maryland's Meadowbrook Park is the presence of runners who have since given up running because of injuries. However, because of the emergence (and attention) being brought on by barefoot and minimalist runners - and the growing evidence that it does in fact help you become a stronger runner - more runners are showing up at these barefoot running events wearing nothing on their feet at all, or wearing a pair of minimalist running shoes. According to racing officials, over 450 runners joined in the Naked Foot 5k to experience the fun and joy of running barefoot, or gaining the same experience with barefoot running shoes. And as amazing as it is, these runners showed up because most of them have been unable to battle through injuries they incurred 10 or 20 years ago. Here are some comments made by those [...]

Minimalist Runners vs. Traditional Runners, The Debate Rages

There's no question that the minimalist running movement is picking up steam.  Nearly ever week I'm able to find numerous articles throughout the United States that talks about how more and more runners are starting to make the switch to the minimalist running lifestyle. For the avid runner, the biggest draw (from what I've been reading) has been the possibility that minimalist running will elevate the runner to a new level.  Lot's of runners get to a point where they hit a plateau, a point where they don't feel like they are advancing or improving in their running.  Every runner strives to go further, faster, and feel stronger or more in shape.  And when someone who's been running for a while gets to that point, they are more likely to start searching out answers or remedies to help them break through. For many of these runners, the minimalist running shoe has been the answer. Why?  You ask... Well, you [...]

Minimalist Running Shoes: A Success Story In The Making

For Shelley Noland, a runner who's logged 14 marathons to date, is fully convinced of the fact that minimalist running shoes are the fix she's been looking for in her running.  You see, 34 year old Noland consistently puts in 50 - 60 miles a week in her running routine and by all sense of the term, she is an avid marathoner with 14 current marathons under her belt. But Noland hit a wall in her running, a plateau if you will, as she started to experience constant knee related problems.  The problems with her knees continued unresolved until one day she decided to try out the new minimalist running shoes she's been hearing so much about.  Over the next 2 months, Noland re-learned her technique in running.  Because minimalist running shoes are so thin and light, it requires any runner to slowly adopt the new style. The switch, however, has been a game changer to Noland.  "Before, I [...]

Minimalist Running Revolution Is Showing Up In Atlanta

Whatever the cause may be, there is certainly no denying the fact that across the great city of Atlanta, minimalist runners - and pure form barefoot runners - are showing up more and more often in everything from 5K's to marathons. Atlanta's 11Alive Julie Wolfe caught up with a runner in Atlanta who is adopting the new minimalist running lifestyle.  Woody Dover, who was getting ready for his running in downtown Decatur when Wolfe finally caught up with him, says that "I'm sure I get some crazy looks, but I really don't pay attention", referencing the fact that he's running barefoot this particular morning. Perhaps as a result of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen, the book that takes you deep into a Mexican tribe made up of ultra marathoner's who run with none, or minimal, shoes on their feet, or perhaps by a small group of runners who [...]

Minimalist Running Shoes Will Actually Help Strengthen Your Feet

This whole minimalist running movement doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  As more and more people are inquiring about the benefits to barefoot running, and people are buying up minimalist running shoes, this is causing researchers to start taking a deeper look into the world of barefoot running.  Or as it's sometimes referred to, minimalist running. Paul Gough, from The Northern Echo has made his conclusion, as many before him are making, that barefoot (or minimalist) running does indeed have its benefits.  The main benefits that you'll gain from barefoot running appear to be endless, according to Gough - less pressure on the knees, learn to run properly and efficiently, improve your balance and even save money on replacing shoes every six months to name but a few. Think of it like this.  If you walked around all the time with a knee brace on your leg, when you removed that brace your knee would be very [...]

Barefoot Running Business Is Booming

When it comes to the barefoot running business, according to Colin McKean, the manager of Run Away shoes in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, business is booming.  That's right folks, and you thought barefoot running was just a fad! But let's define, quickly, what we are referring to when we say barefoot running.  We are not actually talking about someone stripping their feet completely of socks and shoes.  Oh no, that we be too pre-historic of us.  What's meant by the barefoot running business is the type of shoe that runners are purchasing.  Barefoot running shoes, that McKean sees flying off his shelves are those that are super thin, super light, and designed to allow the runner to, as the supporters of minimalist running would put it, strengthen their feet by running closer to barefoot. Even though some shoe store owners like McKean are seeing 20 or more customers a week coming in to purchase barefoot running shoes, not everyone in the foot [...]

