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Rozek Law Offices, S.C.

Rozek Law Offices, S.C. REVIEWS - Rozek Law Offices, S.C. at 3970 N Oakland Ave #604, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Rozek Law Offices, S.C.

Rozek Law Offices, S.C. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rozek Law Offices, S.C.
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Tina Griffin

3 months ago

Around 9 years ago my family and I were victims of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a negligent landlord not having carbon monoxide detectors, old worn out furnace, and not cleaning out the chimney. My husband and daughter have brain damage as a result from this negligence. We lost our precious dachshund 6 months later. If it weren't for her waking my husband up and him calling 911 to get help I could have lost my husband and daughter as well. She was a true hero!Around a month later, the landlords ins. Company sent us a registered letter saying they weren't responsible for any of the bill. The landlord had put a new furnace in and got rid of the old to hide the evidence. I could go on and on about her lies and deception. Randy prepared, sent my family to drs. And in the end exposed all her lies. Because of the jury in Steven's point, my husband won under 50,000, and my daughter won alittle over 1,200,000 .Randy appealed and the judge awarded her 2,000,000 more.We always trusted that we were in safe hands with Randy and his paralegal Jane. They were always so caring, smart, prepared, and Profesional. They always got back to us when we had questions. Thanks to them, our daughter is taken care of. She's only 22 years old and has the rest of her life ahead of her. Thankyou so much!!! We appreciate everything you did for us and I highly recommend this law office. They will not stop till they win!


Geri Diamond

7 years ago

My experience with Rozek Law Offices was remarkable. Randy and his staff were compassionate and professional every step of the way. They walked me through what was, at times, a very trying process.My phone calls and emails were always returned promptly.Randy is an exceptionally gifted attorney. He took the time to understand me and how my injuries affected my life. He is a caring, passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable attorney. I felt confident aswe were preparing to go to trial. Apparently the defense was not as confident in their case and settled just days before trial was to begin.When Randy takes your case, you can be sure you have excellent representation. I would highly recommend Attorney Randy Rozek to anyone needing a personal injury attorney. Geri D.


Sean Schneider

7 years ago

My experience with Randy and his entire office was nothing short of phenomenal. I was hit by a truck on my bike when I was 9 which paralyzed my left arm; and didn't pursue the case until I turned 17. I went to many law offices and they all looked at me and said "yeah that is unfortunate but it happened so long ago, you are going to lose this case." The worst part is the other law firms wouldn't even talk to me in person and actually listen to what happened. Then I came across Randy who made an appointment to meet with me a few days later. He listened to me and told me, "Sean because this happened so long ago it is going to be a complete shot in the dark, but I believe you and let me look into this deeper." Long story short the odds were heavily stacked against us and 4 years later we got our days in court. My injury was pretty severe it required that I had to have about 15 or so surgeries just to have minimal function in my arm, and I will have permanent damage for the rest of my life, all because the lady driving her vehicle was speeding and on the wrong side of the road, which were the 2 points that we had to prove beyond reasonable doubt in order to win the case, which was not easy at all but every question, every statement Randy made had so much power behind it that by the end of the trial we asked for 5 million, I was awarded 7 million and found at only 10% at fault. If it was not for -specifically- Randy taking my case I do not believe that I would have won this case with 12/12 jurors ruling in my favor. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and he is the only lawyer I would recommend.


C Toledo

7 years ago

Highly recommend Rozek Law in Milwaukee...


Andrew Koudelka

7 years ago

The best brain injury lawyer in the country.


Bob Moderson

2 years ago

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