Keyword Search Query Data Now in GMB Insights

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Keyword Search Query Data Now in GMB Insights

There’s been an amazing update to your GMB / Google Maps listing… now you are get insights into the keyword phrases that’s driving traffic and productivity to your business from search.

This points ultimately to the value of data and how it that data drives your strategy. To the positive, it can confirm and reinforce your strategy and encourage to continue building momentum in that direction. To the opportunity side, it can show you where you need areas of improvement in your optimization strategy.

Ultimately, anytime you can gain insights into keyword data from Google traffic is valuable data indeed…

I’ve been diving into all of our client’s data over the last 24 hours or so and one of the most interesting trends I’m seeing is the volume of “near me” searches.

I would guess that 90% or more of “near me” searches are from mobile devices. And anytime a “near me” query is made from mobile, you will by default get Google Maps search results.

This also leads to the bigger picture… the value of being found above the fold in the “near me” searches that are relevant to your business, products, and services.

Final point / observation… looking at the screenshot below – which is data from one of our clients who’s an eye doctor in St. Pete, Florida – you’ll notice the absence of city specific names.

So there are now “eye doctor in st pete” queries or “optometrists in st pete”.

The highest volume searches are “near me” or just vanilla searches such as “eye doctor” or “vision”.

This points to a couple of interesting points:

1) all searches from mobile (and to a certain degree from desktop) are automatically relevant to your exact location. And mobile users are now getting more used to the relevance of this technology and they (we) now know that all we have to do is ask for an “eye doctor”… no need to take the extra time to specific my location.

2) Location Authority is more important than ever for your business to compete in local / Google Maps search results. Google will always show “nearby” businesses anytime someone asks for something… and location authority ensures that your business is the one given precedence. And the more location authority you have, the wider your radius of influence can stretch and the further away from your exact location you can compete in search.


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