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Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA

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Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA

Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA in Tampa, Florida

Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA
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Adolph warner

3 weeks ago

Communication is very lack luster across the board w this company.I started my case w them early February 2023 and it's just now final (almost April 2024).....Not to mention they kept 33.3333% of the settlement... after medical bill they ended up walking away with significantly more than I did. I wouldn't be so salty if they would have just communicated with me. I had to initiate every conversation minus maybe one.... over all I'm just ready to move on and glad I don't have to stress out about dealing with this lawfirm anymore. Would NOT recommend nor will I be using this lawfirm in the future.


Blessed Kierra

3 months ago

I don't know where to begin with this company. This company has pour communication, everybody, excluding the folks who pick up and greet you when you first call.The paralegal never communicated with me or my sisters. we had to always check in with them.They were very rude, we signed up with them in March 2023 it's now 12/29/23! We have been mistreated and talked to reckless by the person who is working on our settlement, Lydia P. she would give us wrong information when we called and asked questions she would hang up calls on us if we call to follow up with what she told us previously.We could never speak to anyone above her about her behavior. so i decided to leave a review.Another terrible thing about this company is that, they just ow telling us at the end of the settlement that they hold 1000.00 of your money for 6months just incase extra medical bills pops up, That's what Lydia advised me today when she sent over my documents to sign for my portion of 3,500 out of 11,000 check i will receive after they take there 2899.00, medical bills paid and they hold my 1000.00 for 6months just incase.Which they never informed me of upon reading me all the terms and conditions they skipped that part back in march and in September when they settled.So today i see that in my emailed documents and i ask and Lydia what is this and why is this, her response was well it's in our contract! with a slight laugh.it's like wow this was the worst experience ever! i really do not want to sign the documents, i wish it was something i could do. Because i feel like i was the one involved in the accident and i was pretty messed up Me not them i missed work due to it all and i only got a hard time. a non-supportive team, a huge amount of disrespect and mistreated so badly.I would never recommend this law firm, They treat you like you own them something or your the bad person in all reality at this point when i choose your company you suppose to be working for me, suppose to make me feel good about choosing your company, but not at all it's been a nightmare dealing with Dennis Hernandez's firm.Lydia needs a job she actually knows how to do and likes to do.Respectfully, They forced me to leave one star i wouldn't have left that if you ask me. 0/5


Akram Zikry

11 months ago

Nice office building for an attorneys office. Heard a few good things about him luckily don't need any legal services at this time. Got his ambulance as a souvenir at my yard though.



2 months ago

Thank you very much for All the help I recieve from my Paralegal, Zaida Betanzos. She made my process go very Nice !


Rianne Zakar

a year ago

I worked with Brittany V for my car accident case and it was a very good experience. I had used another attorney a few years ago for another accident case and was left waiting for information, and was always having to call to find out anything about my case. This was the TOTAL opposite with Brittany. Any time there was an update or she needed any information or paperwork from me, Brittany got to me fast and was always keeping me in the loop with the progress and what to expect as the case progressed. I love that if I had questions she gave me easy to understand answers and she made me feel very taken care of. Highly recommend for personal service/care.


Elegant Embellishments Elizabeth

a year ago

From beginning to end A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A?A,A?A? I was pleased with the professionalism shown to me with my case. Marina & Molly, you guys were awesome! Thank you for showing me how much you care & making my process run smooth! I would definitely use them again & recommend to my friends, family & associates.


Starr Williams

2 years ago

I haven't personally needed the services of this attorney, I just wanted to acknowledge one of his associates that I met today. A paralegal named Yvonne came into my job today to get lunch for 8 of her co-workers. She was very professional, courteous, and has a beautiful spirit! It was an absolute delight to assist her today! This firm is very lucky to have such a wonderful person on their team!


Jorge Limon

a year ago

I want to especially thank Brittany Verrichio and her team for all of their hard work and dedication to my car accident case. Brittany was available anytime I had questions no matter the time of day snd even on weekends. I reached out with a question about my settlement via text on a Saturday and she was quick to respond and help me out, I don't think many other lawyers would do that. She coordinated everything always keeping me in the loop of what is going on and ensuring what was best for me. Thank you also to Vanessa for helping me stay calm before my deposition and answering all my many questions. This team was great and could not recommend them more.


Isabell Troxell

3 years ago

I have spent the last year+ working with Brittany V. and Luis F. They are both exceptional lawyers who truly care about their clients. They were both responsive via email, phone, and text. Each time it felt personalized, and that they were truly there to help. You don't get to chose if you are in a car accident, but you do get to choose the law firm to bring justice. Dennis Hernandez is the only way to go! Thank you for all your hard work on my case.


Natalie Cesario

a year ago

I am extremely happy with the hard work executed by this law firm. Any needs you have Brittany & the association will take care of it all. She was on top of things & handled everything perfectly. Always prompt to answering any questions i had!

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