IQ Air Purifiers

Everyone knows that the Swiss make great timepieces and that the term, “Swiss-made,” means high quality and precision engineering.

In the world of home air purifiers, Swiss-made IQ Air Purifiers are second to none.

If you are researching the purchase of air purifiers for your home, make sure the IQ brand is on your list of potential choices.

Many who have taken the time and trouble to look extensively into this area have undoubtedly learned that IQAir manufactures the best air purifiers in the world.

IQ Air Purifiers in Athens, Ga.

Home air filters are available in a wide range of costs and capabilities, including single-room portable models and whole-house units. One of the most critical factors distinguishing each of the many varieties of air filters for home use from the other is the type and size particle it is capable of eliminating.

Ordinary air purifiers, including well-regarded HEPA filters, typically filter particles of 0.3 and larger.

Approximately 90% of indoor air pollution, however, consists of ultra-fine particles that are considerably smaller than 0.3 microns in size.

IQ Air Purifiers Rated #1

IQ Air Purifiers, rated #1 by Consumer Digest and most effective against allergies by the German Consumer Foundation, filters to 0.003 microns with near 100% efficiency.

They employ the same technology used in hospitals and clean rooms.

Why would anyone consider purchasing ordinary home air purifiers or home air filters only rated to combat a small percentage of harmful indoor pollutants when, for just a few dollars more, they can obtain the highest rated, ultra-cleaning equipment available through IQAir?