Growth Driven Design for Law Firm Websites

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There’s a new buzz word (or phrase) in the world of inbound marketing called “growth driven design”.  A term, and concept, coined by Luke Summerfield (@SavvyLuke) with HubSpot.  And in this article, I want to illustrate how a law firm can (and should) leverage the growth driven design strategy for their own law firm website.

We work with several major law firms here at Bipper Media, and in practice, we’ve been implementing the growth driving design concept for years with our client’s websites.  But now, with the strategy being formalized, and the tools (such as HubSpot) being available to implement and scale with ease, we are focusing heavily on expanding the growth driven design strategy for both our law firm clients and our entire client portfolio, both SMB’s and enterprise.

I believe, based on our client portfolio, that law firms can gain a substantial competitive edge by implementing a growth driven design strategy into both their website and overall inbound marketing strategy.

The core tenets of growth driven design are as follows:

  1. Launch:  Build a website and launch it as quickly as possible, without getting bogged down in scope creep and detail refinement.  In other words, get the fundamental elements of your website in place, and then go live.
  2. Analyze:  Now that your website is live, start analyzing the traffic data to see how visitors are accessing and interacting with your website.
  3. Optimize:  Based the traffic data, adjust the design and layout strategy of your website to capitalize on what is working, and move away from what’s not.

In summary, growth driven design is an iterative concept in website development that focuses on lead generation and conversion, rather than time and resources spent on details.

After all, you could spend months, and tens of thousands of dollars, on a website design only to find that it’s not producing any traffic, leads, or sales for your business.

How Law Firm Websites Can Leverage Growth Driven Design

Lead Generation Elements for Law Firm Websites

A growth driven design for the law firm website has to start with lead generation.  And because the technology and tools are now available to launch quickly, the objective for the law firm website is to:

  1. Wireframe the core design strategy of the law firm website.  This can be as simple as wireframing the design of the homepage, key landing pages within the website, and then all other pages such as blog posts.  Along with the wireframe, include core lead generation elements and “call to action” buttons above the fold on all key pages and sidebars.
  2. Create the core graphics for the law firm website.  In a growth design strategy, there’s no reason to spend months putting together finely tuned graphics for the website.  You have the law firm’s logo, and then key graphics to accompany the lead generation elements.  And then perhaps the profile pictures of the law firm partners and key team members.
  3. Launch:  Now that you have the wireframe and graphics in place, it’s time to launch the new (or redesigned) website.  Again, the idea behind a law firm implementing a growth driven design strategy is to get the initial site live, learn from traffic and conversion data, and then optimize from there.

Content Marketing for Law Firm Websites

A growth driven design for a law firm website starts, as the term indicates, with “growth”.  The term growth implies growing traffic (visitors) to your website.  And the best way to drive increased traffic to your website is to start producing high quality, informative content on your law firm’s blog.

One of the most effective strategies we’ve implemented for driving growth to law firm websites is through the use of local news and events.  Since the majority of law firms focus on targeted geographic markets as their client base, we’ve found that by producing news and information from within these markets drive substantial increases in traffic and exposure for the law firm.

As such, ever new visitor to the website from these local news articles are also being exposed to the law firm, since the content is being published directly on the law firm’s website.

This traffic strategy works extremely well at increasing the exposure and brand recognition of the law firm directly in their target markets.

Traffic & Conversion Data for Law Firm Websites

Now that we’ve implemented our growth driven design strategy for law firm websites, launched the new website, and now producing content to drive growth, it’s time to start analyze the data.

The point of launching quickly and driving traffic is to analyze the data.

We now need to start analyzing traffic and conversion data that’s happening on the law firm’s website, and use this data to start driving our future design decisions.  Based on traffic, clicks, conversions, and exit points from the website, we’ll leverage this data to redesign and reconfigure the website.

Sections of the website that are attracting the most attention, or lead generation elements that are converting better than others, will be emphasized throughout the website.

And conversely, elements within the website that are underperforming comparatively, will either be ejected from the site, or will be moved to a different location within the website for further testing.

Conclusion:  The Growth Driven Design for Law Firm Websites

In conclusion, the idea behind building (or rebuilding) your law firm’s website with a growth driven design strategy implies that your website design is never truly finished.

The strategy means that, going in, we have the long term vision of business success in mind.  And the website we see today, or when we first launch, may have a completely different design 3 to 6 months down the road.

Growth driven design means the website is never truly complete.  We are continually driving traffic, analyzing data, and optimizing the design of the website in order increase traffic, leads, and new clients for the law firm.


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