Best Limo Services in Chicago

The market for limo services in Chicago is a definitely what I call hyper competitive (ref: Wikipedia). There are literally hundreds of Chicago limo services that are available and cover a wide spectrum of clientele and market purposes.  But with so many limo services in Chicago, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to know exactly which limo service is the right one for you.

Some of the common questions that revolve around the limo service in Chicago, and one’s you are probably asking yourself are:

  1. Who are the best reviewed limo services in Chicago?
  2. How much does it cost to rent a limo in Chicago?
  3. What are the various types of limos to chose from with limo services in Chicago?
  4. Are their stretched limos in Chicago big enough to handle my entire party?

These are all great questions, and definitely asked by nearly anyone who’s looking to rent a limo in the Chicago metro area.  The cost of renting a limo in Chicago will vary greatly depending on things like the size of your party, the size of the limo, the type of party needs you have, and the amount of time or length of time you need your limo reserved in Chicago.

With all of these questions, I thought it might help you give you a starting place by highlighting what I see as the 5 best limo services in Chicago.  The way I selected these 5 limo services is by compiling data from the mail online review sites, analyzed the limo services overall ratings, and of course their prominence in Google search results.  Although these aren’t perfect variables to test and measure, they definitely give you a glimpse into the top rated, and highest reviewed, limo services in metro Chicago.

Top 6 Best Limo Services in Chicago (Ratings/Reviews)

#1:  All Action Chicago Limousine

All Action Chicago Limousine is the highest rated limousine and Best Car Service Chicago area. We offer well-organized and comfortable transportation services with highly trained and experienced chauffeurs, whether you’re traveling to and from the airport, a corporate or personal special occasion, or a nearby area. With a large network of links and a quick response time, full customer support and satisfaction is always our top importance. All Action Chicago Limousine is a leading provider of sedans, limousines and luxury cars in the Chicago area. We also provide corporate, airport, executive, and special events sedan and best Car Service Chicago to our valuable customers. We area also specialize in providing our unique services for proms, night out of town, airport transportation, family or friends gatherings, and weddings. Allow our professionally well-trained staff to improve your approach special occasion. Having professional drivers will make assure that your event is a sure success.

 #2:  Going Green Limousine, LLC

Going Green Limousine stakes it’s claim on being the most eco friendly limo service in Chicago.  This gives Going Green Limo services a distinct brand in the tight competitive limo market in metro Chicago.  Here’s some supporting information for Going Green Limo in Chicago:

  • Visit their website:
  • Call them: 773-295-5959
  • Rates:  Going Green Limousine doesn’t specifically state the rates on their website, but they do address their pricing by saying that although they aren’t the cheapest limo service in Chicago, they will definitely deliver the best value and experience.  Read more about their rates here.
  • Going Gree Limo Ratings & Reviews:  Going Green Limousine has a strong 4.5 stars with 73 ratings on Yelp (view here).

#3:  Limotainment

Limotainment has a cool, catchy name indeed – I love the play on the word entertainment.  This phrase bodes well in the competitive limo service market in Chicago.  As a result, Limotainment has been able to command quite a brand and reputation in the metro Chicago area.  Here’s some info on Limotainment limo service in Chicago:

  • Visit their website:
  • Call them: 312-546-4494
  • Rates:  Limotainment actually does provide pricing, which they state ranges from $200 – $280 per hour with a lot of different package pricing available — learn more about how much Limotainment costs here.
  • Limotainment Ratings & Reviews:  What’s most impressive here is that although Limotainment only has 15 reivews on Yelp, they have a perfect 5 star rating from customers (view here).

#4:  Home James Chicago

Home James Chicago has great reviews from people who are going to and from Chicago O’Hare, and customers love the friendly drivers who are polite, well spoken, and safe drivers.  As a result of the friendly limo service in Chicago, Home James Chicago is definitely one of the best there are in the Chicago limo service market.  Here’s some more info on Home James Chicago:

  • Visit their website:
  • Call them: 773-709-5419
  • Rates:  Home James Chicago does not address rates anywhere on their website.  In fact, they don’t even attempt to address rates because nowhere on their website is any reference to what their limo services cost in Chicago.  I did call the company and they told me the best general range they can give me is around $65 from O’Hare to downtown (or vice versa).  They said they have no hidden fees – what they quote is what they charge.  They focus on customer service, quality of product, and a transparent approach to customer service and pricing.  They DO NOT charge taxes, fuel surcharge, and other additional add on fees that other competitors charge.
  • Home James Chicago Ratings & Reviews:  this is one of the most impressive things about Home James Chicago – they have a whopping 130 reviews on Yelp – that’s a lot!  And with these 130 reviews, they’ve been able to command 4.5 stars out of 5 (read more here).

#5:  Jendy Chicago

I have to admit, Jendy Chicago has definitely been my most favorite website to visit.  I absolutely love the bit image of Chicago’s skyline on their homepage, and get this… there’s a Jendy Chicago mobile app for their limo services in Chicago (it’s pretty slick, too!).  I’ll get into this a bit more below, but Jendy Chicago also has indepth (at least compared to their competitors) pricing and cost information on their website.  Here’s more info on Jendy Chicago:

  • Visit Jendy Chicago’s website:
  • Call them: 312-371-6328
  • How much does Jendy Chicago cost?  Jendy Chicago has, so far, the most indepth pricing and rates disclosure of any of the Chicago limo services I’ve seen so far.  You can read about Jendy Chicago’s rates here, but I can tell you they have packages that start at around $25, up to $200 per hour, $500 per week, and even a $600 per month package.
  • Jendy Chicago Ratings & Reviews:  what’s interesting here is that Jendy Chicago only has… and count em’… only 9 reviews on Yelp.  And somehow they’ve managed to climb into the #4 spot in the Chicago limo service market.  Not quite sure what to thing about that… what do you think?  Some of the reviews are pretty harsh too… you’ll just have to research Jendy Chicago yourself, I guess.

#6:  Chicago Private Car Service

The reviews and ratings on Chicago Private Car Service seem to center around who you get as your driver.  Some people have raving reviews and absolutely love Chicago Private Car Service, while others…. not quite as much.  But still, even though the Chicago limo service market is hype competitive, this company has been able to drive themselves to the #5 spot on the list of the best limo services in Chicago.  Here’s some more info on Chicago Private Car Service:

  • Visit Chicago Private Car Services’s website:
  • Call them: 888-117-7187
  • How much does Chicago Private Car Services cost?  I like the way this company addresses pricing and cost.  They actually provide a way for you to enter things like your zip code and get precise rates depending on the distance you require to travel.  There are also charter rates and event rates available for groups.  You can learn more about Chicago Private Car Services rates and pricing here.
  • Chicago Private Car Service Ratings & Reviews:  Out of 35 reviews on Yelp, these folks are able to build up a solid 4 out of 5 star rating for their limo services in Chicago.  You can read more about their ratings and reviews here.

So there you have it… the top 5 best limo services in Chicago based on ratings and reviews, and primarily basing those ratings and reviews on Yelp.  Certainly there are a lot of different companies offering limo services in Chicago and it would still be smart to make a few phone calls and check out these limo services yourself.

So what do you think?  Are these a fair representation of the best limo companies in Chicago?

Let us know your feedback in the comments below…