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 Hi, I’m Bobby from Bipper Media and I want to take a moment to talk about Google’s recent decision to remove profile pictures from the search results in Google.  

One industry that’s been especially hard hit is the legal industry where, in a matter of minutes, thousands of lawyers went from having a profile picture in Google, to now nothing more than a link and text.

And now, unfortunately, every attorney looks exactly the same in Google search – no one is standing out definitively.

But luckily there’s solution to this problem!

I hope the information below is helpful, informative, and encouraging in that it provides a solution for how to respond to Google’s decision to remove profile pictures from the search results.

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If you were one of the thousands of attorneys using Google Authorship as a way to present your profile picture in Google, you may have realized by now that your picture no longer exists.

That’s because on June 25th, Google made the decision to remove the Google Authorship program.

And no industry was exempt from this action.

From the New York Times, all the way down to the small local business, everyone’s picture was removed from the search results.

So what can a lawyer do now that their profile pictures have been removed from Google?

Even though you may have lost your profile picture, there has actually been a more effective solution in place for the past few years.

And I call this solution “video authorship”.

You can read more about video authorship and watch a video presentation I did on this subject by reading my post called “Video Authorship – Making Magic Happen in Google Search“.

Video authorship is most prominently utilized by Youtube.

And specifically, video authorship is when Google shows a large video thumbnail image in the search results for webpages that consist of video content.

So every time you see a Youtube video in the search results of Google with a large video thumbnail image, this is what’s called video authorship.

But you cannot achieve video authorship by simply embedding a Youtube video into your webpage.

The “secret sauce” to making this happen is what’s called Schema language – a coding protocol adopted by all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing), back in 2011.

When you add video to your webpages and include Schema language, you can achieve the exact same effect as Youtube by presenting a large video thumbnail image with your website in the search results of Google.

But the HUGE advantage to implementing this into your website is that YOU and your website get all of the inbound traffic!

Below is a screenshot I took about a month ago showing the top 3 search results for the keyword phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta”.

My client, Michael Daniel, is in the #1 position.

But notice the #2 and #3 position – these are attorneys who were leveraging Google Authorship:

google authorship gone

And now, here’s a screenshot today of the exact same search results for the keyword phrase “brain injury attorney atlanta”.

And notice how the #2 and #3 positions are now nothing but a link and text.

Again, this is due to Google removing profile pictures from the search results:

video authorship

Video Authorship for Branded Exposure

In the screenshots above, you can see the impact Google’s decision had on attorneys who were relying on profile pictures for branding in the search results.

But also, you see my client “Michael Daniel” in the #1 position with the large video thumbnail image.

This is video authorship at work, and is now the only way to achieve branded exposure in the search results in Google.

Fortunately, video authorship is a relatively unknown phenomena to most digital media and SEO firms.

Meaning, most aren’t familiar enough Schema to know how to implement it successfully.

But here at Bipper Media, we’ve been refining the process of video authorship for the past 2 years and are now working with both large corporate clients and small businesses, such as law firms, with the implementation of video authorship.

Here are just a few client examples of where we’ve implemented video authorship:

video authorship thumbnail image

As you can see from the images above, with video authorship you have 100% control over the customization of the video thumbnail image that appears in Google search.

You can see from the client’s above that some simply wanted their logo to appear in the search results, while others wanted their profile picture, and even our dentist client (Rochelle Family Dentistry) wanted to present his phone number directly in the search results so customers could call him without ever having to click thru to his website.

Notice example #4 above – this is attorney Mo Wiltshire who practices DUI and criminal defense in Athens, Georgia.

For his video thumbnail image, we wanted to present a profile picture of himself along with his name so that every time someone searched for a “criminal defense attorney in athens”, or “minor in possession athens ga”, etc… his name would have a recurring presence in the top search results in Google.

And according to Mr. Wiltshire, as a result of his increased branded presence in Google, he has experienced a 30% increase in cases, and an even higher increase in leads and inbound calls to his office which is allowing him to be more selective in the cases he brings on.

In conclusion:

Even though Google removed authorship profile pictures from the search results, I believe there’s a far more superior solution to achieving branded exposure in the search results in Google.

Video authorship images are about 4 times as large as the previous profile pictures.

And they are 100% customizable – meaning you can present your image however you’d like for maximum branded exposure for your business.

As it was with profile pictures, you were limited to only a facial image.

And over the past year, video authorship has been delivering amazing results to our clients by allowing them to:

  • stand out definitively from all of your competitors in the search results.
  • receive increased click thru rates to their websites.
  • increased leads and client cases as a result of the high level exposure.
  • dramatically increased branding and awareness for their law firms.

The benefits for all of the above extend beyond just law firms of course.

As I mentioned, here at Bipper Media we are working with corporate clients such as IMG Academy, Star2Star, and Riskonnect, and also prominent law firms such as Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire and Rozek Law.

We are also working heavily within the insurance market, providing branded exposure for agencies and agents alike across major metro areas in the U.S.

If you’d like to talk more about implementing video authorship for your law firm, contact Bobby directly at 706-363-0335 or email him at [email protected].

Our current attorney clients have also made themselves available as a referral source for any attorney who wishes to talk to them about the results they are receiving from our work in video authorship, digital media, & SEO.

Here’s what a couple of attorneys having been saying:

Since Bipper Media took over our SEO the increase in traffic, rankings, and exposure have been impressive.  It is clear to me that Bipper Media is at the forefront of all things ‘digital media’.  (Attorney Michael C. Daniel)


It’s been amazing to watch how Bobby not only got us to #1 in Google, but how he makes us stand out the search results… somehow he has cracked the code!  (Attorney Mo Wiltshire)

Again, call Bobby at 706-363-0335 or send an email to [email protected].