How This One Simple Keyword Strategy Can Help Your Local Business Stand Out In Google… (and NO! It’s not spam)

When it comes to Google, every business - whether local, regional, global, or even e-commerce (100% online) - wishes they had more exposure in Google's natural search results. Yes, Google makes billions of dollars per year from Adwords which is their pay per click platform.  With Adwords though, the business is having to spend money to be found on the front page of Google. And this is something that gets old real quick for most businesses.  Primarily because most businesses fail to see the return on investment in Adwords. But by no means does this translate into business owners seeing no value in being found on the front page of Google.  In fact, businesses are usually willing to spend more money in getting their business onto the front page of Google in the natural search results, versus spending money on pay per click advertising with Google Adwords.  The primary reason people have a hard time spending money on Google [...]

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3 Ways Your Local Business Can Increase Visibility In Google

Does your local business come up in Google when someone in your city searches for your products or services? If not, keep reading to learn how your local business can increase visibility in Google search results. For locally owned businesses, the marketing game is changing dramatically.  People simply aren't looking for local products and services the same way anymore. Locally owned businesses can't keep throwing money at The Yellow Pages or the newspaper and hope to generate new customers. eads. Unfortunately, people aren't using these resources to find locally owned businesses. And there's a reason for this... It's because customers (the people in your city) is turning to none other than Google, and social media sites, to find the best local businesses, products, and services. And why would they when you can simply fire up Google on my computer or my mobile phone, and instantly find businesses that meet your needs by simply typing in (or speaking) a search query? [...]

5 Google Places Tips For Higher Ranking & More Customers

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you already know how passionate I am about preaching the importance of Google Places for local businesses - or any business that's located in a particular local / metro area.  So even if you have 10 locations throughout the U.S., each of those local offices needs to have a Google Places page.  And if you are a local business like a carpet cleaner, attorney, car dealer, etc... then you absolutely need a Google Places page that is linked directly to your local business website. Here's 5 tips to help you build a stronger Google Places page, which will ultimately give your business more traffic, rankings, and exposure on Google.  This is critically importantly because millions of people are searching on Google right now for what you offer.  And if your local customers don't see your business at the top then guess who's phone is ringing???  That's right - [...]

3 Key Factors For Top Search Results in Google Places

You've heard of Google Places right? If not, and you are a local business, then you need to contact us ASAP! Seriously though, Google Places pages are the primary search results showing up in local searches on Google, both on regular desktop and laptop searches, and also in mobile searches. Key factors in top Google Places search results So let me just assume here that yes, you've heard of Google Places and that if you are a local business owner, you already have your Google Places page built and launched (again, if not, stop what you are doing and contact me). Now that you have your Google Places page built, verified, and live on Google, it's now time to find out exactly what you need to do to get your Places page to show up at the very top of the search results for your most profitable keyword search phrases. This means - if I own a tire shop [...]

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SEO For Cities and Towns

If you live in a small city like say Athens, Georgia or Binghamton, NY, then what's the best way to optimize your web presence? This is something that a lot of small and local business owners think about when it comes to capturing search traffic from places like Google.  There's no doubt that the majority of people are on Google searching and researching local products and services - the question that local business owners is a legitimate one indeed. From our perspective, the best way for local business to connect with new customers is through the use of Google Places. Google Places allows your business to achieve top search results - even beyond the natural (or organic) search result pages - and connect instantly to new customers who are literally ready to come to your location of make a call to your place of business. It's that "instant connection" element that allows Google Places to empower a local or [...]

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