Minimalist Running At It’s Best

You are the type that's been running with regular, thick cushioned sole running shoes forever, but you wanted to start getting more out of your running experience.  You've heard a lot about the new trend in barefoot running and also minimalist running.  Barefoot running seemed a bit too extreme for you, so you opted instead to look into the world of minimalist running. You are ready to get out on the road and start building your up to a strong minimalist runner... but you haven't yet decided what the best minimalist running shoe is - yet that is! As someone who's interested in minimalist running, you need a shoe that obviously has a very thin sole.  You also need a running shoe that's extremely light and versatile.  After all, these are the attributes that have made you weary of the traditional running shoe and what caused you to learn more toward a minimalist running lifestyle - right? One of [...]

The Secret To Stronger Feet Revealed! Expert Audio Interview (Listen Here)

Listen Here >> Stronger Feet / Barefoot Running Shoes And the barefoot movement rolls on... in fact the barefoot movement is picking up so much speed that Dr's. are now starting to conduct in-depth research to better understand the pros and cons of barefoot walking and running.  But even though the barefoot movement is picking up steam worldwide, there's a large segment of this movement that's interested in barefoot running shoes, or minimalist running shoes - those who want to the full barefoot experience without... well... being 100% barefoot. But are there really benefits to barefoot running shoes? For those of you who are just getting started in the barefoot movement, especially barefoot running, then the best advice for you is to take it slow at first.  Barefoot, or minimalist running, is something that must be gradually adopted - especially if you are overweight or otherwise not used to exercising.  But for those who are out there running, walking, [...]

3 Reasons To Consider The Minimalist Running Shoes

A great debate is forming as to whether or not minimalist running shoes are healthy for runners.  This article will highlight three reasons as to why minimalist running shoes may, after all, be the best option for developing a more natural running form. Over the past several years, there's been a shifting paradigm in the world of runners from a traditional running shoe model to a minimalist running shoe.  Minimalist running shoes, if you aren't aware of them, are thin, lightweight, running shoes designed to let the runner feel the ground underneath their feet. And basically, those who are making the switch to minimalist running shoes are doing so under the belief that there are more benefits to running with these thin, minimalist shoes than their are using the old, heavily cushioned running shoes that we're all used to. There is certainly no shortage of arguments that take a stance against minimalist running shoes.  Most people who are against [...]

Minimalist Running Tips: How To Improve Form & Effectiveness (Video)

This is a sponsored post by GiftsFromFinland.com, a Feelmax retailer and distributor for minimalist running shoes, and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. If you are into the minimalist running movement, as millions of runners are these days, then you may be wondering what are some ways you can actually improve your form and technique while growing your minimalist running skills. Having proper for and technique with minimalist running is critically important because 1)  you want to do everything you can to avoid injury, and 2)  proper form and technique will help you improve your overall minimalist running skills. If you are just getting started with minimalist running, then we found a great video for you to watch to help you focus on some fundamental techniques that will help you adapt to the minimalist form factor in a more efficient manner. This minimalist running tips video covers some basic minimalist running techniques, tips, and pointers to help you improve your minimalist [...]

Why Minimalist Running? Because Less Is More!

This is a sponsored post by GiftsFromFinland.com, a Feelmax retailer and distributor for minimalist running shoes, and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. The running world is changing, literally right before our eyes.  With runners making a move toward the minimalist running lifestyle, there is a fundamental shift taking place in the theory and composition of how runners think and feel about what is the best way to naturally run.   A lot of the shift toward the minimalist running lifestyle can actually be attributed to high profile runners who actually compete against other runners. These athletes are always on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive edge against other runners, and minimalist training may be one of the ways to achieve this edge. One such athlete is 100 mile ultra-marathon runner Anton Krupicka who competes regularly in these long runs, and wins a lot of them. So for Krupicka, finding a way to naturally enhance his [...]