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Jeffrey L. Wolff, Attorney at Law

Attorney Jeffery L.Wolff

Dahlonega, GA 30533


About Jeffrey L. Wolff, Attorney at Law

Jeff has years of experience in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer.  He has literally defended 1000s of people.  He has won appeals at the Georgia Supreme Court on murder and serious felony cases.  He is a certified instructor in NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and regularly attends national and state DUI seminars on the latest trends and scientific techniques.  He has been a featured speaker a state criminal law conferences.  He is and has been on the board of numerous statewide legal organizations and yes, he was a judge and prosecutor too.

“During the many years I served as an Assistant District Attorney then Municipal Judge, I watched and learned all the successful methods and strategies defense attorneys used to protect and help their clients. I know the way the courts work from the inside and on both sides of the floor. I have defended individuals charged with serious crimes for more than a decade.

“From one position or another, I have been working on criminal and DUI and Drug cases my entire legal career; and now I specialize in criminal defense and defending Drug and DUI clients.

“Every defense or DUI / Drug case is different. If you’ll call me, we can consider your options and decide how to best resolve your legal problems.

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Jeffrey L. Wolff, Attorney at Law
87 Morrison Moore Pkwy W
Dahlonega, GA 30533
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