Enjoying Your New Minimalist Running Shoes Tip #1 – Taking It Slow

So you decided to make the leap forward into the future of running by purchasing your very first pair of minimalist running shoes.  This is a very exciting time for you because you've been the type of runner who's just always stuck to what you know and what's worked for you in the past, and you've probably never been much of a person to take on dramatic change - especially when it comes to your running. But when it comes to your running shoes, the traditional running shoe has recently started to feel heavy, almost like it's slowing you down a bit.  And you haven't really noticed too much change lately in the increase of your running times, or improvement in your overall strength and endurance.  These are some of the reasons you've probably made the leap into your new minimalist running shoes, and I can assure you that you aren't going to be disappointed. As a new runner [...]

Strategy For Breaking In Your Minimalist Running Shoes

So you are now the new, proud owner of your first pair of minimalist running shoes and you're ready to slip em' on, lace em' up tight, and head out for your first 5 mile'r... right? Wrong! We are super excited that you are now one of the few, the proud, the committed runners who are making the switch to the minimalist running lifestyle, but there's a right way and wrong way for going about breaking yourself into your new shoes - and your new lifestyle. Let's first talk about the wrong way to go about breaking in your minimalist running shoes. 1)  Moving too fast What exactly do I mean by moving too fast?  I mean, if you've never ran in a pair of minimalist running shoes then you need to take er' slow.  Running in minimalist running shoes is much different than the traditionally thick soled running shoes that you are used to. You need to move [...]

Minimalist Runners vs. Traditional Runners, The Debate Rages

There's no question that the minimalist running movement is picking up steam.  Nearly ever week I'm able to find numerous articles throughout the United States that talks about how more and more runners are starting to make the switch to the minimalist running lifestyle. For the avid runner, the biggest draw (from what I've been reading) has been the possibility that minimalist running will elevate the runner to a new level.  Lot's of runners get to a point where they hit a plateau, a point where they don't feel like they are advancing or improving in their running.  Every runner strives to go further, faster, and feel stronger or more in shape.  And when someone who's been running for a while gets to that point, they are more likely to start searching out answers or remedies to help them break through. For many of these runners, the minimalist running shoe has been the answer. Why?  You ask... Well, you [...]

Minimalist Running Revolution Is Showing Up In Atlanta

Whatever the cause may be, there is certainly no denying the fact that across the great city of Atlanta, minimalist runners - and pure form barefoot runners - are showing up more and more often in everything from 5K's to marathons. Atlanta's 11Alive Julie Wolfe caught up with a runner in Atlanta who is adopting the new minimalist running lifestyle.  Woody Dover, who was getting ready for his running in downtown Decatur when Wolfe finally caught up with him, says that "I'm sure I get some crazy looks, but I really don't pay attention", referencing the fact that he's running barefoot this particular morning. Perhaps as a result of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen, the book that takes you deep into a Mexican tribe made up of ultra marathoner's who run with none, or minimal, shoes on their feet, or perhaps by a small group of runners who [...]

Minimalist Running Shoes Will Actually Help Strengthen Your Feet

This whole minimalist running movement doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  As more and more people are inquiring about the benefits to barefoot running, and people are buying up minimalist running shoes, this is causing researchers to start taking a deeper look into the world of barefoot running.  Or as it's sometimes referred to, minimalist running. Paul Gough, from The Northern Echo has made his conclusion, as many before him are making, that barefoot (or minimalist) running does indeed have its benefits.  The main benefits that you'll gain from barefoot running appear to be endless, according to Gough - less pressure on the knees, learn to run properly and efficiently, improve your balance and even save money on replacing shoes every six months to name but a few. Think of it like this.  If you walked around all the time with a knee brace on your leg, when you removed that brace your knee would be very [...]

Warning! 3 Mistakes Every Minimalist Runner Needs To Avoid

The minimalist running movementis taking off like a bandit.  People everywhere are getting curious about this new thing called "minimalist running".  Along with their curiosity for minimalist running comes the common questions like what are the best minimalist running shoes, and where can I buy the best minimalist running shoes?  and mostly, what are the benefits to minimalist running? These are all great questions, and certainly ones that every new minimalist runner is going to ask as they explore this new realm of running.   But along with all the questions that are common to new-comers with minimalist running, there are few tips that we can share to help you avoid some critical mistakes.  These tips can help you make the most of your new adventure in minimalist running. 3 Mistakes Every Minimalist Runner Should Avoid 1)  Starting out too fast Probably the most common mistake every new minimalist runner makes is starting out too fast.  Minimalist running shoes [...]

Minimalist Running Tips: How To Improve Form & Effectiveness (Video)

This is a sponsored post by GiftsFromFinland.com, a Feelmax retailer and distributor for minimalist running shoes, and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. If you are into the minimalist running movement, as millions of runners are these days, then you may be wondering what are some ways you can actually improve your form and technique while growing your minimalist running skills. Having proper for and technique with minimalist running is critically important because 1)  you want to do everything you can to avoid injury, and 2)  proper form and technique will help you improve your overall minimalist running skills. If you are just getting started with minimalist running, then we found a great video for you to watch to help you focus on some fundamental techniques that will help you adapt to the minimalist form factor in a more efficient manner. This minimalist running tips video covers some basic minimalist running techniques, tips, and pointers to help you improve your minimalist [...]

Why Minimalist Running? Because Less Is More!

This is a sponsored post by GiftsFromFinland.com, a Feelmax retailer and distributor for minimalist running shoes, and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. The running world is changing, literally right before our eyes.  With runners making a move toward the minimalist running lifestyle, there is a fundamental shift taking place in the theory and composition of how runners think and feel about what is the best way to naturally run.   A lot of the shift toward the minimalist running lifestyle can actually be attributed to high profile runners who actually compete against other runners. These athletes are always on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive edge against other runners, and minimalist training may be one of the ways to achieve this edge. One such athlete is 100 mile ultra-marathon runner Anton Krupicka who competes regularly in these long runs, and wins a lot of them. So for Krupicka, finding a way to naturally enhance his [...]

Pre Order Feelmax Kuuva Boots Now, The Ultimate Minimalist Hiking Boot Available

Some people who love to hike prefer to find ways to have the most "natural" experience possible while on the trail.  Whether it's hiking on a beginner's level trail, or something more advanced, some hikers prefer to wear a minimalist hiking boot to get the most out of feeling the ground beneath their feet. When it comes to minimalist (barefoot) hiking boots, the Kuuva boot from Feelmax leads the charge in a fast growing market of enthusiastic minimalists.  The new Kuuva boot from Feelmax comes with a NatuRun outsole that's only 2.3mm thick allowing for the best, most realistic barefoot feeling. But don't think for a minute that the Kuuva boot isn't only being used by hikers alone.  Runners who are into the minimalist shoe type, and who also live in areas like the far north where weather conditions can be downright chilly, have found the Kuuva Feelmax boot to be most adaptive to their running style in cold [...]