7 Of 2022’s Biggest Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends February 29 2024

In the 2020s, digital advertising has surpassed traditional forms of marketing in revenue generated. As we move towards a digital world, every business needs to consider its digital marketing plan. An optimal digital marketing strategy isn’t just a plus — it’s a requirement. Soon businesses that don’t incorporate digital marketing into their company marketing strategy will be left in the dust.

To avoid this happening to you, you’re going to need to understand the most prominent digital marketing trends. This article will walk you through seven of the best digital marketing trends out there.

1. AI Targeting

AI targeting is less a type of advertising, and more a tool that will help you advertise.

AI technology that will help businesses analyze customer behavior and trends has already been developed. It continues to get more specific and more accurate.

A business that makes use of AI marketing is able to make use of any of the below tips more accurately. They can adapt to the directions that their customers are going, and shift their strategies based on what’s most beneficial.

Keep your eye on the news to see which new ways to use AI will become available to you.

2. Vocal SEO

By now, almost everyone with a digital marketing strategy understands the importance of SEO. It’s effectively a digital version of making sure your business is in a popular spot in your neighborhood. It’s essentially advertising without advertising, allowing people to find their way to your site without ever having to convince them to show up.

SEO centers on the specific words that people use to search for products and services they desire. These are known as keywords. However, recent developments and technologies have altered the keywords that people make use of.

Voice search is more popular than it ever was before. Searches that are spoken instead of typed aren’t entered into a different algorithm. However, people do make use of different keywords when they’re speaking as opposed to when they type.

Our speech is significantly more casual and circumlocuitous than typing. The rise of voice search means more repetitive, slangy keywords.

When writing your next keyword-filled blog post, consider how people might speak to find you, rather than type.

3. NFT Marketing

NFTs are one of the hottest new technological innovations out there. They’re quite controversial, and the world hasn’t quite figured out what to make of them. But some people see enormous potential.

Much like cloud computing and blockchain before it, it’s only going to take one business figuring out how to use NFTs for marketing and providing products/services for the rest of the world to jump on it.

Keep your eyes peeled and focused on the world of NFTs. Who knows, if you follow closely enough, you might just become that innovator.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best SEO strategies, and it’s only going to become more popular in 2022. This is the process of paying another business to allow you to post one of your blogs on their site. In this post, you slip in a link to your site.

This is a great way to gain clicks to your site, redirecting people who weren’t looking directly for your product. It plays into the ethos of SEO as putting your shop in a popular part of the neighborhood.

Guest posting isn’t easy, however. You need to make sure that you’re not too obvious about it, or else the blog post you make won’t feel authentic. The point is to give the reader so much value that they can’t help clicking through your link.

Check out our guide to guest blogging for more information on this topic.

5. Video Marketing

Video is the medium of the 2020s. We now live decisively in a visual culture, and sites like TikTok and YouTube are there to prove it.

The short-form, highly intense nature of the video medium makes it perfect for the world of advertising. Advertising is all about attention, and videos have the attention f our culture. It’s also great for upping your SEO ranking.

Google famously ranks pages with videos on them higher. It’s their prerogative to give people the search results that they want, and people generally want video content.

A great video can also get people to stay longer on a page than they would otherwise. Length of time spent on a page influences SEO almost just as much as keywords.

6. Virtual Assistants

People explore tons of sites when they’re looking for products and services. With so many options out there, it’s only fitting that they’ll look at quite a few before they make their decision.

The sooner you can hook people onto your site, the better. Many web interactions are “bounces”, or interactions that take place only on one page and last less than 15 seconds.

One of the best ways to hook people in is through a virtual assistant. A chatbot that pops up and accurately helps people find the services, goods, or information that they need is like a person in a store with a smiling face, leading them through your shop.

7. Metaverse Marketing

Just half a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg changed the face of his company by rebranding it from Facebook to Meta. At the core of this change is the future introduction of the “metaverse”, and interlinked internet environment that integrates the web with our everyday lives.

Much like NFTs, it’s not clear exactly how the Metaverse is going to look, feel, or interact with our world. However, Mark Zuckerberg has changed the face of the internet before, and a smart marketer will keep a close eye on the Metaverse, and capitalize on it as soon as they can.

Understand Digital Marketing Trends

As you can see, 2022 is going to be the beginning of a new frontier for the world of digital marketing trends. However, certain old-school digital marketing strategies are just as important as they ever were. Look into the metaverse and the world of NFTs, but keep improving your SEO strategy as well.

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