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Summer Fun for the Whole Family

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The summertime is the one season that the whole family is home for months at a time! The kids are bored all day with no school or anything to keep them busy, and the parents are probably running out of ways to keep them entertained. So, instead of spending the beautiful summer days inside, go outside and enjoy the bright sun with a few of these summer activities for the entire family! Most of these are outdoor activities that every member of the family can participate in, and also free and inexpensive things to keep everyone busy! And as always, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!


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Grab a picnic blanket and head down to your local park for a family picnic when the weather is warm and sunny! You can have a gorgeous picnic during the summer sunset and set out your picnic blanket and snacks for the evening. If you want to beat the mosquitos and humid, Georgia heat, you can plan a morning picnic before the sun starts to shine too bright. Bake and cook your favorite brunch treats with your family and pack it up to bring them down to the park! Also make sure to pack any games or activities like a soccer ball or frisbee to keep everyone entertained, while also getting in a great workout. If playing physical games isn’t your family’s thing, pack a set of board games or card games to keep everyone busy during the day. Remember to take advantage of whatever recreational facilities your park may offer, whether that be a bike path, playground, or even a nature trail. 


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If you are fortunate enough to live near an ocean, visiting a beach is a great family activity for the summertime! (Consider exploring what lakes or rivers are near you as well as what activities they offer if there are no nearby beaches). You can even take the previous activity and have your very own picnic on the beach! If the beach offers any water sports, take up a lesson or two on paddleboarding, kayaking, or snorkeling. Who knows, you may have just found your new hobby! If you’re not much of a water sports kind of person, just play in the warm waters or hunt across the sand to find rare seashells! You can even have a competition with each of your family members to see who can find the most unique seashells or who can build the biggest sandcastle. Oftentimes, the beach is rather windy, so bringing and flying a kite is a great way to pass the time. 



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When planning a hike in nature with your family, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to ensure a fun but safe trip for everyone. Most importantly, choose a suitable trail. If you are not a family of experienced hikers, don’t choose a trail with high elevation or significant twists and turns! Make sure to research the trail and gather whatever information you can find, especially its length, the terrain on the trail, and any potential hazards to beware of. Next, remember to dress appropriately to hike! Wear comfortable clothing and proper sneakers. It’s also suggested to dress in layers, so that way if the weather begins to shift, you’re prepared for all circumstances. Stay hydrated and pack on-the-go snacks or even a picnic lunch to eat in the middle of your hike. Pack other essentials like a compass, a portable charger, a first aid kit, bug repellent and sunscreen, and even a map or whistle. Just remember to stay on the marked paths, to not disturb the nature you see, and stay safe and have fun!


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An outdoor movie night is a perfect way to end a warm, summer night with your family. After choosing a large outdoor space, like your backyard or even a local park, set up a movie screen and seating for the family. This doesn’t have to be an expensive activity. Using a white bedsheet as the screen while purchasing a small projector to project the movie onto the sheet should help to keep costs low! Bring your favorite lounge chairs or blankets and pillows to the movie and settle in. You can even take it one step further by adding string lights, lanterns, and other finishing touches to create a cozy ambiance and soft lighting throughout your outdoor movie theater. Lastly, prepare some quick and refreshing snacks and drinks to have throughout the movie, and enjoy!




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