Minimalist Hiking Boots, Getting Back To Nature

What is it about hiking that exhilarates you and makes you want to get back out onto the hiking trail?  Is it the fresh air that you find only in the mountains or deep in the woods? Is it the refreshing brisk walk that you get from being on the trail?  Or perhaps it's the quiet peace that you find when you are isolated from all the noise in the world. Whatever it is, for the avid hiker, the trail is always beckoning you back. That is becoming a picture that is commonly found among minimalist hikers as well - that beckoning back to a deeper level of experience while hiking, and becoming closer to nature while hiking. It's something that is difficult to attain while wearing the traditional hiking boot, mostly due to their  thick soles and heavy weight. Minimalist hiking boots are a trend that's growing among both hikers and inclement weather runners, i.e. those who run in [...]

3 Tips For The Minimalist Hiker

Minimalist hiking, or as some people refer to it "barefoot hiking", is a the latest trend with hikers that are wanting to get back to nature and have a deeper experience while out on the trail.  The minimalist hiker is probably the sort that has grown tired and weary of the traditional thick sole of the regular hiking boot.  Or perhaps it's the heavy, sluggish feeling that most hiking boots are associated with.  Whatever it is, the minimalist hiker wants to experience more of the earth as they are on the trail. If you are thinking about transitioning into the minimalist hiking world, or you are just getting started with minimalist hiking, then here's three tips that may help you have a better, more enjoyable minimalist hiking experience! #1:  Start out slow You've heard all the advice before probably from your family and friends.  As soon as they hear you are going to switch over to the minimalist hiking [...]

Minimalist Hiking Boots, What To Consider When Buying!

Thinking about purchasing a new pair of minimalist hiking boots?  Whether you're a long time hiker or someone just starting out, here are some times when making the decision on purchasing minimalist hiking boots! Minimalist hiking boots are a great way for anyone that's wanting a more "barefoot hiking" experience.  Minimalist hiking boots can be the perfect way for you to dive head first into the barefoot hiking movement without having to physically go without hiking boots.  But when it comes to purchasing your new pair of minimalist hiking boots, consider these points first. #1:  Running in minimalist hiking boots I know, it sounds strange, but a big reason that people purchase minimalist hiking boots is for running during the winter months.  When the weather gets all snowy, cold, and blustery, it can be a serious road block to your running schedule.  That's where a great pair of minimalist hiking boots, like the Kuuva by Feelmax, comes in handy [...]