So I just left the LinkedIn seminar on campus (University of Georgia), and want to first give a big shout out to Andrew Cain who did a great job presenting.

Since it was a LinkedIn seminar, I of course dove head first into my LinkedIn profile and started tweaking everything.  Proof-reading, rearranging things, and of course sending out about 10 million new connection requests… you know, the standard.

One thing I found myself drawn to was the feature where you can actually upload documents, videos, images, etc… to sections of your LinkedIn profile.

I’m not sure if this is a new feature, or if you’ve always been able to do it.  But one thing’s for sure with me, tonight I made the connection of what the possibilities are with this feature.

Adding your resume to your LinkedIn profile AND in Google search

If you’ve ever looked at my profile, and the majority of other’s as well, you’ll notice that the “Summary” section is the first thing you see underneath the headline area.  In the “Summary” section, I realized I could now add / upload a document.

But when I clicked the link, I saw that the upload could only be from a  URL (a published web page) – which means you can really only add the link to a document.  Since I could only add a link, I had to find a way to get my resume published to the web as an actual web page.

Enter Google Docs!

Google Docs actually makes this process a breeze.  In fact, I built my resume in Google Docs so I didn’t even have to import a Word document or PDF into Google Docs – it was already there.  If you didn’t build your resume in Google Docs, then you can simply import to Google Docs then get the link from there.

Alternatively, there’s a way to use DropBox to get a published link to your document.

The way to publish your resume in Google Docs is simple – open your Google doc > click File > Publish as a webpage.  You will then be provided a URL where your resume will be published on the web.

You can now add that URL as a link to your LinkedIn profile under the “Summary” section in that neat little “add a link” section.

In order to add your published resume to your LinkedIn profile, follow these simple steps:

LinkedIn profile > edit profile > in the top right of the “Summary” section, click the box with the plus sign > paste the link to your published resume in the box provided > now save your profile.

That’s it!

Your resume is now in Google search as well

One of the side benefits to this whole process is that your resume is now a published document that’s being crawled and indexed by Google.

This means, your resume is searchable (discoverable) in Google search.

So maybe, just maybe, you can connect with someone (an employer) who’s looking for someone with your skills.