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7 Common Mistakes in SEO Campaigns to Avoid for Lawyers

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A recent survey conducted by the American Bar Association found that 27% of marketing efforts by law firms focus on SEO campaigns. If your firm is looking to improve law firm website traffic, you will need to avoid common mistakes in SEO campaigns. Understanding SEO and social media.

If you are looking for tips to improve your SEO campaign elements, read on. You came to the right source for useful tips on boosting SEO and keyword effectiveness.

1. Lackluster Website Content

Populating your website with quality content should be one of your first steps if you are trying to boost SEO. For law firms, there should be a very high quality of website content because your clients will be paying for elevated service. 

You don’t want to lose a customer because they find your website’s writing uninformative or lackluster. There is no replacement for good writing

Not everyone is a natural writer. If you are unsure about your writing abilities, consider hiring a content writer or content writing company to populate your website with well-written articles on relevant topics. 

The article should be focused on a keyword or keywords. “Legal services” is one example. Be sure to add keywords in a natural manner. 

2. Poor User-End Experience  

The user end experience of your website visitors informs Google and other search engines about the quality of your website. A fast bounce rate, for example, could signal that your website is not informative. This can lead to lower rankings when potential clients search for attorneys online. 

So what can one do to make a website more appealing? The idea is to entice visitors to stay and click around your website. Consider the quality of your splash page.

Are you using appealing graphics? Or does your website appear outdated? Another factor to consider is website loading speed.

If your potential clients are struggling to navigate your website, it may be time for a website overhaul. Consider paying a website designer to revamp your website so you can improve the user end experience. 

3. Problems with Backlinks

Whether you work for a large firm or a small business, backlinks matter. Links, as it turns out, are the backbone of your SEO. These are important criteria for how Google and other search engines gauge the popularity of your website. 

Generally, the more backlinks you have, the better your SERP ranking. Backlink to reputable sources only. Try to avoid any spam links or links that are not relevant to your topic.  

4. Overoptimization of Keywords

It is entirely possible to overly optimize your SEO. It can be an innocent mistake because many people follow the adage that more is better. 

Overusing keywords and overoptimizing your SEO benchmarks can actually deliver the opposite results from what you intended. You are generally safe when adding keywords to titles, URLs, and descriptions 

Don’t overfocus on keyword density. Keep it natural. Remember, awkward writing can be off-putting to your followers. This can lead to poor user-end experiences.  

5. Avoid Keywords that Are Too Broad

The type of keyword you use is just as important as how well you populate the term within your article. Consider who your target is and what your law firm has to offer.

Some terms can be too broad. If the word you are trying to optimize is used by 100 million other businesses, how can your website stand out?

Think about what terms your potential clients will be looking for. It is better to use variations of a popular phrase than to try to compete with a term that is the focus of your competitors. 

6. Do Not Overoptimize Anchor Text

One important component of your SEO optimization is the anchor text. Anchor text can help you climb in the rankings. It is possible to over-optimize anchor text. 

Consider using variations of the anchor text (the text that you link) so you don’t see a diminishing return on your SEO optimization efforts.

7. Integrate Your Website into Social Media Platforms and Track Results

If you are not taking social media seriously, you may be missing out on something critical. Google looks at social signals as a ranking factor.

Not every social media outlet makes sense for your law firm. If you are looking to attract young clients under 40, Facebook may not be your first avenue. TikTok and Instagram tend to attract younger viewers. 

Your SEO efforts should be focused on getting results. There is no way to know if you are meeting your benchmarks if you do not track your results. Google Analytics is a great tool for your Google rankings. 

Ideally, aim to track website traffic on a weekly basis. As you try new ideas, measure how those changes affect website traffic and search rankings. If the status quo leads to a drop in rankings, mix it up. 

You can revisit any of the topics in this article to see which areas should be prioritized. 

Learn More Tips for Avoiding Mistakes in SEO Campaigns

By following the tips in this article, you can avoid making mistakes in SEO campaigns. The long-term results of your efforts will be more consistent clients to grow revenue in your legal practice. Once you get the hang of managing your firm’s website, maintaining your optimized SEO will be a breeze. 

Looking for a team of experts who can help you boost your online presence? Contact us today so we can set up a 30-minute strategy session to help you reach your goals. 




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