Here are some of the best law firm website templates for 2018.

Law firm website templates vary greatly depending on the size, location, and revenue of the law firm.  From our experience, the top law firm website templates are those that meet a few key criteria such as security (SSL), mobile friendliness, speed and efficiency, and a strong call to action element.  Even you have the best looking website in your legal market, if it’s not converting leads and clients for your lawyers, then your website template is falling short of what we consider the ‘best’.  The most important element we look for in law firm websites is the call to action.  Meaning, when a visitor lands on the website via desktop or mobile, can that visitor quickly contact a lawyer for their legal needs.  In other words, is the law firm website making it easy for a prospective to contact a lawyer.  We’ve scoured the web looking for the best law firm websites based on the criteria above, and shared out findings below.  Take a look at these websites and let us know in the comments below if you agree with our findings.

** Note, I call these law firm website templates because they are sites that can easily be duplicated or used to get ideas for a new law firm website.  If you’d like to talk about a new or rebuilt website for your law firm, contact us today.

1. Morgan & Morgan

Morgan & Morgan

2.  Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers


3. Hickey Law Firm

Hickey Law Firm

4.  Grant Dwyer Law

Grant Dwyer Law Website

5.  Law Offices of Larry H. Parker

Law Offices of Larry H Parker Website

6.  Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire, LLC

Prior Daniel Wiltshire Athens Lawyers Website

7.  Dunaway Law Office

Dunaway Law Office Website

8.  Rozek Law Office, S.C.

Rozek Law Website

9.  Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP

Michael A DeMayo Law Firm Website

10.  Auger & Auger, Attorneys at Law

Auger and Auger Law Firm Website