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The Law Office of Jay G. Wall

The Law Office of Jay G. Wall

Woodstock, GA 30189


The Law Office of Jay G. Wall

Jay G. Wall is a longtime Georgia resident who lives in Woodstock, GA with his wife and two children. He attended Auburn University (War Eagle!), Georgia State University, and Michigan State University College of Law. He enjoys college football, being outdoors, and spending time with his family. Jay is an active member at Woodstock City Church.

Jay G. Wall has been a criminal trial practice attorney for almost a decade. He spent the majority of that time as an Assistant District Attorney for Cherokee County. While serving in the Cherokee County District Attorney’s Office, Jay taught courtroom demeanor, criminal procedure and use of force to cadets and active law enforcement officers. His extensive experience as a prosecutor gives Jay a unique advantage when handling criminal cases.

While at Michigan State University School of Law, Jay was accepted into the Geoffery Feiger Trial Practice Institute where he gained unparalleled trial practice expertise from accomplished civil and criminal trial lawyers.

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The Law Office of Jay G. Wall
1190 Buckhead Crossing Suite D
Woodstock, GA 30189
(678) 362-3176

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The Law Office of Jay G. Wall

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