Minimalist Running Tips: How To Improve Form & Effectiveness (Video)

This is a sponsored post by, a Feelmax retailer and distributor for minimalist running shoes, and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. If you are into the minimalist running movement, as millions of runners are these days, then you may be wondering what are some ways you can actually improve your form and technique while growing your minimalist running skills. Having proper for and technique with minimalist running is critically important because 1)  you want to do everything you can to avoid injury, and 2)  proper form and technique will help you improve your overall minimalist running skills. If you are just getting started with minimalist running, then we found a great video for you to watch to help you focus on some fundamental techniques that will help you adapt to the minimalist form factor in a more efficient manner. This minimalist running tips video covers some basic minimalist running techniques, tips, and pointers to help you improve your minimalist [...]

Why Minimalist Running? Because Less Is More!

This is a sponsored post by, a Feelmax retailer and distributor for minimalist running shoes, and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. The running world is changing, literally right before our eyes.  With runners making a move toward the minimalist running lifestyle, there is a fundamental shift taking place in the theory and composition of how runners think and feel about what is the best way to naturally run.   A lot of the shift toward the minimalist running lifestyle can actually be attributed to high profile runners who actually compete against other runners. These athletes are always on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive edge against other runners, and minimalist training may be one of the ways to achieve this edge. One such athlete is 100 mile ultra-marathon runner Anton Krupicka who competes regularly in these long runs, and wins a lot of them. So for Krupicka, finding a way to naturally enhance his [...]

Pre Order The Feelmax Osma Sports Shoe For Barefoot & Minimalist Runners

Pre order Osma by Feelmax If you haven't noticed yet, Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up (actually, it's getting down right hot here in the South), and people are itching to get outdoors for some fun springtime activities.  It's always around this time of the year when runners, hikers, walkers, and other sporty types are bursting at the seems to get outdoors and take in the beautiful spring weather. In a lot of ways, I've always thought of Spring, with all the new colors of the flowers, plants and trees - as more beautiful than the fall season... but that's just me. Osma Shoe by Feelmax:  Minimalist & Barefoot Runner's Delight Along with the Spring time excitement comes the people who have been, or are just getting into the minimalist or barefoot running movement. Some people simply want to feel the ground under their feet when they are walking, running, or hiking. And for [...]