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Michael D. Barber P.C.

Michael D. Barber P.C.

Dunwoody, GA 30338


Michael D. Barber P.C.

Attorney Michael’s training as both a prosecutor and defense attorney gives him the ability to interpret what the other side is considering and thinking in regards to a client’s case. Working for his family law firm in Dunwoody, Georgia familiarized Michael with Debt Collection, Contracts and Agreements, Family Law and Real Estate. Making a foray into criminal law with the City of Atlanta Municipal Court led to his criminal experience including traffic, DUI and drug-related cases.

Michael was invited by other county prosecutors to be a guest instructor for DUI courses at both the Georgia Public Safety and Training Center and county locations. He also had the opportunity to design and teach a class at the Atlanta Police Department Training Center, and assisted in redesigning the current DUI court system with the City of Atlanta Municipal Court. His training at the Georgia Public Safety and Training Center (GPSTC, the same training center where State Troopers receive their training and where all police officers supplement their training) helped Michael learn what both the police and State Troopers learn to make their DUI cases.

After returning to defense work, Michael continues to help those in need. His range of skills in Debt Collection, for instance, goes from defending the unjustly accused to representing major lending corporations. His Real Estate expertise involves not just contract, lease and eviction problems but also evaluating map and plat documents as well as closing issues. He has had the opportunity to operate in Family Law as both a plaintiff and defense attorney, as well as working on Child Legitimation and adoption cases.

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Michael D. Barber P.C.
1842 Independence Square D
Dunwoody, GA 30338
(404) 465-2977

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Michael D. Barber P.C.

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