Mobile Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

With the a strategically designed mobile app, a law firm (or any small business) can quickly increase leads, calls, and sales for their business.

I wanted to share a recent success story with one of our law firm clients who’s experiencing a dramatic increase in inbound calls and leads from their mobile app.

The mobile marketing strategy that we implemented for our law firm client is really a combination of pure SEO (organic rankings in Google) and mobile app design strategy.

But first, let me share numbers from the last 30 days on how the results being produced from this law firm mobile app:

  • 252 total visits to their mobile app
  • 493 total pageviews to their mobile app
  • 66.49% of traffic coming from Google search (non-paid traffic)
  • 32 inbound calls made directly from their mobile app from people tapping the “Call Us” button
  • averaging around 1.6 calls per day during normal business hours
  • 10 clicks to view the map / directions to the law firm from their mobile app

Here’s a screenshot of the law firm’s mobile app data and analytics:

law firm mobile marketing strategy

Now that you have some context on the production numbers from this law firm’s mobile app, let me show you the mechanics behind our law firm’s mobile marketing strategy.

It all starts with the SEO work we put into driving this client into the top search results for their primary practice areas.  You can see a screenshot below of how this law firm stands out definitively on the front page of Google for the keyword phrase “dui attorney athens ga”.  But this is not the only keyword phrase where they have this level of presence – there are a wide range of practice areas where this law firm stands out in the top rankings in Google.

And it’s really the level of exposure in Google that contributes greatly to the success of the law firm’s mobile marketing success.

Here’s the screenshot of our law firm client standing out on the front page of Google for the keyword phrase “dui attorney athens ga” – a core keyword phrase used by prospective clients:

law firm mobile app

Because this law firm has such a dominant presence in the top search results in Google, it is very easy for someone searching for their services to see them and to click thru to their website.  A stronger presence on the front page of Google will also result in higher click thru rates and increased organic search traffic.

This law firm is also receiving over 32% of their total traffic from mobile devices, which is where the magic comes into play with their mobile marketing strategy and how this law firm is able to generate 32 inbound calls over the past 30 days.

The Law Firm Mobile App

Let’s now take a look at the actual mobile app that’s having an impact on our law firm client’s mobile marketing strategy.

Here’s a screenshot of our law firm’s mobile app:

law firm mobile app calls

This mobile app is designed with a header section that appears regardless of what page is visited from Google search.  So if someone searches for “dui attorney athens ga” or “brain injury attorney atlanta”, the visitor is going to see the same header section on each page.

The main features helping to generate calls for this law firm are the “Call Us” button and the “Find Us” button, coupled with the fact that this law firm’s mobile app loads automatically whenever someone visits their website from a mobile device.

So if someone searches the phrase “dui attorney athens ga” from the Google search app on their iPhone (for example), sees this law firm in the search results, and then taps on the search result, instead of the law firm’s normal website loading they will get the mobile app.  This happens because of a script added to their website that detects whenever it’s being accessed from a mobile device.  And when accessed from a mobile device, the script basically says “instead of loading the website, load the mobile app.”

As you can see, this creates a strong for our law firm client to connect with a high quality prospect who’s searching for their particular area of expertise.

And in the case of “dui law”, most clients are ready to speak with a DUI attorney right away, making a mobile app a very conducive platform for quickly connecting with a DUI attorney.

And that’s our law firm’s mobile marketing strategy is helping to generate inbound calls and leads for their practice.

This mobile marketing strategy has been a work in progress over the past year, but we believe we’ve found a strategy that allows their law firm to connect with the absolute highest quality prospects at the moment they are actively searching for a lawyer.

And with a mobile app that loads automatically from all mobile devices, the law firm is able to provide an easy way for prospective clients to call into the law firm and speak with an attorney.