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    Annual fee: $3500 for an 8 week local SEO consulting agreement.

    You are entering into an agreement between you (the client) and Bipper Media, LLC. (the company) for the purposes of receiving our 8 week local SEO consulting program for your business.

    The amount of $3500 will be charged upon checkout. You will receive a payment confirmation receipt for your records each month.

    Additional Costs

    You agree to cover the costs of additional platforms needed or recommended by Bipper Media for your local SEO campaign. There will be recommendations for citation distribution platforms, and other possible 3rd party tools, to help enhance your local SEO campaign - the costs of these platforms will be covered by the client..

    Once your payment is received, Bipper Media will contact you directly via the email and / or phone # provided in order to begin the setup process.

    Thank you again, and we are excited to get started on your local SEO campaign! If you have any questions, please call us directly at 706-363-0335 or email us at [email protected]


    You can cancel your local SEO consulting program at any time during the 8 week period. In order to cancel your subscription, call 706-363-0335 or email your request to [email protected]


    There are no refunds on the services provided. If you cancel in the middle of the 8 week consulting period, your services will continue until the end of the term, or we will stop immediately working on your project at your request.

    You, the business, retain ownership of all associated website properties such as your Google Business Page, website, domain name, etc...
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