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Kashka Rosalinda

a month ago

Mr Tony is beyond professional ! He is helping me with child custody battle and I could not be more grateful of how successful he is with it! I would use his services again and again, he never disappoints and he truly cares about my case. I am so happy I was recommended Taino Law office as that was the best choice !


carlos Alban

a month ago

Great place to find assistance. Super helpful and knowledgeable. Tony is a amazing individual. I would recommend to anyone seeking law advice.



a month ago

I Know Tony Lopez my brother like Person friend and also I'm his client hi is one and the best part of my life hi is the best lawyer in Tampa and the best honest person the I know


Dawson S.

a month ago

Tony and his team helped me out after an accident. Thank you Tony for all your help and I would highly recommend.


Juan Carlos Guerrero

a month ago

They are grate people to work with. Many thanks for the help and professionalism shown to us


Nathaly Acosta

a month ago

Great team, excellent service, good location and response time.A?A?A?A?


Caleb Urdaneta

4 months ago

Great care and effort put it in by everyone at Taino Law, my process was as smooth as it could be.


BruhIts Bren

6 months ago

replying back to Tony Lopez, this law firm is MONEY HUNGRY because when we we're brought to this law firm by a guy who's literal job is to find people on the road that have just been in a car accident and bring them to this law firm we were promised and told that him having no insurance wont affect nothing because he wasnt at fault. Its funny how the owner wants to blame us for having no insurance at the time of the car accident though the reviews but doesn't bring up his accountability for his law firms lack of communication like i previously mentioned. Move on and find better than these people they dont know how to do a right job and need to work on a LOT of things. best regards, Brandy.Added message for tony on 10/9/2023: You guys would not have continued any effort at all, Your law firm no issue accepting the case knowing we didn't have insurance in the beginning and showed us A?A?A?A?A?A?similar casesA?A?A?A?A?A? and the money made off those cases to lead us on a false hope. You guys were enthusiastic when we mentioned we had the witness and gave that information to the cops.Instead of doing a job right we went on hope waiting for months for a police report that didnt include the witness and we were already being treated differently and being ignored by the staff from this office during this time. We did our own research and we found out we can amend a police report, you would imagine that having lawyers like Taino Law that they would know there stuff and help out full efforts. But since this isnt a personal injury case that also benefits them of course they led me and my boyfriend to a stressful point and we decided to drop the lawyers who were not doing anything to help with our case at all. I don't ever want any business with this law firm and i will keep sharing my story. This law firm is unethical and i only care in sharing my story due to all the stress they caused me and my boyfriend.


Chris Villagomez

3 months ago

Clear and Concise Consultations, Quick Response Times and Lovely Friendly Staff!


Omar Santana

a year ago

I'm very impressed with the Taino law's office. They were very kind and professional with me. I would recommend Taino to anyone who's looking for a great lawyer in the Tampa bay area. Who has years of experience working on hard cases.q

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