The other day I was on LinkedIn writing a reply message to someone, and when I was ready to send the message I did something that was instinctive in nature, but I discovered that it actually worked.

And I was amazed, stunned, and even speechless for a brief moment.

No, I didn’t discover gravity or anything substantial like that, unfortunately.  But what I did discover is a keyboard shortcut that allowed me to send my message from LinkedIn email, or LinkedIn messaging.

The keyboard shortcut to send messages in LinkedIn is “Tab + Enter”.  So you’d hit the tab key and the enter key at the same time, and this will send your message from your LinkedIn email system.

This is a tried and true keyboard shortcut that I use religiously in Gmail.  Every time I write a message in Gmail, I’m sending it with “Tab + Enter”.  And this particular day in LinkedIn, I was typing fast and in a hurry, and I suppose out of habit when I was finished typing the message and ready to send, I instinctively hit the “Tab + Enter” keys.

And whalla… the message fired off and I got the default message in LinkedIn that my message had been sent.

So what about you?

Have you discovered any other cool keyboard shortcuts in LinkedIn email / LinkedIn messaging?