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The number of lawyers within the US has increased by 15% over the last decade. There are now nearly 1,339,000 licensed, active attorneys within the US. When prospective clients look for a local law firm, do they find yours online?

If you’re struggling to reach potential clients, you might want to consider search engine optimization (SEO). SEO will help you rank higher on search engine result pages.

Higher rankings can help you generate website traffic and clients without blowing through your marketing budget.

On the fence about using lawyer SEO this year? Here are eight reasons you shouldn’t wait.

After reading this guide, you can start using SEO for your business with help from an SEO firm. They can boost your rankings and help you reach more clients. With their expertise, you can get in order and set your firm up for success.

Boost your rankings. Read on to discover the benefits of working with an SEO company today.

1. Boost Awareness and Recognition

If there are dozens of law firms in your town, prospective clients might not realize your firm exists. You can use content creation to generate brand awareness.

In fact, 59% of people prefer familiar brands.

Unfortunately, it can take as many as seven impressions in front of a client before you generate awareness. If they’re not aware you exist, they’ll turn to a competing law firm. Instead, you can use law firm SEO to continue appearing in front of would-be clients.

Each time they search for legal advice or a law firm online, your web content will appear. Each time you appear, brand awareness will grow.

Prospective clients can visit your website and learn more about your experience and services, too. They’ll see your visual branding, which could help you remain top of mind.

Once they’re ready to hire a lawyer, they’ll remember seeing your website and law firm.

They might decide to visit your law firm’s website directly, rather than vetting different firms in the area.

Using content creation and lawyer SEO services can help boost your rankings. You’ll appear in front of more prospective clients, producing more brand awareness. With repeat exposure, awareness will become recognition, too.

2. Generate High-Quality Traffic

With law firm SEO, you can determine which keywords you want to rank for on search engine result pages. Focusing on the right keywords will help you appear in front of prospective clients. Then, you can start generating high-quality traffic to your website.

With outbound marketing strategies, you won’t always appear in front of high-quality leads. You could waste valuable time trying to weed through the leads you do generate.

Attracting high-quality traffic through law firm SEO can help save you valuable time and money.

Consider working with an experienced SEO company this year. You can leverage their experience to develop a stronger keyword strategy. Then, you can create blog content that appeals to the user’s search intent.

Appealing to their intent will show prospective clients that you have the answers they’re looking for. You’ll have an easier time generating traffic, too.

3. Establish Your Credibility

Prospective clients want to choose lawyers they can trust with their legal needs. If you don’t appear credible or experienced, they might turn away. You can use your lawyer SEO strategy to establish your credibility.

As part of an effective SEO strategy, it’s important to focus on EAT.

EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. You can establish EAT by demonstrating your experience as a lawyer. You can illustrate your expertise regarding different legal matters, too.

Establishing your credibility could position you as a thought leader among other lawyers. Prospective clients might have an easier time trusting you, too. They might decide to trust you with their legal needs as a result.

4. Get Ahead of Competing Firms

As a single law firm among dozens in the area, you need a way to stand out from the pack. Boosting your search engine rankings will ensure prospective clients see you first. They’ll visit your website and schedule a consultation with your law firm before contacting another.

If you’re not appearing at the top of a search engine results page, however, people might not find you online. With an experienced SEO company at your side, you can boost your rankings to get ahead of competitors.

5. Book More Consultation Appointments

Generating more website traffic and demonstrating your expertise could help you generate more leads. You can boost more consulting appointments and start helping more clients. As you help more clients, you can start growing your practice.

6. Remain Relevant

New digital marketing strategies pop up all the time. There are new content creation strategies to consider, too. For example, video content, AR, and VR are gaining traction this year.

Working with an SEO firm will help you remain relevant. You can cover new legal matters or discuss recent federal cases. Prospective clients can even learn about the recent cases you won.

Producing content on a schedule will also ensure your website never grows stale. Instead, you can continue generating fresh content as you improve your SEO rankings.

7. Appeal to Local Clients

As part of your law firm SEO strategy, don’t forget to consider local SEO. For example, you can update your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Potential clients can use your listing to find your phone number, address, and website.

They can also check your GMB listing for client reviews. Reviews can boost your credibility and generate trust.

With local SEO, you’ll have an easier time appealing to nearby clients.

8. Improve Your ROI

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Conversion rates are six times higher if you use content marketing, too. Meanwhile, improving your search engine rankings can produce long-term benefits.

After all, it can take time before another law firm knocks you down.

With an SEO firm at your side, you can improve your rankings, generate more leads, and improve your ROI. Then, you’ll have a chance to grow your law firm!

Rank Up: 8 Benefits of Using Lawyer SEO for Your Firm

Don’t miss the opportunity to set your law firm up for lasting growth and success. Instead, consider these benefits of using lawyer SEO. With a strong SEO strategy, you can reach new clients and continue growing.

Eager to set your law firm up for lasting growth? We can lend a hand. Schedule your free SEO strategy session with our team to get started.