Trails That Have Never Been Hiked in Minimalist Boots

So, you've really broken in your minimalist boots. Your feet are used to the new gait and you've even tried a few strenuous, multi-day trails. But now you really want to do something that has never been tried before. You want to go somewhere that no man has ever gone before. And since the moon has been taken, there are still a few places on earth where no man has ever hiked. Seriously! Mount Kailash - This is a holy mountain in Tibet. The reason that this path hasn’t been touched is not because it is impossible, but because it is considered consecrated ground and unfit for humans to travel. Probably not a great place to go if you value international relations, but the 32 mile path that goes around it may be an option for you. The Ring of Fire - If you’re a geography buff or remember your high school class, you may know about this area of the earth. The ring of fire is a [...]

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Kuuva: Minimalist Hiking Boots With Style

The trend of minimalist hiking boots is directly linked to the changing requirements of hikers. They want a comfortable feeling along with safety and pleasure associated with hiking. This has led to the introduction of minimalist shoes that are very comfortable, extraordinarily light weight and supporting for longer running and hiking. These are quite different from everyday shoes and are specially designed for the purpose they serve. Minimalist hiking boots have a very thin sole. This gives a feeling of barefoot walking and the wearer is able to feel each and every part of land he moves on. They are usually loose and large sized to support the easy movement and expansion of feet. There are many good brands serving this market and Feelmax is one of them. They have a special minimalist hiking boot that is known as Kuuva. Many of the users find it the best minimalist hiking boot option that is top class in quality and [...]

Minimalist Hiking Boots, Getting Back To Nature

What is it about hiking that exhilarates you and makes you want to get back out onto the hiking trail?  Is it the fresh air that you find only in the mountains or deep in the woods? Is it the refreshing brisk walk that you get from being on the trail?  Or perhaps it's the quiet peace that you find when you are isolated from all the noise in the world. Whatever it is, for the avid hiker, the trail is always beckoning you back. That is becoming a picture that is commonly found among minimalist hikers as well - that beckoning back to a deeper level of experience while hiking, and becoming closer to nature while hiking. It's something that is difficult to attain while wearing the traditional hiking boot, mostly due to their  thick soles and heavy weight. Minimalist hiking boots are a trend that's growing among both hikers and inclement weather runners, i.e. those who run in [...]

More Is Less With Minimalist Hiking Boots

You've heard the saying before right... that less is more?  It's a saying that finds it's way into many facets of our lives and tells a tale of how doing less, having less, or producing less ends up netting us more. This same cute little saying can be applied to the new trend of minimalist hiking.  And more specifically, to the experience of hiking in minimalist hiking boots. So to bring it all together in one phrase, less is proving to be more when it comes to minimalist hiking boots! What does mean exactly, and how is "less actually more" when it comes to minimalist hiking boots? Great question. With a great pair of minimalist hiking boots, like the Kuuva from Feelmax, you actually will get a lot more out of your hike than you would with a pair of traditional hiking boots. First, minimalist hiking boots will allow you to experience more of mother-nature while hiking.  Because the [...]

Making The Most Of Your Minimalist Hiking Boots

Minimalist hikers are the type of the people who are really looking to get more out of their experience on the trail.  Because the minimalist hiker prefers to be "more in touch" with the earth beneath their feet, and because they are looking to find more enjoyment, satisfaction, and exhilaration from their hiking experience, more than likely they are always trying to find better ways to have a more enjoyable hiking experience. The ultra thin soles of the minimalist hiking boot allows the hiker to experience more of the ground beneath their feet, giving them a sensation they are almost walking barefoot on the trail.  Yet with a high quality minimalist hiking boot like the Kuuva from Feelmax, you'll not only get the sensation of barefoot hiking, but you'll also have more protection and stability. Making the most of your minimalist hiking boots means your hiking boots have to be able to deliver at all levels.  They must have a [...]

Why Barefoot Hikers Should Consider Minimalist Hiking Boots

As an avid hiker, I love nothing more than to get out into the woods and out on the trail to experience the great outdoors.  I love the sensation of becoming one with nature.  It's like going back to the roots of my humanity and finding peace and serenity among the craziness of life.  I'm especially find of early morning hikes when the dew from the ground may just be lifting up beyond the tree tops and there is still moist dew covering the foliage.  The world seems so quite during these times and during these hikes. The other day when I was out hiking with some friends, I discovered that one of my buddies was actually going barefoot for our hike.  I thought that was pretty interesting and so I inquired as to what he was thinking - why did he decide to go barefoot for this hike?  He said he wanted to experience the earth at a [...]

Extreme Hiking: The Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota

Soles in Touch with Nature is their moto, and getting out on the trail to do some barefoot hiking is what this group is all about.  The Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota take the concept of minimalist hiking to the extreme - they actually hit the trails 100% barefoot.  That's right, they are a hiking group that wears absolutely no shoes whatsoever. Soles in Touch with Nature (visit their website), currently have 43 members where about 25% of them show up each month for their 3 mile hikes.  And the group seems to pride themselves on the fact that they aren't wearing any shoes, not even the hot new minimalist hiking boots. "People usually have one of two reactions when they hear about us," said coordinator Jim Guttmann, an engineering manager from Lakeville. "That sounds cool, or that sounds weird. But being able to feel the ground beneath you adds another sensory dimension to the hike." What if you're a literal tenderfoot? "Folks [...]

4 Tips For Minimalist Hikers

When it comes to avid hikers, getting out into the open air, coming closer to nature, and being more in touch with the environment are some of the most important attributes.  But for those of you who are looking to get even more in touch with nature, and have a closer experience with the earth as you hike, then minimalist hiking might be what you are looking for. Minimalist hiking, sometimes referred to as barefoot hiking, is when the hiker opts for hiking boots that are substantially thinner and lighter than the heavy duty traditional hiking boots.  High quality minimalist hiking boots will, like the Kuuva by Feelmax, will be tough, durable, made from super high quality material, and will even keep the hiker's feet warm during cold, inclement weather. When it comes to heading out on the trail with your new minimalist hiking boots, there are some things you'll want to keep in mind.  Below I'll share 4 [...]

Discover The Excitement Of Minimalist Hiking

One of the most fundamental elements that are causing millions of people to switch to minimalist hiking is the fact that they want to have a more natural experience with the earth. And by "more natural" I mean feeling more of the earth beneath their feet and enjoying the benefits of hiking and exploring with an ultra thin hiking boot. When you talk to people who are making the switch from traditional hiking boots to the minimalist hiking boot, or if you watch videos of minimalist hikers, you'll soon discover that these people are ready to enjoy hiking at  whole new level. Some people decide to venture out by completely by-passing the minimalist hiking boot and going straight into barefoot hiking. But I really see barefoot hiking as an extreme, and something that even the most avid and experienced hiker might not find very enjoyable. And getting your feet strengthened, and your skin toughened up enough to truly enjoy [...]