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Roncs Etame

a week ago

Dealing with the aftermath of a trucking accident was overwhelming, to say the least. They stepped in and took charge of my case with efficiency and a level of detail that was truly impressive. They didn't just see me as another case number but as a person who needed help. Their swift action and negotiation skills were instrumental in securing a favorable outcome for my claim. Highly recommend their services!


Megan Mitchell

3 weeks ago

Received a red light camera ticket which was well over the amount of a usual ticket. Found out I never received the actual ticket in the mail, so the amount had been increased. Planned to fight the increase only, as opposed to the original ticket. Hired Rhino to do it for me, didn't really expect much as red light tix are not really their wheelhouse. Could have done it myself if I wanted to take the morning off work to drive over and spend the time, which I decided not to do as it didn't seem economical. Turned out to be a good decision because the case got postponed twice! I would have traveled to court three times. So Rhino had to go to court for me three times, I guess. The ticket ended up getting completely dismissed. I was pleasantly surprised. The only reasons my review is not 5-star are 1) I was not impressed with the person (atty?) I originally spoke to, as he was pretty apathetic about the case and not exactly confidence-inspiring, and 2) I didn't like that you can't respond to any messages in your portal, you can only receive them from Rhino. Overall I can't complain about the results and I'm awfully glad I didn't have to spend the time to do it myself.


Brie H

a day ago

Had a terrible crash and wasn't my fault.. was a complete vehicle malfunction without any other cars involved A?A?A?A?A?A? having rhino lawyers on my case was the best decision I could have made it was resolved within a month!! And completely off my driving points and saved me having to pay a ticket I shouldn't have had given to me. !!!! They thrive to win and they did !! I highly recommend this law group A?A?A?A(C)


Doug Perkins

2 weeks ago

I never thought I'd need a lawyer until a careless driver clipped my motorcycle, sending me to the hospital with multiple injuries. They were recommended by a fellow biker, and I'm so grateful for that advice. Their expertise in motorcycle accidents was evident from our first meeting. They handled everything with such finesse, making sure the person responsible was held accountable.


Roncs Etame

a week ago

Following a minor car accident, I was hesitant to seek legal advice, fearing the process would be too cumbersome and stressful. However, RHINO Lawyers changed my perspective entirely. Their team was not only skilled in handling my case but also incredibly supportive and empathetic throughout. They made sure I was comfortable and informed at every turn. Their approach was a breath of fresh air during a challenging time.


KAYTOYA The Explorer

a month ago

I want to give a huge shout to Jacob A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A 3/4 from start to finish he held our hand through the entire process. I would highly recommend Rhino . The communication is top tier as well. Hopefully I never have another accident but I'd definitely use Rhino again. Thank you all so much A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A,A?A?


Elizabeth Cowan

2 weeks ago

**UPDATE!!*** I would like to update my review. Not only was rhino law firm treating me with disrespect and making me feel like a criminal. I believe that was all part of their rules to get more money out of me. They quoted me $2600 for the charge. And made me feel like it was gonna be so serious. I literally showed up today with no attorney and my option was to get my situation straightened out and it would be wiped clean. Rhino law told me it was mandatory jail time. I literally showed up without a lawyer and rhino law would've made me pay $2600 to do what? They try to scare tactics on you to get you to pay and get them to represent you. My advice is if it's an arraignment show up by yourself and see your options. Don't trust this place.


Michael Davis

2 weeks ago

Disappointed Experience with Rhino LawyersI engaged Rhino Lawyers with the hope of getting my traffic citation dismissed, as advertised in their mailer. Unfortunately, my experience with them fell far short of expectations, leaving me deeply disappointed.Despite their promises, I ended up having to pay the full amount of the ticket, which was the same outcome I could have achieved on my own by simply mailing in the ticket and opting for a deferred judgment. Additionally, I was still required to take the Basic driver improvement course, rendering their services redundant and ineffective.What frustrates me the most is that Rhino Lawyers labeled this outcome as a success, despite it being no different from what I could have achieved independently. It feels like a deceptive tactic to avoid refunding my money and uphold their purported success rate.Overall, my experience with Rhino Lawyers was highly unsatisfactory. I would caution others against entrusting them with their legal matters, as their advertised promises do not reflect the reality of their services.In conclusion, I regret choosing Rhino Lawyers and would not recommend them to anyone seeking legal assistance for traffic citations.



3 months ago

Read so many of their reviews before hiring them for my case and they did not lie! They were able to have my ticket dismissed and all I had to do was pay for their services, which was a lot less than my ticket. They handled everything while providing periodic updates. I hope I don't have to use them again, but 10/10 would recommend! Keep in mind the court runs on its own time and no one else's, so be patient & expect lulls in updates. I actually saw my case was dismissed via the clerk of court page before they notified me, but that's not an issue to me.


Nilsa Sandin

4 days ago

After being involved in a pedestrian accident, I felt lost and intimidated by the thought of facing insurance companies alone. RhinoLawyers was a game-changer. Their expertise in auto accidents and their commitment to justice were clear from the start. They fought tirelessly for my rights, ensuring the best possible outcome. Their dedication is truly unmatched.

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