How Can Guest Posting Help Your Business?

Guest Posting February 26 2024

Every business wants to get more exposure and gain new customers. Business owners try various strategies to achieve those objectives. Guest posting helps with both of those objectives. Writing content on other people’s sites leads to more traffic and revenue.

However, some guest posts perform better than others. Some have a small impact, while others can transform your business.

We’ll discuss how guest posting can improve your digital marketing strategy.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the act of contributing an article to someone else’s blog. It’s the digital equivalent of getting a byline in a magazine. Your article gets put in front of readers.

Most guest posting sites don’t pay their contributors. Money doesn’t draw business owners as much as the extra visibility.

Guest Posting Builds Your Backlinks

Backlinks form the backbone of any robust SEO strategy. Backlinks are web pages that link back to your website.

Some people used to buy backlinks to artificially inflate their rankings. Google put an end to the practice over a decade ago. However, that era demonstrated how far people would go to acquire backlinks.

Guest posting provides an ethical way to build healthy backlinks. These links will improve your website’s SEO rankings. You’ll appear ahead of competitors for targeted keywords.

Guest blogging increases your likelihood of landing on Google’s first page. Businesses covet this positioning for their targeted keywords. Ideal placement can lead to thousands of monthly visitors.

Guest Posting Puts You In Front Of Your Audience

Guest posting also provides an immediate impact on your traffic. Your content gets published on a website with an eager audience.

Guest blog owners built their sites long before you arrived with a pitch. Some guest posting sites get thousands of visitors per day. Some of those visitors will read your content.

You can strategically select guest posting opportunities that align with your brand. Businesses selling gardening products can write guest posts for gardening blogs.

These guest posts will build up backlinks and help with SEO. This benefit represents the long-term impact of guest blogging.

While waiting for the long-term to play out, you’ll get a short-term surge of traffic.

Guest Posts Can Also Rank Well

Guest posting helps your website rank well on Google’s algorithm. However, guest posts can also thrive on Google.

Some guest posting sites have high domain authorities. A higher authority gives the site more clout in the algorithm.

Your guest post can show up on the first page for its keyword. These guest posts can become recurring traffic streams for your website.

Some readers won’t stop at the guest post. They will get intrigued and read content on your blog.

The same thing happens when guest posting sites first roll out the post. Some people in their audiences will visit your website.

A strong search ranking for the guest post is a nice bonus. You may have an easier time ranking on top of Google with high authority guest posting sites.

Those owners have spent years optimizing their sites and gaining traction. You can piggyback on their success while promoting your business.

Content Repurposing

You may write over 1,000 words for some guest posts. That’s a lot of content to provide for someone else’s site.

The benefits justify the investment. We’ve already covered several advantages, but you can still use the content elsewhere.

You can’t copy and paste a published guest post onto your blog. However, you can use it as inspiration for other content.

Bloggers can turn quotes from their guest posts into pictures. They can post those pictures on Instagram and other social networks.

You can also take an idea from one guest post and expand it into a separate piece.

Content repurposing helps you get more mileage out of the same content. Guest posting enables you to produce more content for your brand.

More content provides more repurposing opportunities.

Social Media Growth

Some guest posting sites let you list your social media handles at the end of articles. They may even give you a profile page that contains your bio and other details.

Guest posting can translate into social media growth. Some readers will want to follow your content and stay updated on your latest posts.

Social media growth typically increases the engagement of your posts. Improved engagement numbers will help your social media content rank higher.

Google isn’t the only search engine in town. Every social network is its own search engine.

Growing on these platforms and boosting engagement helps you rank higher on them. A stronger status leads to more followers seeing your content. Social networks may spread your content across their platforms and expand your reach.

Guest posting isn’t the only way to grow on social media. You can also incorporate hashtags on social media and build partnerships.

However, guest posting will help, and social media growth is far from its only advantage.

Guest Posting Increases Your Credibility

Many marketers and businesses prominently display their media features. Business owners want everyone to know about the Forbes article that mentioned them.

Getting featured on other websites builds social proof. The extra credibility helps businesses charge premiums for their services. Some companies offer new services because a great guest post drives heightened demand.

You don’t have to get featured in Forbes to benefit from guest posting. Any guest posting opportunity will impress people. Guest posts indicate your content is good enough to get featured on other websites.

You can use this social proof in your sales copy, emails, and other content.

Get Help With Your SEO

Guest posting is a great way to improve your SEO. You get useful backlinks, social proof, and social media engagement.

Guest posting represents the beginning of an excellent SEO strategy. You can modify various components of your website to gain more traction.

Companies can get specific with their keyword targeting and analyze their data. An effective digital marketing strategy will help you rank higher on Google.

We specialize in helping companies grow through search engine optimization. Want to learn more? Schedule a free SEO strategy call today.

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