7 SEO Trends That Are Changing the Game in 2022

Seo Trends February 29 2024

Google introduces between 500 and 600 updates to its search engine algorithm every year. These changes could have a major impact on your search engine rankings. If you’re not tracking the latest changes, your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy could falter. Here are seven essential SEO trends that are changing the game in 2022.

Applying these trends to your SEO strategy can boost your rankings.

Higher organic SEO rankings can help you reach more customers online. You can generate traffic, brand awareness, and leads to boost your ROI.

Set your search engine optimization strategy up for success with these 2022 SEO trends today!

1. Page Experience

Google wants to provide its users with the best possible experience. Its 2021 Page Experience update prioritizes site performance. If your site neglects Google’s Core Web Vitals, your rankings might falter.

Google’s Core Web Vitals are a series of user-centric ranking factors that focus on user experience and interface (UX and UI). Google will penalize sites that don’t meet its UX/UI metrics.

Your on-page and technical SEO strategy can impact UI and UX. Even if you have the best content online, visitors can’t consume it if your website lags.

First, run your website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Mobile-Friendly Test. Make sure your site is both fast and mobile-optimized. Google uses mobile-first indexing when deciding page rankings.

A one-second delay in mobile load times can hurt your conversions by up to 20%. Meanwhile, visitors who have a negative mobile experience are 62% less likely to make a purchase. It won’t matter how beautiful or data-driven your campaigns become.

Consider your website’s accessibility, too. Follow the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) standards.

The interstitial experience can impact your rankings as well. Interstitials include ads and pop-ups. These elements can cause an intrusive experience, frustrating visitors.

To effectively improve your website’s UX and UI, consider working with an experienced digital marketing agency. They can help you apply the latest SEO trends across your site.

With their help, you can improve the user experience to keep visitors engaged. As visitors click around and explore, your dwell times will improve. Higher dwell times can boost your organic SEO rankings.

If they leave without exploring, your bounce rate will increase. Higher bounce rates can hurt your rankings.

2. EAT

As you begin creating content for your SEO strategy, make sure to consider EAT.

EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trust. Demonstrate your experience and expertise within your content. Establishing EAT could encourage brand trust, which could help you generate more leads.

Other blogs might feel more inclined to link to your informative blog posts, too. Then, you can generate more backlinks to boost your SEO rankings.

3. Video Optimization

Make sure to evaluate your entire content marketing strategy this year. For example, you might want to add more video content. Videos are engaging, easy to consume, and one of the top SEO trends of 2022.

First, make sure to include your target keyword in the title, URL, and description.

Use clip markup to highlight key points in each video. Users will have an easier time jumping to the information they need.

Use seek markup to provide Google with information about your URL structure, too.

Otherwise, add transcripts to your video. Make sure your target keyword appears within the content.

4. SERP Features

Google has continued to improve its search engine result page (SERP) by creating featured snippets. Appearing in Google’s Knowledge Graph can help your site rank at the top of a search page. Ranking ahead of competitors will help you generate more traffic and leads.

Meanwhile, search engine users will have an easier time finding the information they need.

Ranking for featured snippets could help your content appear for voice searches, too.

5. Semantic Search

Google’s machine learning abilities allow it to better understand the user’s search intent. It’s also able to use past data for contextual meaning-based searches. As a result, Google is able to improve the user’s online experience.

It also ensures consumers find what they’re searching for during every search.

First, make sure to gather keyword research throughout the year. Learn what you can about your customers’ needs and interests. Then, create content that aligns with their interests.

Make sure to feature secondary keywords throughout your content. Secondary keywords could help you appear for relevant searches more often.

When answering the questions your customers are asking, make sure to provide accurate, helpful information. Answering their questions can improve the UX. It can also encourage people to linger on your website longer.

Longer dwell times could boost your rankings further.

6. Long-Form Content

Create more long-form content as you begin applying these 2022 SEO trends.

Long-form content can help increase your dwell times and rankings. When creating content, however, focus on quality over quantity.

Avoid fluff as you write each post.

As you begin creating fresh content for your blog, make sure you’re considering your link-building strategy. Backlinks are still fundamental for any company’s SEO strategy. Backlinks direct readers on one website to your content.

Generating high-quality backlinks can boost your rankings. In fact, backlinks are one of Google’s top-ranking factors. The more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it could generate through Google.

Keep that in mind as you follow these SEO trends.

7. Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence could create new 2022 SEO trends in the future. For example, AI technology could intake larger quantities of data at higher speeds. These systems can digest and analyze information before automating tasks.

You could automate your chatbots, content generation, and data analysis more effectively as a result.

Many businesses are considering automated content generators, too. These programs create human-like written content based on algorithms.

Businesses can use these programs to save time and money. They can continue generating fresh content for their SEO strategies, too.

Stronger Search: 7 Essential SEO Trends for 2022

A strong SEO strategy can help you generate more brand awareness, website traffic, and leads this year. Make sure to keep these SEO trends for 2022 in mind as you begin strategizing. Applying these trends can help improve your rankings further.

As you rank higher on SERPs, you can boost your ROI, enabling your business to grow.

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